Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Black Sha Shen Wooden Box

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The ship was extremely fast, and came to the island in a few blinks.

A large group of cultivators threw down the big ship and rushed towards the center of the island.

At this time, there were not many people on the island, only a few people from the sparse Lala ran in the mountains and forests, and their goal was naturally a treasure on the top of the mountain.

Seeing that Zhao Yuande didnt want to get off the boat, the owner of the big ship couldnt help but ask, "Brother, why dont you go down and **** that treasure?"

"Because I want to borrow your boat!" Zhao Yuande shot like lightning, slamming the big ship's owner's neck with a palm, stun him directly.

He didn't kill this person, the other party didn't kill himself, just wanted to follow him to get a chance, he should bring the other party here in exchange for the big ship should be enough!

After Zhao Yuande threw him to a hidden reef, he urged the big ship to continue to move forward. He had to get the Eternal Tower before everyone arrived, otherwise there would be too many variables.

His blood is boundless, and the aura contained in it is also endless. He urges the big ship by himself, which is a few points faster than those people just got up.

Zhao Yuande couldnt help but admire that the big ship was disappearing into the sea by the wind and waves. This big ship was really good. It could withstand his full urging. According to the level, it was at least the kind of acquired spirit treasure.

"Huh!" When the sea suddenly became so foggy, when Zhao Yuande was excited, he suddenly felt that the light mirror in front of him appeared dim and fuzzy, and he could not see how far he opened his eyes.

At this time, his big ship was extremely fast, and it was too late to slow down into the fog. Suddenly a huge black shadow appeared in front of him. He had no time to brake and directly hit the huge black shadow.

"Boom!" The hull was torn apart, and his entire body was thrown away by inertia, just above the huge black shadow in front.

"Here is?" Zhao Yuande fell on it. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a huge steel ship, which was more than ten times more than his big ship. At this time, he was moored quietly in the sea.

What kind of boat is this and why is there no one?

He was standing on the deck at the moment and found no one on the deck.

It seems to be the center of dense fog. There seems to be a mist coming out of the cabin. If the mist has been born, I am afraid that the sea is covered by the mist. I cant tell the direction I want to find, or go to the cabin. What's weird inside.

Zhao Yuande was so courageous that he could not find any clue on the deck and opened the door to the cabin.

When the door opened, there was a ghost, and a strong cold rushed out of the cabin. If ordinary people were attacked by this cold, I might be frozen into an ice tuo.

The cabin was dim, with five fingers out of reach, Zhao Yuande took out the mirror sword and held it in his hand, stepping towards the depths of the cabin.


A gust of wind blew past, and I didn't know where the gust of wind came from inside the cabin.


Zhao Yuande seemed to hear the sound of a beast roar under the cabin.

He squeezed the mirror sword in his hand and wanted to use the soul to explore the lower cabin, but the soul just covered the small half of the cabin, and he felt a terrible cold rushed to his sea of knowledge with the soul, a crisis came into his heart. .

This kind of coldness can hurt his soul, and even freeze his sea of knowledge, he dare not try again.

He exerted force under his feet and stepped on the cabin hard. The whole ground was stepped out of a large hole by him. He followed the hole to the next level of the cabin and searched around carefully. Nothing was found. This time he no longer used brute force. The mirror sword was used to stroke the ground, and the metal on the ground was cut like tofu!

He cut ten layers of the cabin in succession, and found no source of fog, but felt that the lower the temperature, the lower the temperature. At the current position, even he felt a little cold.

But at this time he did not retreat. He felt the following, and there was a faint roar from the next floor, as well as human crying in pain.

This time he did not cut the ground rashly, but found the stairs on the next floor and came to the next floor carefully.

The eye-catching scene made him a little shocked. There were no imaginary behemoths and humans at all, only a black wooden box was quietly placed on the ground.

The wooden box was half open, and thick black fog came out of the box. With the appearance of the thick fog, there were also a lot of messy sounds, as if someone was arguing, and it seemed that someone was fighting.

"Heisha God wooden box, innate spirit treasure, can warm up the souls of the dead, so that the souls will not dissipate forever."

This box!

As soon as Zhao Yuande saw this introduction, there was a fiery rise in his heart. This is definitely a treasure. The use is simply unimaginable. Does this mean that a person can live forever?

After a person's physical death, he can be warmed up temporarily and then find a physical body. This is another perfect life.

Such a cycle, you can live forever!

He almost couldn't help but stretch out his hand to catch it, but then suddenly remembered that since he could think so, the owner of this box might be doing it.

He was sure that there must be a soul watching him in this box. As long as he showed any flaws, the other party would certainly not hesitate to rush into his sea of knowledge and seize his own body.

I dont know how powerful the soul inside is. Looking at this ancient ship, I know that this box has experienced a long time here.

In this case, I have to calculate it!

What is the soul most afraid of? Fear of lightning!

At this time, he happened to have the eye of Thunder. As long as he seizes the right opportunity to attract this soul, he will first bomb with the sky thunder fist and then seriously hurt the opponent with the eye of Thunder. If he cant win, he will directly escape into the other side of the world. To control the copper furnace and escape from the ship.

This spirit must not dare to leave the wooden box for a long time. After he returns, he can harass again, and he can be beheaded a few more times, and then take the black wooden box as his own.

Zhao Yuande thought of all the details and walked towards the black evil spirit wooden box.

When not far from the box, Zhao Yuande felt a powerful sense of crisis come down, and a cloud of black rushed out of the box and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande had already thought about it, the palm of his hand contained a thunder punch, and the terrifying thunder's power tore the void, and a huge space ripple appeared rippling to the four sides, directly breaking the entire cabin.

The group of black mist felt a great crisis and hurriedly backed out, but it was already a little late.

One intentionally and one unintentionally, the black mist was suddenly bombarded by the terrible thunder, and a screaming roar was made.

However, this spirit is too powerful, almost a punch that can strangle the world's peak powerhouse, just a narrow circle of the black mist, and the black mist rushed towards Zhao Yuande again.

"Ah! You dare to hurt me, I want to tear your soul a little bit, I want to swallow you alive, I curse you..." The **** soul uttered a cry of sorrow, cursing Zhao Yuande crazy, a terrible The power of the Divine Soul waved into the will of Zhao Yuande and wanted to shake his Divine Soul.