Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 335

Chapter 335: King Serpent

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The Snake King roared again and again, its huge body swinging back and forth, sometimes striking the sky, and sometimes the dragon swinging its tail, but these were useless, striking Zhao Yuande, they were all bounced away.


The Snake King was furious, his body scales spread out, and blood oozed out of it, and its breath became stronger, as if some kind of terrible change had occurred.


Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a thrilling feeling flood his heart, this snake king seemed to be releasing a big move, and had a terrible lethal effect on him.

He threw a thunder punch regardless of his body, a thunderstorm, a huge thunder ball rushed towards the body of the snake king with an unstoppable momentum.

Thunderball is Zhao Yuande, and he turned into a thunderous blow at this time.


The body of the Snake King was suddenly cut in two by Zhao Yuande's thunder ball, and blood suddenly gushed out like a river, instantly staining the entire forest.

Zhao Yuande's eyes were fast, and he grabbed a small half of the broken body and threw it into the other side of the world.


The Snake King roared with pain, and spit out a yin and yang airflow directly in his mouth, heading towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande felt a countdown of sweat and his body moved sideways.

But it was still too late. One leg was hit by this yin and yang dichroic airflow, and suddenly burst into a blood mist.

Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart. How strong was his flesh, and was blown directly into blood mist, what was this king of snakes squirting out?

However, a broken leg is nothing for Zhao Yuande. His body hasn't landed, and the immortal body has moved. The huge qi and blood have begun to reorganize the flesh. After she landed, the legs have begun to grow.

In order to ensure that there is no accident, he jumped out of one hundred feet on one leg and waited for the leg to grow again.

At this time, the Snake King suffered a heavy injury and lost half of his body, and also expelled the exhausted yin and yang two-color airflow. It seemed that he had no strength to move at all, but he looked at Zhao Yuande very disappointed.

The snake king's eyes are cold, he breathes in a big mouth, and as he breathes continuously, his body radiates golden light at this time, and the golden light is getting thicker and thicker, almost covering the whole snake body. At this time, the snake king is undergoing a wonderful change. It seems that the metamorphosis is happening after death.


I dont know if its pain or something. The Snake King hissed, and a second head, a third head, a fourth head grew out of his head... Until the sixth head, he couldnt continue anymore.

The snake king has nine blood vessels with nine heads. After evolution, it can have nine heads, but now it only has seven heads, probably because of a broken body.

At this time, Zhao Yuande felt a little panicked across the Snake King, and his breath continued to climb, seeming to break through the last level to achieve the ninth-order holy beast.

"Kill!" He couldn't wait any longer, with a mirror sword in his hand.

He slashed with a mirror sword in one hand, and the other was a bombardment with thunder fist. The two great killers vowed to kill the king of snakes.

The seven heads of the tongue were raised, each of which spouted a different brilliance. The brilliance between the mountains and forests suddenly flourished. Countless trees were directly annihilated by the brilliance, and no one dared to appear around.

Zhao Yuande's figure dashed from left to right, evading the glory and killing the Snake King.

But Guanghua was too dense. In the end, he was shot in the abdomen by a brilliance, punching out a fist-sized hole.

Suddenly a terrible force wreaked havoc on the wound and wanted to erode his body.

But how powerful is Zhao Yuande's qi and blood? The blood that swept across the river and sea swept away these forces and repaired the wound. The wound disappeared in the blink of an eye.

At this point, Zhao Yuande had already killed the Snake King and started to fight it.

The tongue that had been shining with metal light even wanted to resist Zhao Yuande's mirror sword and was directly flew out with a sword.

Zhao Yuande's thunder fist even left a big hole in the body of the snake king, and the blood was rolling.

The second half of the snake's body was put away by Zhao Yuande, and many terrible attack methods were missing. Although there are now six more heads, he is still at a disadvantage.

Zhao Yuande became more and more violent, and the blood outside his body began to spit out blood. This is the reason why his blood was too strong. At this moment, he seemed to be a blood god, and the terrible fists bombarded the snake king's body continuously.

The Snake King fought back and shot Zhao Yuande with brilliance, leaving big holes in his body, filled with terrifying breath.

Both seem to have damage to each other, but the Snake King does not have Zhao Yuande's powerful resilience. The wound on Zhao Yuande's body healed quickly, and it is covered with tatters. The head has been cut by Zhao Yuande.


The Snake King roared, and his body slammed into a large hole in the mountainside. The body rushed into it and disappeared.

"Where to go!"

Followed by Zhao Yuande, he rushed into the hole in the cave and pursued it.

Many people up and down followed this opportunity and started to charge towards the top of the mountain. They quickly reached the mountainside, but were blocked by several powerful beasts coming from the top of the mountain.

Zhao Yuande and the Snake King left, and there was another earth-shattering battle here.

After Zhao Yuande entered the cave, he suddenly found that it was empty, and the huge passage was winding and extending in all directions, but the trace of the Snake King was lost in an instant!

"Want to go! It's not that easy!" Zhao Yuande's soul spread all around, and quickly found the direction of the Snake King. Here the cave bends and coils. Zhao Yuande is too lazy to walk like this, simply violently destroying it directly.

He turned into a lightning bolt and rushed towards the Snake King.

The solid rocks were like tofu in front of him. This way the rocks splashed. He ran through dozens of stone walls in succession. Sure enough, he saw the Snake King running forward in one direction.

"I still want to run!"

Zhao Yuande accelerated again, and the speed was ten times and one hundred times faster than his voice. He had already killed the Snake King before his words were heard.

He waved thunder fist, and punched at the snake king.

The Snake King didn't hide at all, and his huge body won't necessarily die with a punch, and if he rubbed here again, he would definitely die.

Zhao Yuande punched the snake king's neck, but was blocked by a head. The head exploded, and the snake king rushed out with this power.

Zhao Yuande was killed again, and then punched and then killed, he did not believe how many heads the opponent could use.

Three heads were smashed in a row. Just when Zhao Yuande was about to catch up with the King of Snakes, and threw a punch again, suddenly the light in front was generous, and they even rushed into a golden world.

The snake king's eyes showed surprise, and with the help of Zhao Yuande's blow, he rushed into this golden world.

At the next moment, the body of the Snake King disappeared in front of Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande only felt an extremely sharp air permeating in the air. He didn't go in directly, but looked at the next four weeks.