Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Endless Spirit Jade

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Here is a huge vein of spirit jade. The walls around them are all inlaid with huge pieces of spirit jade. The vast majority of these spirit jade are top grade, which is also mixed with many middle grades. Zhao Yuande roughly estimated that the spirit jade here is at least It can also cut tens of billions of top-grade spirit jade.

These spirit jades are very rare attribute spirit jade, with a strong golden breath, the value of one piece is equivalent to five pieces of ordinary spirit jade.

And in the huge world with golden light in front, it seemed that there was an endless and terrifying power at this time. This power shocked Zhao Yuande.

No, maybe some terrible baby is hidden in this, if it is urged by the snake king, it will not be too seconds.

Zhao Yuande no longer hesitated, rushed into the golden world.

He only felt as if he had entered a world of sword rain, with tingling all over his body.

A good sharp breath of gold, maybe I can use this to understand the rules of gold.

There is not much space here, Zhao Yuande rushed forward along the breath left by the Snake King, the more terrible the more power he moved forward.

When Zhao Yuande saw the King of Snakes, he found that he was lying on the ground and talking to a huge corpse!

Its voice is very low and is snake language. Although Zhao Yuande can't understand it, he is keenly aware that the other party seems to be crying and praying.

He looked at the corpse again and jumped.

"The corpse of the nine infants of the ancient **** beast, a trace of the true spirit is sleeping, and the dead bone cannot be used as food."

There is still a trace of true spirit!

Zhao Yuande suddenly understood that this king of snakes must be the descendant of the blood of this ancient **** beast. It was the true spirit who wanted to awaken the nine infants of this **** beast and wanted to kill himself.

"Humph! How can it be so easy!"

Zhao Yuande rushed past and was so incredible that he wanted to kill the Snake King.

But when he rushed over, he felt a creepy breath filled, and a force of divine soul swept toward him.

His body receded again and again, feeling that the power of this kind of spirit had even surpassed the power of Jiang Taiming, the old Jiang Taiming. Even if this ancient beast had fallen, a little real spirit was scarier than the emperor. More.

However, Zhao Yuande was suddenly not anxious at this time, because the terrible power of the soul could not get out an inch beyond the hundred feet.

His heart suddenly dropped, and it seemed that the ancient **** beast was restricted.

He began to look around and found that there were piles of top-grade spirit jade all over the place, and occasionally there were a few pieces of spirit jade with golden light.

Zhao Yuande was very happy in the past, knowing that although there are a lot of high-quality spirit jade in this world, only one or two pieces of excellent spirit jade can be produced in one spirit jade mine. Imagine that the essence of a jade mine is basically in its body, so the best spirit jade is mastered in the major families, and it is not willing to let it circulate.

The value of a piece of premium spirit jade is about 100 million pieces of premium spirit jade, and there is no price for it!

Since there is no danger for the time being, there are so many top-quality Lingyu, he is welcome!

Take out the mirror sword and begin to dig continuously towards the ground. His mirror sword is extremely sharp and even sharper than the innate spirit treasure. The cutting is like cutting tofu.

Large pieces of Lingyu were thrown into the other side of the world by him.

Li Rushuang just sorted out many frozen foods and received a message from Zhao Yuande.

I saw a large piece of top-grade Lingyu falling down in the sky, and piled up into a hill in a while, which was occasionally interspersed with the top-grade Lingyu, so that Li Rushuang was pleasantly surprised and started to get busy again.

Regardless of what happened to the snake king inside, Zhao Yuande began to excavate the spirit jade, but in just half an hour, almost all of the spirit jade in the entire golden space was dug by him, especially those that contained The ore of the best spirit jade was all picked up and dug by him.


The king of snakes roared. This place is the place of ancestors left to it. It also intends to promote the ninth order achievement holy beast here. Unexpectedly, how can it not be angry when it sees that its territory is fragmented by people.

"Damn! I want you to die!" The Snake King roared wildly, rushing towards Zhao Yuande, it almost lost his mind.

Just this time it was nourished by a little real spirit of the ancient mythical beast Nine Infants, and the injury has gradually recovered. Except for the lower half of the body, it is still tattered and the rest is basically good.

But how could Zhao Yuande be afraid of it, seeing the Snake King rushing into the corner of his mouth.


Zhao Yuande rushed up and collided with the Snake King again.

His fist fell like a raindrop, and the snake king's body was bleeding, and the snake king's roar did his best, but he was still pressed by Zhao Yuande.

But for a dozen breaths, the Snake King was half-broken and his head was almost removed by Zhao Yuande. His eyes were blown out and pulled out of his eyes, which was really miserable.

On the other hand, Zhao Yuande, the whole body was gleaming with gold, and the majesty was majestic, and he was not injured at all!

"Xiaoyou, please forgive him!" Suddenly a voice passed into Zhao Yuande's soul, and the voice was quite old.

"You finally spoke! I thought you didn't care about its life or death!" Zhao Yuande sneered. He knew that a little old spirit of the ancient **** beast nine infants had awakened, but he kept watching.

"Hey! Xiaoyou has any requirements, please say, as long as you spare him, I promise you everything!" Nine infants of the ancient beast is not a fool.

"Oh! I want the **** stone under your body. I want to sit up and feel the rules of Jin!" Zhao Yuande had already thought about what he needed, and immediately asked for it.

He had long seen a very peculiar stone beneath the body of Nine Infants of the Ancient Mythical Beast. He had the luck to see this kind of stone in a completed auction last time, which could be made into a jade platform, which made people sit up and feel.

This piece is metallic, so you can naturally perceive the rules, rules, avenues and even traces of heaven and earth!

The value of this kind of **** stone was very high. At that time, it was replaced by a big force with two innate spirit treasures.

After Zhao Yuande got it, he could make a gold-attributed training room in the other side of the world, letting people enter and feel.

"Okay! I promise you!" The Nine Infants of the Ancient God Beast is also happy, and directly promised, "But you can't dig any more of the spirit jade inside!"

"No problem!" Zhao Yuande agreed.

"Ancestor... No!" the king of snakes shouted, unwilling in his heart, but that **** stone is its greatest creation, and it can be used to enlighten the high realm above the gods and beasts. Cutting his meat still hurts!

"Shut up!" Nine babies of the ancient **** beast drunk, "If you lose your life, what use is the Shenshi, confused!"

Hearing that the ancient **** Beast Nine Infants said this, the Snake King suddenly languished, and no longer dared to say anything with his head down.

Ancient Nine Infant Nine Infants also simply dropped the **** stone to Zhao Yuande with the power of the soul.

Zhao Yuande looked into the soul and found that it was true, he immediately took his hand and stopped fighting with the Snake King.

"Predecessors are really atmospheric, I'm gone!" Zhao Yuande's holy body glowed, turned into a dazzling divine light along the way when it came, rammed all the way, hit the mountain belly.