Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 337

Chapter 337: Ghost Bone Gourd

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Although the island has other opportunities, there is a very fragrant fragrance in the south of the island, and a rising haze in the north of the island...

However, Zhao Yuande knew that the island's greatest opportunity had already been obtained by himself. He did not greedy to identify the chasing direction and ran away from the island directly, rushing towards the vast sea.

"Look at that man, he rushed out of the mountainside, probably killed the king of snakes, and got the benefit!" Some people saw Zhao Yuande's figure and couldn't help but hold his partner.

"Shall we go into the mountains and take a look, are there any remaining treasures?" The partner nearby suggested.

The two hit it off and rushed directly into the mountains.

Some people around me heard the words of two people, and they all eagerly tried to rush in.

However, two screams soon dispelled the thoughts of these people. Two people who entered the mountain saw that a large number of Lingyu had just wanted to gather, but they were torn into pieces by the angry and angry snake king.

The next goal should be the fourth island. In his last life, he remembered that the fourth island was the most bizarre and terrifying. All the islands were ghosts. At that time, his cultivation had almost died in it.

But now I want to be in a good mood, because ghosts are a plate of dishes for Chaotianyin, and Heifeng now needs these ghosts to devour most. He is a devourer, and devouring these ghosts can make his soul grow stronger, he Decided to collect some before leaving.

But you cant spend too much time here, because the faster you run, the closer the final treasure is to you.

At this time, there were fewer people traveling on the sea. Most of them stumbled on the first three islands. Now basically all of them who can reach the fourth island are elite strongmen.

He knows the direction, is fast enough, and even gets into his endless blood, he never knows to be tired.

Three hours later, he saw a small island shrouded in black mist at the end of the sea.

"Finally arrived at the fourth island!" Zhao Yuande whispered softly, imagining the last life, when he arrived at the fourth island one month later, but now even two days later.

This is the gap!

There are now a few sparse Lala figures on the fourth island. These people have rushed into the fourth island. It seems that everyone is very strong, and they are all masters who are not weaker than the wind.

These people are all familiar with this place, they walk very regularly, and soon disappeared in Zhao Yuande's sight.

"These people are not simple. They seem to be a sectarian. They act strangely, maybe there is any conspiracy!" Zhao Yuande's identity quickly, followed these people into the mist.

As soon as he fell into the fog, a dark forest appeared in front of Zhao Yuande, where the trees were sparse and the dim silhouettes wandered among the trees.

A man in front of him took a white-boned gourd from the storage space. After a few words, he took the gourd mouth and aimed at a ghost not far away.

"Ah!" the ghost screamed, and was drawn into the gourd without any resistance.

The man plugged the stopper and moved on to find the next target.

"The ghost bone bone gourd, the secret treasure of the ghost sect, can absorb the soul body, and has a powerful refining effect on the soul body!"

These guys turned out to be people from the ghost world of the ghost world, and they also came to the sword territory of the South China Sea.

These people must be just pawns, sent to the fourth island with purpose to **** the ghost, what do they want to do?

Zhao Yuande couldnt help but frown. The people of this ghost sect are terrible. They have reached a very terrible level of research on the soul. They have also developed some treasures and combat methods that specifically restrain the spirit of the gods. The average person is not willing to provoke easily. they.

He opened his mind and found a total of four strong men holding white bone gourds. They were taking advantage of no one on the island to collect ghosts.

Zhao Yuande felt that he should wait, and after these people collected the ghosts, he started to **** the white bone gourd.

But things did not go as smoothly as he thought, and his existence was soon discovered by the ghost sect.

The people of the Soul Sect were aware of the existence of Zhao Yuande to several souls of the gods and souls, and soon four people surrounded him with two Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande sighed softly. Instead of escaping, he looked at the four white-boned gourds with pity. These people collected too little, which was a bit unsatisfactory.

"Boy, do you sigh, is it because you are dying?" One of them sneered again and again.

"I don't understand. How did a yin and yang boy get here?" Another person carefully looked at Zhao Yuande up and down, shaking his head and sighing.

This person obviously does not know Zhao Yuande.

"Tell him, kill him directly!"

"No, to leave the soul, there can be more soul in the gourd!"


"Did you finish?" Zhao Yuande looked at them and chattered.

"Your kid...ah!" The man who spoke first saw Zhao Yuande's indifferent expression, and he was furious to rebuke, but he saw a bright thunder light flying directly through his eyebrows.

After Leiguang killed the man, he turned around in the void, turned into a big hand, and took the man's white bone gourd to Zhao Yuande's side.

Zhao Yuande weighed the boned gourd and smiled.

"You... who the **** are you!" The remaining three saw their companions being killed in an instant, and their faces suddenly changed, all turned backwards.

However, Zhao Yuande was too lazy to talk to them, his figure turned into a thunder, and he blinked to the three people. Thunder fists blasted out. The thunder suddenly rolled in this place. A huge thunder ball rolled like a huge roller on the ground. The ash that was crushed by three people was extinguished.

Zhao Yuande's eyes are fast and he ingests the three white bone gourds in his hands early.

Each of the four people has charged about a dozen ghosts, and there are 50 or 60 in total. The Black Wind should be used to promote one or two small realms, which is not bad!

"Go!, leave quickly, I always feel that there is a moment of crisis lingering around me, which makes me very uncomfortable." Zhao Yuande rushed out of the island toward the fifth island.

And at this time, in a certain direction of the fourth island, a large ship floated above the clouds.

In this place, even the powerful in the Divine Realm can only be suppressed, there is no way to fly, and this big ship can fly, which is a bit scary.

A young son was shaking the folding fan gently, leaning on a large jasper bed, and a beauty was peeling the fresh fruit for him.

"I don't know how the four minions collected it!" The young man ate a piece of fruit, stretched his body, and looked at the fourth island. There was a little helplessness in his eyes, and a little sadness. Let me come to this kind of breaking place. My cultivation time is very tight. Immediately the election of Wanjie City is coming. I will break through the world before then, otherwise I will not be able to keep up with the perverts!"

"Master! Your **** and demon's great rotation has been cultivated to the highest level. The spirit of the **** is equivalent to the powerful of the emperor's realm. The few sons even if the realm is a little higher than you are not necessarily your opponent!" The beauty's face A beautiful smile appeared.

"Hey! Don't say that, don't underestimate others, those people have great chances and great fortunes!" Although the young man said so, his face still showed proud colors, and he liked to listen to other people's compliments. !

"Hmm! What... Someone killed my soul slave! Damn, I took my ghost bone gourd, I think he was looking for death!" The young man suddenly turned very ugly and turned to Zhao Yuandefei In the direction of running, his face was twisted and angry and roared, "Catch me up, I want to draw that person's soul out of the sky lantern!"