Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 338

Chapter 338: You Jiutian With A Brain Problem

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Many big men who manipulated the big ship heard the order and immediately chased them in the direction of Zhao Yuande's flying.

The young man turned his head at this time, and then looked at the beauty, his eyes full of inexplicable anger.

"It's you, you slut! How can they die without you, I killed you!" The young son seemed crazy all at once, hysterical!

He squeezed the beauty's neck and brought her directly to him.

"You only deserve to eat my soul!" The young man burst a black shadow between his eyebrows, and the black magic shadow burst out of the beauty's eyebrows.

"Ah! The young man spares his life..." The beauty struggled desperately, but the face began to distort continuously from the next moment, from a beautiful and unparalleled beauty into a fierce ghost!

The beauty struggled for a moment, and the whole person softened suddenly, and the skin began to shrivel and fold, but after a while, it became a dry body.

"I... what is this doing?" The young man suddenly froze for a moment, looking at the corpse in his hand inconceivably, "Who did I kill? Who died in my hand? This is wrong... I want to Where are you going? Oh, I remembered that I was tracking a person, a person who should be slashed!"

The young gentleman who used to be gentle and nice-spoken as if he had become a demon all at once. This change did not surprise the lords of the imperial ships. Instead, he shivered one by one, as if he knew that this would happen.

Zhao Yuande was more and more shocked when he ran. He felt that someone was chasing himself, and he got up quickly, a few points faster than his full running speed.

He turned his head to look around, but found no trace. He couldn't help but wonder. Was it because his feelings were wrong?


Suddenly there was a warning sign in his heart, and his body moved sideways to the side a dozen feet. A thick beam of light shot down from the sky, rolling the waves he shot from his original position. The entire sea surface seemed to be heated at this moment. It began to boil.

"This is!" Zhao Yuande looked into the void behind him, only to see a black big ship flying towards himself at an incredible speed, and that beam of light was shot from the big ship.

"This is impossible!" Zhao Yuande almost jumped up in shock. He didn't expect that there would be a big ship here to fly!

What kind of treasure is this?

Suddenly he felt that something terrible was about to happen, dodge in succession, and two beams of light shot down, the burning sea wave rolled, this sea area instantly became a boiling water pot, and countless sea monsters rolled up, There was a cry of pain.

"What... what kind of attack is this? It's almost equivalent to the full blow of an emperor!" Zhao Yuande was so scared that he couldn't resist, as long as it was touched, he would be directly annihilated, and even the undead could not recover. .

Unless he can practice to the level of rebirth with blood, it is possible to survive this terrible attack.

There is no way right now, just run!

Zhao Yuande no longer hesitated to rush towards the front like crazy, more than twice as fast as before, and threw the big ship behind him.

"His speed..." The young son's eyes narrowed slightly, "Move me the Tianrong furnace, catch up with this guy, I will go down and take him down!"

At this moment, the young man showed a very interested look on his face, and whispered: "It really made me a little surprised. No wonder he was able to kill the four wastes. This speed is really good!"

The speed of the big ship suddenly increased several times, suddenly rushing towards Zhao Yuande like a light, tearing the space and causing a burst of air explosion, the entire sky became colorful and gorgeous.

Zhao Yuande suddenly heard a terrible voice behind him, turned his head slightly, and almost scared even his heart jumped out.

The speed of the big ship is incredible. At this speed, I am afraid that two or three breaths can catch up with me. It seems that this time I want to use the other side of the world. I hide in it. I am urged by the soul, and the speed should not be too slow. And not afraid of the other party's attack.

After the copper furnace is repaired, it is equivalent to a top-level innate spirit treasure. Even the Divine Emperor's own shot may not be able to destroy it.

Of course, this is the last solution. After entering the other side of the world, he becomes extremely passive.

But what surprised him was that the big ship quickly caught up with him, but instead of attacking himself, he rushed in front of him and pulled his way. A handsome young man jumped from the big ship, facing Zhao Yuande looked up and down.

"You're nothing but a combination of yin and yang?" The young man looked at Zhao Yuande with a look of consternation on his face. A little guy in a yin and yang combination could run so fast? He didn't believe it!

While the other party was looking at him, he was constantly looking at him.

"Yu Jiutian, the young master of the ghost world of the ghost world, the realm of the sixfold heaven, the ghost ghost body, high-end ingredients, matching recipes..."

It turned out that this guy, Zhao Yuande looked at this person's introduction, could not help but feel a little surprised.

He had heard of this name in his previous life. This person was one of the top ten powerful people in the world, especially the powerful mess of the gods and souls, which was able to fight against the fairy in the lower realm. One of the spokespersons of the world.

At the same time, Zhao Yuande was somewhat relieved. In the previous life, he heard that this guy had great fortunes and chances, and he had several chaotic spirit treasures on his body. Innate spirit treasures are too much to use up. The large free-flying ship in China is also reasonable.

Unexpectedly, he was able to meet him here today, and Zhao Yuande suddenly had an idea in his mind.

You have to fight against this guy to see what level of combat power you are now. What is the difference from the youngest of the strongest in those years?

"Little guy, you are very good. Since you killed my four soul slaves, you surrendered to me as my soul slave! But dont worry, I still cherish this kind of genius for you, I let you There is still a trace of true spirits, so that you do not completely lose your consciousness and watch how you are getting stronger and stronger!"

You Jiutian looked at, looked at, and couldn't help but smashed again and exclaimed: "Your flesh has been tempered like this, no wonder, no wonder! I suddenly changed my mind, I can't restrain you too much! As long as you can fully surrender to me , Sign the oath of heaven with me, I will not enslave you, let you grow up freely beside me..."

You Jiutian said more and more excited, and finally her face showed joy.

"Hey! Is there something wrong with your mind?" Zhao Yuande interrupted the other person's self-talk very indifferently, and he began to wonder, is this person really the future peer? Could there be someone with the same name and surname in Ghost Soul Sect?

"'re talking to me like this!" You Jiutian's brain seemed to have a problem. He stayed a little, as if he was already immersed in his delusions, he angered, "You are my slave, you How dare you talk to me like that, believe it or not, I will cut you directly!"

"It turns out that it's really just a neuropathy!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly. "I thought I really met a peerless master. How come I think this person has something wrong!"

"You are irritating me! This is not enough. The more I am angry, the stronger I am, come on! Take my anger!" You Jiutian didn't know this, and suddenly became normal again, a blushing heart flew out of a rainbow. Zhao Yuande's head split off at once.

"Soul Soldier!" Zhao Yuande's eyes narrowed slightly, and he felt the power of this weapon, at least a soul soldier of innate spirit treasure level!

He moved sideways, trying to avoid the terrible blow of the other party, but he underestimated the innate spirit treasure.

A terrible ripple swept across the surface of the sea, covering Zhao Yuande all at once. Zhao Yuande only felt a great pain in the soul, and almost fell to the ground.

But at this time, the Tianchan clothing above his soul sent out a dazzling brilliance, blocking those ripples out, and Zhao Yuande recovered.