Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 339

Chapter 339: Nine Days Of War

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"Huh? Shenhong ruler can't hurt you!" You Jiutian frowned, but his face suddenly showed a look of surprise. His eyes suddenly lit up, watching Zhao Yuande's eyes showing greed, He smiled at Zhao Yuande, "Do you have the law of the defense of the soul? Or do you have soul soldiers like me? Give me away from you, otherwise you will die miserably!"

Zhao Yuande feels that the other party is really a little bit wrong, and his head is sloppy, and this is one after another. Is this the one hundred geniuses and 99 lunatics that people often say?

"Hey! You're upside down, and it's really wrong!" Zhao Yuande said with a helpless hand on his forehead. "Just now you clearly said that you want to accept me as a soul slave, and now you say that it's hard to see me die. If you are If you are really sick, go home and get treatment quickly, don't delay!"

Zhao Yuande deliberately angered the other party, wanting to stimulate the other party, so that he appeared in the battle.

"Did I say this just now? Take you as a soul slave? This idea is really good. It's so decided!" You Jiutian's face showed a happy look, and he flew towards Zhao Yuande, grinning as he flew over, "I Look at your strong physical body, this is your proud capital! Then I will use the power of the physical body to defeat you, let you convince me, and sincerely become my soul slave!"

Zhao Yuande accidentally looked at You Jiutian who was rushing over. Is this person really sick of his brain?

Abandoning your strengths, you should use your flesh to shake yourself.

"Come on!" Zhao Yuande's body glowed, and his powerful blood was tumbling in his body. Since the other party wanted to physically confront him, he was welcome.

Zhao Yuande's body rushed towards You Jiutian and raised his fist, but at this time he felt a powerful power of the soul coming from the opponent's eyebrows, like a sharp spear rushing directly into Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge among.

"No...haha! Are you a fool, do I say use flesh for flesh? Really...haha!" You Jiutian laughed with pride, laughing backward and forward.

"Ah!" But at the next moment, a fist hammered **** his face, knocked him down and flew out hundreds of feet away, and fell directly into the boiling sea, turning into a chicken.

"It's just falling into the corner, and dare to attack in front of me. This is ridiculous!" Zhao Yuande was really angry with the other party's shamelessness. He found that he believed too much in a person's fame. This quiet nine days was the top powerhouse. This kind of person should be disdainful to use this kind of sneak attack, but he didn't expect the other party to really do it.

Fortunately, Zhao Yuande's soul is very powerful, and it is not weaker than the other party. He is protected by the sky toad clothing. The spear of the spirit soul pierces into his sea of knowledge and is easily resolved by the spirit of the god.

If someone else had been pierced by the spear of the soul now, he would die!

When he haunted the other party and laughed unscrupulously, he rushed and flew the other party straight away.

However, Zhao Yuande didn't expect that the other party's physical body was so powerful. He didn't explode his opponent's head with one punch, but just beat him out without even losing his teeth.

" annoyed me!" You Jiutian rushed out of the sea with his black hair standing upright. He didn't expect that he didn't count for the other party, but instead was hit by a punch, he felt that he had been received Shame and shame.

"I want to..." You Jiutian has to express his opinion again, how to conceal the other party, but the next moment his face is showing an excited expression, "It's cool! No one can hit me for a long time , The taste of blood is really wonderful!"

You Jiutian gently licked the blood flowing from the corner of her mouth, her face full of intoxication.

"Perverted!" Zhao Yuande felt that the other party's spirit was definitely in question. There must be more than one soul in his knowledge of the sea, and several characters were constantly rotating.

Zhao Yuande really guessed right. This Nine Nine Heavens got a great chance during an exploration of the secret realm. At the same time, he was also invaded by several ancient gods and souls who didnt die. Although he was able to suppress and slowly refine, he was emotional Excited, she began to feel a little confused.

"Fight!" You Jiutian's indifferent eyes fixed Zhao Yuande's death, "Today you are either dead, but I am dead!"

His body bowed slightly, turning into a black light and rushing towards Zhao Yuande. His body was bloody, and the clouds in the sky were all impacted.

"Okay! It's been a long time since I met such an opponent with considerable power!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a solemn look. He felt that the blood on the other party was not weaker than himself. Did the other party also cultivate all the extremes and blood seas? Boundless.


The two men collided fiercely. Zhao Yuande felt that his body was full of blood and blood, his body could not help but stepped back dozens of steps, and his shoulders collided for a while.

Looking back at his opponent, the chef flew down dozens of feet away, and his face was a little distorted, but his eyes showed incomparable madness.

"Haha! Come again and come again!" You Jiutian seemed like a bloodthirsty madman at this time, thinking Zhao Yuande rushing again.

Zhao Yuande didn't dare to go all out at this time. He was defending the opponent's soul attack. The guy opposite was extremely abnormal, and no one could guarantee that he would change his strategy and tactics.

However, Zhao Yuande's worries were obviously superfluous. The other party kept confronting him, although he was repelled every time, but there was no trace of frustration on his face, but there was a kind of excitement and violentness.

Zhao Yuande felt that the other party's physical body was getting stronger and stronger in the constant collision. The other party seemed to use himself to sharpen his body.

After getting this conclusion, Zhao Yuande felt a little bad. This guy is really against the sky. Even in this kind of battle, he constantly improves his strength. If this continues, I am afraid that it will never take much time, and he is not his opponent. !

However, Zhao Yuande is not a loser. His past life was the emperor, possessing infinite knowledge and skills. In this collision, he began to sharpen his boxing skills.

Fire Boxing is what he most wants to improve now, because Thunder Boxing has now reached a limit, and can realize many changes, but Fire Boxing is not enough now!

As long as he can raise the fire fist to the level of thunder fist, he can try to combine the two fists and condense the corner of the open roulette, and the power will increase more than ten times by that time!

The two killed from the sea to the bottom, and then from the bottom, they all radiated golden light, as if the two small suns were constantly colliding, the sound was deafening, the endless waves hit the sky, and even thousands of times were exposed in time. The deep sea bottom.

Many cultivators dare not get close to this sea area. One of the two terrifying sea beasts is in a decisive battle.

Zhao Yuande's fire fist is getting more and more satisfactory, and his power is getting bigger and stronger. This time he made up for his shortcomings, and there was a slight strength gap between the two again.


You Jiutian suddenly roared, her body swelled, turned into a black giant tiger, and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande clearly felt that the opponent was a little stronger, he responded carefully, and the edge of the fire fist increased in his hand.

It was also at this time that the green lotus fire in his body seemed to be awake from a deep sleep and joined the battle.