Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Two Options

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"Who left the devil in the end?" Luo Jingtian's voice trembled, and he didn't want to hear that name.

"It's Zhao Yuande!" Mo Feng's mouth was full of bitterness, and he didn't want to say the name.

"What! This is impossible!" Luo Jingtian didn't want Zhao Yuande to have an accident, but he was Huo Yunzong's hope for the future. If the Mo family took it away, I am afraid that the secret of Huo Yunbei will also be revealed, so he must be kept.

Thinking of this, he came to Zhao Yuande's side in one step and protected him behind him, watching the other party's powerful Hongfei ancestor's face revealing the absolute.

"Senior Hongfei! Please let Zhao Yuande go. He may have inadvertently let go of the demon head. I will recapture this demon head from the top and bottom of the Huo Yunzong and hand it back to the predecessor!"

Looking at the figure standing like a mountain in front of him, Zhao Yuande felt a touch of emotion in his heart, and he could stand up to protect himself in front of such a powerful existence. This is how much risk to take. Luo Jingtian made him feel Zongmen for the first time. Warmth.

"Oh! Really?" Hongfei's ancestor was not angry, but said lightly, "The other party is a devil in the world, do you have the ability to capture it?"

"World Realm..." Luo Jingtian heard these three words, and his head suddenly buzzed, even if the ten Huoyunzongs are added together, they are not opponents of the world's strongest, but then he bit his teeth, " As long as my senior agrees, I can go to Luoxue Palace and ask senior Xuening to take action."

He knew that Zhao Yuande and even Li Rushuang had to be taken away only to Luoxue Palace, but facing such a powerful opponent, he had nowhere to go.

"Xue Ning?" Hong Fei's ancestor grinned, showing a sneered expression, step by step toward Zhao Yuande, his face became more and more cold, "Do not use Xue Ning to press me, I am not afraid of him! Never let go, I will kill you with you!"

Leng Cuiyun on the side saw this scene. Although there was no expression on his face, he was laughing in his heart, making you arrogant to the old lady. This time I met the iron plate! Deserve it!

Although Yu Chifeng was not in harmony with Luo Jingtian, but he was deeply concerned with the sect, and he did not want a strong man in a state of yin and yang to fall. He hurriedly spoke.

"Luo Jingtian, don't hit the stone with an egg, for an ungrown teenager, it's not worth it!"

Luo Jingtian had a war between man and nature in his heart. He was a man of great affection and righteousness.

"Senior! Could you give me a thin side of Jiang family!" At this time, a Tingting girl stood out among the crowd, and salutes toward the ancestor of Hongfei, Jiang Tianyue.

"Jiang Family!" Hongfei's ancestor looked at Jiang Tianyue and couldn't help but struggle. He knew that this girl was the Jiang family's heir. If he didn't give the other person this face, I'm afraid the Jiang family would find himself in trouble in the future.

But when he thought of his older brother's instructions, he thought of the kind of exercises that Lu Zhenyang was pregnant with. As long as he practiced that kind of exercises, even the Jiang family would not be afraid.

He couldn't help but shook his head and continued to shake his head: "If it is normal, I will naturally give Jiang's face, but this time it matters. I will never give in!"

Seeing that the other party was so determined, Jiang Tianyue could only return to the crowd silently with a low sigh.

Zhao Yuande was naturally grateful when he saw the other party appearing to speak for himself. He glanced at Luo Jingtian, who was still struggling, and never wanted to embarrass the other party.

He stepped out in one step and came to Luo Jingtian, facing Hongfei ancestor alone.

"Senior, you think I let go of the devil, but I don't admit it." Zhao Yuande was under great pressure and was unyielding.

"Junior, you are very courageous, but unfortunately this is not an excuse for you to escape guilt! Follow me obediently, maybe you can still stay alive." Hongfei's ancestors hold the winning ticket. This kind of little monk is just a ants in his eyes. He could blow the other party out with a single blow.

"Senior, always come up with the evidence that I released the devil! Otherwise, you can only get the infamy of bullying the weak." Zhao Yuande still talked happily, without the slightest panic and fear on his face.

Even the elder goat goat looked at Zhao Yuande at this time, but couldn't help but feel admiration.

He couldn't help but have a grudge, this kid is too appetizing for me, it's a pity not to be my apprentice!

At this time, even the ancestor of Hongfei had a strong interest in Zhao Yuande. Why did this young man calm down so calmly, could he still rely on him behind him?

He couldn't help but start looking at the boy carefully.

"Huh!" Hong Fei's ancestor whispered, with a smiley expression on his face, and said, "No wonder you are invincible, it turned out to be this physique."

The ancestor of Hongfei disregarded the curious eyes of the people around him and sighed: "It is a pity, a pity!"

Zhao Yuande looked at each other's expressions, and with a chuckle in his heart, the other party actually saw his special physique.

"Ancestor, what kind of physique is he?" Mo Feng couldn't help but show his curiosity. Since it is a unique physique, what a pity?

Everyone around this time couldn't help but raised his ears, and they also wanted to know.

"This person is a chaotic holy body!" Hong Fei's ancestor smiled round his mouth and continued to look around. "Yin and Yang are basically invincible before and after Yin and Yang can't get in. This kind of physique can be described as tasteless."

"What! He turned out to be the Chaos Eucharist!" The eyes of everyone around him changed at this moment.

This young man who was optimistic and hopeless, fell from the altar all of a sudden, and became a ridiculous figure.

Jiang Tianyue's face in the crowd suddenly showed a look of extreme disappointment, and she looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes a little indifferently.

A person who can't break through the yin and yang unity, can't open the realm of the realm at all, and can't refine the imperial elixir. For such a promising person, it's not worth to offend an ancestor of the world.

Immortality has reached the emperor level, it is no longer an ordinary fire that can be refined, the magical flame that needs to be nurtured by the world, that is, innate fire.

However, the innate fire cannot be included in the body of the cultivator. It can only be in the space opened by the cultivator. Only after the yin and yang unity enters the realm of the realm, the body has its own realm, the absolute realm.

However, Zhao Yuande, who cannot transcend the yin and yang unity, will never be able to open his own realm, and his achievements can only stop at Dan Sheng.

Li Rushuang looked at the still proud young man on the stage, and there was a slight disappointment in her heart, but she did not feel that the other party had no future.

To know that the two titles of invincibility and sage-level princess united in Yin and Yang are bound together, it is also beyond the reach of most people.

"Luo Jingtian, although this son is amazing, but there is no future, I can't be as good as..." Wei Chifeng persuaded Luo Jingtian, wanting him to recognize the reality and give up Zhao Yuande.

He is the brother of the Huoyun Sect, and he does not want to lose the Huoyunzong's number one warlord because of Luo Jingtian's stubbornness.

"That's right! It's not worth it for a waste!" Although Leng Cuiyun didn't deal with Ping Su and Luo Jingtian, but she also knew that if Zong Men did not have him, the power of the entire Zong Men would drop by one point, which would make many people look at it. The great forces entered while taking advantage.

Luo Jingtian looked at Zhao Yuande, his face showing a struggling color, but after a moment he still gritted his teeth fiercely: "Zhao Yuande is already my Huoyunzong disciple, how can I give up because he has no future, so many disciples will What do you think, what will the other big forces think? I will never give up on him!"

Zhao Yuande looked around, sweeping everyone's expressions.

Ren Zhao Yuande was as tenacious as iron, and he was slightly moved when he heard Luo Jingtians words. He did not expect that at this time, the other party did not give up himself. This kind of gratitude impressed him.

"Senior, evidence!" Zhao Yuande looked at the opposite Hongfei ancestor with a fearless gaze.

"Oh! You asked me for evidence?" Ancestor Hongfei glanced at him contemptuously. "My words are evidence."

The ancestor of Hongfei had no interest in playing, and a face gradually became cold. He looked around lightly, and his tone became cold, as if a cold wind was blowing on his bones, making everyone unable to fight. Trembling.

"Now give you two choices. First, follow me. After investigation, you still have a chance to survive. Second, if you dont follow me, you will die here immediately!"

"Neither of me choose!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a sneering face. At this time, he had already held a jade symbol in his hand. As long as the other party moved slightly, he would crush it immediately.

"I don't know who gave you such a courage, but you still don't understand the power of a powerful person in the world, no matter who the person behind you is, he can't save you before me!" Hongfei Patriarch One step came to Zhao Yuande, his palm stretched out into a big hand that covered the sky, and he snapped towards Zhao Yuande.