Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Holy Medicine Garden

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"I... I got a magical spirit grass on the third island. At that time, I directly ate the crisis. If it was not for my extreme suppression, I almost directly promoted to the world!" Zhai Linxuan said, "I am still in the first place. A ghost fruit was picked on the four islands, and... also ate!"

"Hehe!" Zhao Yuande laughed, "Lin Xuan, you are a real foodie, but this is just right, I am also a foodie, we just match a pair of foodies!"

"Who matches you?" Zhai Linxuan gave a soft sip, his face flushed like blood.

"Oh! I don't mean that!" Zhao Yuande explained awkwardly, with a little embarrassment on his face.

"Don't mean that?" Zhai Linxuan didn't dodge his gaze. Although his face was flushed, he looked at him straight.

"I...actually..." Zhao Yuande didn't know what to say. "My situation is really not optimistic. Haven't you heard the rumors of the East Emperor Great World? I may stay in a yin and yang union all my life!"

"What about that?" Zhai Linxuan's pupil Huiguang asked him, "Don't you care about these? Even a strong man in a yin and yang complex has a long life span, and you will still be so magical in cooking , I believe you will have a way!"

"No! You don't understand, my bloodline is a curse, this is..." Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that he had found a confidant, and told him everything about his own situation, even if he was in God. Everything I saw in the illusion in the ruins was spoken out, some things about my experience, several women of my own, their goodness, my concerns, and very many

When Zhai Linxuan heard Zhao Yuande's situation, she couldn't help moving, but she didn't have Zhao Yuande's pessimism, but comforted him that he could definitely break the curse.

"Thank you Lin Xuan! I have never told anyone about these things, including my parents and relatives!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhai Linxuan and felt a bit complicated.

"Thank you!" Zhai Linxuan also said thank you, "Thank you for your trust in me, I think I can also be your woman, not in the future but now!"

"You...should consider again!" Zhao Yuande was a little surprised. The other party was too straightforward. What did she really like about her?

"No! This is what I wanted to say a long time ago!" Zhai Linxuan said this. Although his face was a little hot, he still behaved calmly.

"Why?" Zhao Yuande puzzled.

"Our fate is decided by the day!" Zhai Linxuan looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes with no retreat. "The first time I saw can only tell the truth, we all made a good impression on each other, and the second time I saw you to help us out, Help us to get ahead, I have left your shadow in my heart. When I saw you for the third time, you gave up your life and saved, I can't forget you anymore!"

"Three meetings in a short period of time, maybe we really have a fate!" Zhao Yuande whispered, "but my question... what if I die in the sky?"

Zhai Linxuan's face was firm, and his lips slightly reveled: "June is born, I am born, Jun is died, and I die!"

"This!" Zhao Yuande just thought his head was big, this girl really has a personality, really a stubborn!

"Don't you like it?" Zhai Linxuan looked at Zhao Yuande with big eyes flashing.

"Like!" Zhao Yuande told the truth, he really likes this girl.

"Not holding me yet, I'm a little cold!" Zhai Linxuan leaned gently on Zhao Yuande, her head drooping slightly, and Zhao Yuande could see that her crystal-like ear lobe was slightly reddened!

He gently embraced Zhai Linxuan in his arms, feeling the warmth in her, and he couldn't help but feel a bit hot.

At this time, if there were no other people on the ship, he might not be able to control it!

"Don't like other women anymore!" Zhao Yuande secretly made this decision. At this time, there are already five girls who are very affectionate towards him. He feels that the burden on his shoulders is really heavy.

For these girls, they must definitely pass this bloodline curse to the past, otherwise they will be really sorry for them!

Although the speed of the big ship is fast, the road is too far.

It took more than a dozen days to pass before the horizon showed the outline of a big island.

In these more than ten days, Zhao Yuande and Tao Zhen, who have been familiar with each other, also became friends. The three of them were fighting when they were bored. Tao Zhens fighting ability was also very good, even beyond the wind of the day, and now. Zhai Linxuan is almost the same.

The three talked and laughed, and were not lonely all the way.

Before the seventh island arrived, Zhao Yuande and they smelled an intoxicating fragrance.

"This is the scent of the elixir, at least above the seventh order!" Tao Zhen looked at the seventh island, his nose shook, and he also had some research on elixir.

"There is still a very strong **** smell!" Zhao Yuande whispered, "The island is now bloody!"

"Shall we go to the island and see?" Zhai Linxuan looked at Zhao Yuande.

"Go, why not, I am now lacking higher-order elixir, but we can't be too greedy." Zhao Yuande looked at the seventh island that was getting closer and closer. He was idle for more than ten days and felt some blood boiling.

The three of them went ashore quietly and found that there were not many people on the island now. Some people evacuated from a hill with blood on their backs, and there was terror in their eyes.

"Hey, brother, what happened over there?" Zhao Yuande approached someone and asked.

There was blood on the man. When he was in a state of irritability, he was called to inquire about intelligence, and he was a little annoyed. But when he saw that the other party was three people, and two of them were not under themselves, they suppressed the fire.

"On the hill over there, the holy medicine garden appeared, and the holy medicine in the garden was fragrant, but unfortunately it was guarded by a powerful formation, and there were fierce beasts fighting for it, and I didnt know how many people died. "This man is fairly rational and did not die in the Holy Medicine Garden.

"Powerful formation? What kind of formation?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"The powerful geomagnetic force suppresses cultivation, suppresses the flesh, and even one-third of the combat power cannot explode as soon as you enter!" The man did not conceal, this is well-known information.

"How is it? Brother Tao, Lin Xuan, dare to break with me?" Zhao Yuande looked at them with a smile, waiting for their answer.

The narrator turned his eyes straight, and said, "Dude, you're still taking people to break into your behavior, don't you go to die?" Only a fool will promise you!

"I listen to you!" Zhai Linxuan gently opened her red lips, silently standing beside Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Zhao is here, what am I afraid of!" Tao Zhen was indeed a courageous generation.

Of course, he also deeply understands the power of Zhao Yuande. If Zhao Yuande is here, it should not be so dangerous.

"Well, you won't be too far away from me for a while, otherwise I won't be able to rescue you!" Zhao Yuande nodded in satisfaction, his physical body reached a peak, and what kind of formation should not suppress his cultivation.

"Go! Let's rush up!" Zhao Yuande rushed towards the hill first, the speed was staggering.

"I don't know whether they are self-confident or really capable. Anyway, I don't believe that they can survive from the mountain." The man glanced at the back of the three men, his lips flicked, and he sat cross-legged and sat on the spot. He wants to see here how the three ended.