Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 346

Chapter 346: Escape From Birth

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"Beast! I want to see if your claws are hard or my mirror sword is sharp!"

In his hand, the mirror sword was fiercely cleaved towards the paw of the God Eater. This time, instead of releasing the sword, he actually slashed, and at the same time the body's huge qi and blood operated, his arm that had lost flesh and blood Start to recover at a rate visible to the naked eye.

The impact of the mirror sword and the paw of the God Eater was silent, and two **** claws flew into the sky.

The God Eater didn't respond for a while, its eyes flashed inconceivably. It was like the innate Lingbao's claws. It was first cracked by a boxing, and two claws were cut off!

It is a pity that Zhao Yuande's other hand has not been fully recovered at this time, otherwise, while taking advantage of the God Eater, he will definitely be able to build amazing skills by performing Thunder Fist again.


The Devouring Rat was completely violent, the golden scales all over the body suddenly turned red, and the body also swelled in a circle, especially the roar just now, and the space around the earthquake shattered.

Zhao Yuande only felt that his ears were aching, and the eardrums were all ruptured, overflowing with blood.

The violent God Eater's claws tearing the void and caught Zhao Yuande. Zhao Yuande can clearly feel that the other party's speed and power have improved a lot. Now if he hits it again, I am afraid that the broken one is not his own arm. , But his own body.

This is the first time he has encountered such a powerful opponent. The God Eater's flesh is much stronger than him, so he can't think of a way to defeat it. Now there is only one way, that is to escape.

Zhao Yuande turned around and fled, and his body exploded with infinite power between his legs, which allowed his speed to exceed a limit in an instant and let the surrounding air explode violently.

The God Eater is now violent, how can he let Zhao Yuande escape, his blood red eyes chase down wildly.

At this time, there was blood flowing into the medicine garden. Many practitioners collected elixir but were not satisfied and wanted to collect more, but they soon discovered that the black fire unicorn rushed in, their strength was originally You can't fight against this black fire unicorn, and now it is suppressed so badly, a large number of practitioners suddenly become the souls of death at the foot of the black fire unicorn.

Only a few non-greedy practitioners rushed out of the medicine garden in time to survive.

Zhao Yuande's speed was unprecedentedly fast, almost becoming an electric light, but the God Eater behind him was faster than him, and the terrible big paws waved Dao Fengmang towards Zhao Yuande.

In desperation, he could only block the mirror sword behind him. This sword was wide and just protected his back.


Zhao Yuande suffered a heavy blow to his back, a large **** arrow spewed out of his mouth, and the sharp edges carried on the paws of the Devouring Rat shattered one of his legs. His body was thrown into the distance like a meteor.

"I'm so strong!" Zhao Yuande was terrified, and his pure flesh reached the ninth rank of the Emperor Realm equivalent to humans, but it was even more terrible than the Emperor Realm!

His blood was rushing, and the endless power of blood and blood rushed into his legs. The disappearing leg grew out at a speed visible to the naked eye, and when he landed again, he could start to rush to his feet again.

In front of it was the sea, and his mood was slightly relaxed. According to common sense, as soon as he reached the beast on the sea island, he would not keep up.

With the help of this heavy blow, he came to the beach before the God Eater caught up with him. At this time, Zhai Linxuan and Tao were really waiting for him on the big ship, and saw Zhao Yuande rush to beckon him.

"You go in the opposite direction first!" Zhao Yuande always felt a little wrong. The God Eater behind him was getting closer and closer, and the terrible killing intention was vigorous. It didn't seem to stop at all.

The two did not dare to delay, according to Zhao Yuande's words, driving the big boat in the opposite direction.


Zhao Yuande jumped into the water all at once, like a shell, and the splashed water was dozens of feet high.

He ran wildly at sea.


The God Eater chased to the beach without any hesitation. He chased frantically toward Zhao Yuande without stopping. Zhao Yuande's previous thoughts were fulfilled.

But soon he heard the thunder of thunder in the sky, a thick electric light fell from the sky, and it slashed on the God Eater.

There was a strange cry from the God Eater, and the golden scales on his body were torn apart by electro-optics.


The God Eater roared upward in the sky, seeming to be full of anger towards God. His eyes were gleaming fiercely, and he kept walking, running wildly towards Zhao Yuande.


Another electric light fell, this time it was even thicker, like a huge sky knife, directly fell!

The entire body of the Devouring Rat was torn apart at once, and a huge blood hole was exposed at the back of the spine. The blood spewed out constantly, and the entire surface of the sea was instantly red.

When Zhao Yuande looked into the rear, he suddenly showed a shock on his face. This kind of thunder and lightning was so terrible that it could hurt such a horrible existence as the God Eater.

Fear finally appeared in the eyes of the God Eater, and his madness faded. He knew that if he took another step forward, maybe the next Thunder Nine could directly kill himself.

It glanced at Zhao Yuande unwillingly, remembering the man who had hurt him.

Zhao Yuande felt the departure of the God Eater, and he let out a breath.

This is probably a kind of protection given to practitioners by the Sword Field in the South China Sea!

He chased in the direction of the big ship and quickly caught up with the two.

"How are you, Yuande?" Zhai Linxuan asked with concern.

Zhao Yuande smiled slightly and grabbed his thin waist gently: "For you and I will definitely be fine!"

"Well! You must always remember that you are tied to the lives of many people!" Zhai Linxuan seemed to have a point, which gave Zhao Yuande a lot of gratitude.

"Brother Zhao is really enviable!" Tao Zhen stared at him, and this kind of woman was so blessed to Zhao Yuande that it was a blessing from his last life.

"Haha! Brother Tao don't envy, I will help you find a more beautiful one!" Zhao Yuande said casually in his heart.

"Haha! I'm serious!" Tao Zhen laughed.

"Take out the elixir, and I will make some food for you, and let you improve some cultivation!" Zhao Yuande began to prepare the gluttonous real spirit tripod.

"The food made by Brother Zhao really has such a great effect?" Tao Zhen asked with some disbelief.

"Really really! You will know in a moment!" Zhao Yuande chuckled, and identified the elixir brought out by the two people one by one, and then classified them.

"Today I will make you a food that supplements qi and blood and transforms the blood into the blood..."

Zhao Yuande divided three kinds of food, the first is to supplement qi and blood to improve physical fitness, the second is to enhance physical strength, and the third is to refine the soul!

After the three cuisines, the spirit of the three people has obviously improved, and their fighting power has increased.

In particular, Tao Zhens eyes are golden and his eyes are so bright, and his spirits have been greatly improved, and he is now comparable to the strongest in the worlds double true spirit realm.