Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 347

Chapter 347: Ninth City

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"Brother Zhao! You... you are so ridiculous!" Tao Zhen was about to hug Zhao Yuande's thighs and followed him with a dead skin.

"Oh! There is still a lack of materials. If I can find the true dragon blood, I can transform your flesh and make your blood all crystal clear, reaching the peak of the world!" Zhao Yuande thought of Di Xianzhi.

"True Dragon Blood?" Tao Zhen seemed to remember something when he heard the name, but there was a trace of hesitation on his face. "I know where the real dragon blood is, but it is too dangerous and may die at any time!"

"Do you really know?" Zhao Yuande looked at the other party in surprise. This is related to the key to his undead body's achievement in the rebirth of blood. Even if he pays more, it is worth it.

"Yes! In our turbulent world, there is a real dragon lair. My brother once entered nine of his deaths and brought back a drop of real dragon blood!" Tao Zhen said.

"Is it only a drop? This is not enough!" Zhao Yuande felt sorry.

"No! My brother said that the real dragon's lair is very dangerous. He just accidentally dropped it. During his desperate escape, he saw a pool of dragon blood. But he only had time to take a drop!"

"It's better to go to Brother Tao's turbulent world after our Nanhai Jianyu invasion!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhai Linxuan and asked her for her opinion.

"Well!" Zhai Linxuan never seemed to refuse Zhao Yuande, always nodding.

"Okay! If Brother Tao can get the blood of the real dragon this time, the three of us will transform together!" Zhao Yuande was a little excited at this time, and he was really able to get the blood of the real dragon. Not only can he transform, he must have other functions.

For more than ten days in a row, Tao Zhen and Zhai Linxuan are eating some food that enhances combat effectiveness, and their combat effectiveness has increased a lot.

However, Zhao Yuande has been grasping the repelling and attracting power of Tuquan. After many experiments, Tuquan started to improve.

He was even able to use the power of repulsion to leap tens of feet on the deck, and then traverse a distance.

Soon they saw the eighth island in the middle of the sea. The eighth island seemed to be a bright sun, and the terrible golden light radiated continuously, blocking many ships and practitioners.

"It has been several days since this vision appeared on the Eighth Island. I don't know when it will subside?" Someone whispered.

"I heard that people who went to the island were melted by this golden light!"

"I always feel a chaotic atmosphere permeating the island. I don't know what treasure there is on this island."

"Can't it be Chao Ling Ling Bao?"

"Impossible! Perhaps only the last Jianshan can appear Chaos Spiritual treasure, here at most can appear innate Spiritual treasure!"

"Wait! This is a great opportunity, I feel that the golden light is getting weaker now, and there seems to be signs of fading!"


Zhao Yuande listened to the discussion of everyone and couldn't help but show a smile on his lips. In his previous life, he knew what had happened on the eighth island.

At that time, he was slower and passed by outside the island. He heard that someone had obtained a chaotic orb at the top of the mountain.

The Chaos Orb is a kind of orb produced in the chaotic fog that broke open when the world was opened. It contains many heaven and earth avenues, which is what the Divine Emperor has dreamed of.

If you take out a chaotic orb, the Divine Emperor might be willing to go bankrupt and exchange it with you.

Because this is an opportunity for them to become God Emperor.

After glancing at the eighth island in the distance, Zhao Yuande decided not to stay here again.

"Brother Tao, the opportunity on the eighth island may take another month to open. Do you want to wait here or go to the ninth city with us?" Zhao Yuande asked Tao Zhen's opinion.

Tao Zhen is a very rational person and decided to go with Zhao Yuande after a little thought.

"The eighth island has a great chance, but it is a chaotic orb! Unfortunately, it has no chance with us!" Zhao Yuande sighed and said the chaos orb, to see how Tao really reacted.

Tao Zhen was shocked first, and then his face was eager and excited, but then when he visited Zhao Yuande, his face smiled bitterly.

"Brother Zhao, you are greedy me!" Tao Zhen complained.

"Haha! This is also a struggle of will. Hearing this kind of treasure without looking back shows that your will is firm. I believe that your cultivation path is going smoothly. There should be no problem with your mind and talent to achieve Divine Emperor!" This is the first time Zhao Yuande has evaluated a person like this. He thinks that Tao Zhen has great potential.

They reluctantly left the area of the Eighth Island, and many people also left in silence. These are some sensible people. They have reduced the risk of falling, but they have also lost huge opportunities, and it is not good. Is bad, this is their choice.

The Ninth City is also a huge and unmatched island. Because of hundreds of thousands of years of accumulation, countless practitioners refused to leave after entering, so it was the ninth city.

The South China Sea Sword Territory seems to have defaulted to the existence of the Ninth City, treating it as a huge resting place, a resting place before life and death.

"You are all careful, there are no rules in the Ninth City, you can kill people at will, don't ignore me too far!" Zhao Yuande took the two people and strode into the Ninth City.

"I know. Before I came, I got the intelligence of the division. There are countless murderers in this ninth city. Although the realm of these people is suppressed under the realm of the world, the combat power is very against the sky!" Tao Zhen said again , "I have a brother here, and listening to the master said that the last time he entered the South China Sea sword territory did not have time to go out, the master asked me to find him!"

"Well! You go first! Lin Xuan and I are also going to find someone!" Zhao Yuande waved to him, "We will see you when Jianshan opens!"

"Brother Zhao takes care! Miss Zhai takes care!" Tao Zhen clenched fists against the two, and then ran away in one direction.

"Let's go! Lin Xuan. Before I entered the South China Sea sword territory, I received a character who wanted to hunt down someone!" Zhao Yuande told Zhai Linxuan his experience.

"It turned out to be from the Lei prison family! They found you..." Zhai Linxuan was a little surprised. Even if she heard the four words of the Lei prison family, she couldn't help but feel curious, this mysterious guardian family is very desirable.

"When I have time, I will definitely take you to the Lei Yu clan!" Zhao Yuande stroked her smooth and silky hair, and promised.

"Huh!" Zhai Linxuan nodded without any doubt.

This is how she trusted Zhao Yuande unconditionally. Is this an intuition or a blind trust?

In such a huge city, the best way to find someone is to go to a restaurant.

The restaurants in the Ninth City are very luxurious. Zhao Yuande's journey has been smooth, and he has not met people who are not eye-opening.

Many second-class restaurants are very enthusiastic, as if this is not the kind of chaotic place.

However, after asking all the way, Zhao Yuande was indeed disappointed. Most of the ninth city had passed by, and he didn't find his eyebrows for more than a day, which made him a little worried.

There are more and more practitioners in the ninth city. When a certain number of people gather, Jianshan will open, and then he will have no time to find that person.