Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Found Traces

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Jianshanzong is very easy to find. A tall building hangs the three characters of Jianshanzong.

Zhao Yuande didn't care about the guards at the gate of Jianshan Sect, and ran straight in.

"You're looking for death!" The two guards were going to kill Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande originally thought that he would leave the lives of these two guards, but he also had to fight hard when the other party was killed.

The Jianshan Sect was large in scale, and Zhao Yuande turned around a few times, as if it were a maze.

He randomly grabbed a bodyguard and searched his memory, only to realize that the head of the Jianshan Sect had just left in a hurry.

"Where did you go?" Zhao Yuande slaughtered all the way in the Jianshan Sect, leaving a lot of corpses, but got such a result, the man fled.

"Go! Let's go to another place!" Zhao Yuande took Zhai Linxuan out of Jianshanzong. At this time, many people on the street looked at Zhao Yuande in horror. They had never seen anyone so terrible.

In the Jianshan Sect, there is freedom of movement, **** ground, and hundreds of dead bodies. This is like a demon!

"Tell me, where is Jiulongzong?" Zhao Yuande asked a passerby again.

"In that direction!" The passerby shuddered, pointing out a direction.

Everyone is shocked, is this demon going to slaughter the Jiulongzong? They couldn't believe that all of this was true. They even followed Zhao Yuande unconsciously.

Someone in the Jiulong Zongzhong had been informed, and there were people who dared to block Zhao Yuande's road, and politely took him to the Jiuzongzong suzerain.

The sect owner of Jiulong Zong is a middle-aged scholar who looks a little elegant, and a folding fan in his hand gently pats his palm.

"Where is this person now?" Zhao Yuande showed the scroll in his hand, and at the same time he stared at the suzerain's eyes.

"This is the master of the Jianshan Sect, Zhu Wuchen!" The middle-aged scholar saw a shock in his face when he saw the person in the picture.

Only then did he understand why the other party was going to kill Jianshanzong, but it turned out that he wanted to find Zhu Wuchen.

At first glance, this person is an outsider who is trying. Although his cultivation base is very low, his combat strength is terrible!

Moreover, it is reported that Zhu Wuchen escaped from the eyes of the North Beihai. Does the boy in front of him actually come from that family? He is here to hunt down fugitives!

I thought that the middle-aged scholar here had been sweating all over, and I thought he had also taken refuge. In order to escape the pursuit, he entered the South China Sea sword territory. Although the realm was suppressed, it was the most important thing to be able to survive.

Now someone even came to chase Zhu Wuchen, he suddenly felt a sense of sadness.

"Have you seen him?" Zhao Yuande asked again. He obviously felt that this middle-aged man was a little scared. Is this person colluding with Zhu Wuchen?

His face turned cold, and if the other party didn't speak anymore, he was going to kill him!

"I haven't seen it, but I think I probably guessed where he will be hiding?" The middle-aged scholar clearly felt the killing intention of the other party, and he was suddenly terrified and hurriedly expressed his conjecture, "Zhu Wuchen and Lin Feiyan's friendship is irresistible, and Lin Feiyan's fighting strength is strong, I think he will definitely be on Lin Feiyan's side!"

"Who is this Lin Feiyan?" Zhao Yuande had never heard of the name.

"The second strongest man who entered the sword territory of the South China Sea three hundred years ago almost got the strongest treasure, but was finally hit hard by the first strongman, and he was discouraged and left in the ninth city!" There is also admiration on it.

"Lin Feiyan!" There was golden light in Zhao Yuande's eyes. This person might be a strong enemy!

"Where is Lin Feiyan?" Zhao Yuande asked again.

"In a small fishing village outside the ninth city!" The middle-aged man told Zhao Yuande the specific location of the small fishing village, and reiterated the power of Lin Feiyan.

Although Zhao Yuande had some doubts about the middle-aged man, he was not worried. If the other party dared to lie, he would not mind killing him again.

Seeing Zhao Yuande's back disappear in Jiulongzong, the middle-aged man took a long breath and almost collapsed to the ground.

The killing intention released by Zhao Yuande just now is too terrible, and his heart also identified Zhao Yuande's illusory identity.

Zhao Yuande left Jiulongzong with Zhai Linxuan, and he was going to meet Lin Feiyan.

Out of the ninth city, Zhao Yuande easily found the small fishing village.

There are only more than a dozen families in the small fishing village, and these people are all cultivators. Most of them are sick of killing, killing and killing, and want to cultivate their minds here.

This time, Zhao Yuande did not come out, but sneaked in quietly, using the exploration of the family of gods and souls. The other party is so powerful, he does not want to be careless.

Soon he found Lin Feiyan, who was really powerful, and he could almost compete with himself in his induction.

However, he didn't find Zhu Wuchen's figure here, but found that this person was very strange. There was a tomb in his house. When nothing happened, he sat quietly beside the tomb and kept saying inexplicable words to the tombstone.

"Is it the middle-aged man who was cheating himself, just wanting to cheat himself to let Lin Feiyan kill himself?" Zhao Yuande was a little puzzled, but it seemed to be outweighed by this. In case he didn't die, he was going to die badly. .

"Lin Xuan, do you see how credible that middle-aged person's words are?"

"Probably seven or eight points!" Zhai Linxuan was very sure. "This person is very afraid of you. I think he knows the consequences of cheating on you."

"I think so too!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "Since that is the case, we will ambush him here! If Zhu Wuchen appears, you drag him and I will cut Lin Feiyan. But you have to remember, just in case In order to immediately hide in the space of Tianchan Moon Palace!"

"I know, I won't support it!" Zhai Linxuan gave Zhao Yuande a light smile, making Zhao Yuande feel bright in front of him.

Anyway, Jianshan has not yet been opened, and the two are waiting patiently here.

The two were hiding on a huge reef, and usually the fishermen and villagers would not even notice the reef.

The two sat on the reef and observed the village below.

"If we can fish and cultivate the fields together in this kind of village, it would be nice if we could get the sun and take in the sun!" Zhai Linxuan looked at the people below with some envy. Surrounded.

"Unfortunately, none of us can!" Zhao Yuande sighed lightly at the bright starry sky, and the endless galaxy whispered, "We decided the way to go in the future!"

"Hey! I am the pearl of my father's palm, and he hopes that I can take over the position of the Lord of the Northern Wild God Mountain!" Zhai Linxuan whispered, "I grew up with my father and gave me hope, how can I have the patience to let him down!"

"My way... my way... I want to become an immortal, break the barriers of this world, and become an immortal fairy!" Zhao Yuande began to be confused, but then became more and more determined!

"But before that, I still have a lot of things to do. I want to break through the seventh-order shackles, help the spirit of Wanshan to achieve the avenue, help the old turtle to unlock the shackles, trace the whereabouts of the innocent god, and break the alien invasion. Conspiracy..." He said a lot, Zhai Linxuan listened very carefully, a pride appeared in his eyes, this is his man!

One day passed, Zhu Wuchen still didn't show up, but at this time Tao Zhen came to say that Jianshan opened three days later, and asked him to hurry up!

Three days later! Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart that the Jianshan of this life started much faster than the previous life. It seems that because of his rebirth, many things have changed.

He decided that if he was waiting for a day without dust, he would return to the city to think of another way.

But soon he found a sneaky figure entering the village.