Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Huo Yunzong

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The power carried by the big hand shocked Luo Jingtian, who was not far away, backing up again and again. Only a burst of blood felt in his chest, and a mouthful of blood spewed out.

The three strong men in a yin and yang united state, even the slightest power carried by the big hand shocked the internal organs. What strength did Zhao Yuande who faced the big hand bear!


The sound of Yufu's cracking came, and at the moment when Hongfei's ancestor reached out, Zhao Yuande shattered the jade in his hand.

The power of terror was crushed against him at the same time. The powerful power of the world made him instantly fall into the vortex of terror.

He only felt that he was pinched in the palm of that big hand, as long as the other party moved his heart, he would become a fan.

After being born for a long time, he has forgotten the terrible situation of world powerhouses. At this moment, he regretted that he should not be brave. He should smash the jade symbol as soon as he is threatened.

He was a little worried about whether the beggar buddy who sent him the jade rune would appear in time, and it would be too late to regret it if he couldn't.

Just when his thoughts were chaotic, he suddenly felt his body light and found himself out of control of the other party's big hand.

In the emptiness, a finger held a monstrous power and flicked toward Hongfei's ancestor.

"No one can touch the person I shelter!" A voice came out from the void, as if an omnipotent **** conveyed his will.

The ancestor of Hongfei felt the terrifying power carried by that finger, and his face changed suddenly. He could clearly feel that even if he resisted with all his strength, he would inevitably be killed by one finger.

However, it seems that the other party just wanted to rescue Zhao Yuande, and did not mean to kill him. His finger fell very slowly.

He even withdrew thousands of feet away, and then escaped the range covered by this finger.


After a tremendous loud noise, a huge crater with hundreds of thousands of squares appeared on the earth. The gully in the huge crater said that it was a clear fingerprint!

Thousands of miles away can feel the vibration of the earth. No one in the city of Skyfire rushed out of the house in panic. They thought an earthquake occurred.

The people watching around were shocked and speechless. Many people were shocked by the shock just now. They didn't know how to describe the spectacular scene before them.

"This predecessor's comprehension is really powerful, and he can simulate the power of that palm with just one finger. If this person successfully stepped into the emperor's realm, wouldn't it be the blessing or disaster of the Eastern Emperor's world?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but say something about the power of this finger. He secretly regretted teaching the palm of the Huoyun Monument to the other side.

The ancestor of Hongfei looked at the big pit with some shock, and felt very fortunate in his heart.

"I don't know what the predecessor is?" Hong Fei's ancestor inquired.

He knows the strength of the opponent, even if he is well-known throughout the world, if he knows who the opponent is, he may be able to think of a way to deal with him.

"Mo Hongfei, don't try to unravel the truth of the matter, otherwise even Mo Hongtian won't be able to protect you!" The voice seemed to be getting farther and farther away, and disappeared in the distant sky in the next moment.

However, the deterrent force still prevented Hongfei's ancestors from moving, his forehead was cold and sweating, and he was extremely embarrassed.

He didn't have a face anymore, but Zhao Yuande glanced viciously, turned into a terrified body, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

At this moment, only the old goatee nodded thoughtfully. He stroked his goatee softly and muttered softly in his mouth: "Is it him? Don't say he has stepped out of it for eighteen years. One step? How did he get on the line with this stink boy? It seems that I have to move the old man too!"

Huoyunzong is located 30,000 miles north of Tianhuo City, backed by a wild ancient ridge, and occupies the top of the mountains.

There are many relics around the sect, especially adjacent to the very famous Manlong Lake in the wild ancient mountains. There are countless fierce beasts in Manlong Lake. It is one of the best places for disciples to try out.

Zhao Yuande and other disciples followed the three strong men from Yin and Yang to travel all the way through several large cities before coming to the Huoyunzong Mountain Gate.

Many disciples have tried to draw him along this way, and Li Rushuang did not deliberately alienate him because of his special physique, and the relationship between the two is getting closer and closer.

Shui Youdao also followed Zhao Yuande all the way, asking Dan Dao from time to time, he did not lie in the strange eyes of those disciples.

In his eyes, the middle school has no masters or masters, and Zhao Yuande has a great alchemy, so he is qualified to become his master.

Under the dissemination of the intentional person, Zhao Yuande's special physique spread to half of Zhongyu in just a few days, but Huo Yunzong's senior management was very enthusiastic about him.

No future, no future, just to treat those powerful forces. For Huoyunzong, the strongest fighting force is Yin and Yang unity, there is one more invincible strong who is Yin and Yang, they are clapping and welcoming.

At the foot of the Huoyunzong Mountain, a ladder winds up and goes straight into the sky.

A few disciples dressed in grey robes guarded under the stairs. When they saw Luo Jingtian and his party, they immediately trot to see the ceremony.

Zhao Yuande looked at this towering peak and couldn't help thinking of the agony of the previous life in the Huoyun Sect.

However, this life is different. He has all the memories of a God Emperor, he has the inheritance of eating the Tao, and he has the Chaos Eucharist.

With these, he wants to rewrite history and make up for the regrets of the previous life.

He wants to return to the peak and step into the gate of the fairy world that he did not dare to think about.

"Haha! It's shocking to come back!" A laugh started from the top of the mountain, and the whole Huoyun Mountain shook like a thunderous shake.

A figure of great shore slipped down the sky like a meteor, and it fell heavily in front of everyone, making a thunderous noise.


Luo Jingtian hurriedly clenched their fists in salute.

"Meet the Sect Master!"

Hundreds of new disciples also hurriedly bowed to salute.

"Excuse me!" Wei An waved his hand, and a pair of eyes opened and closed between his eyes. His eyes patrolled the crowd, anxiously saying, "That is Zhao Yuande?"

Luo Jingtian pointed at Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande looked up and saw a red-faced big man who was somewhat similar to Wei Chifeng, staring at himself scorchingly.

"Haha! Good! Good! The blood is surging like the ocean, and the body is comparable to the best spiritual weapon. I like this kind of disciple!" The red-faced big man is the master of the Huoyunzong Chi Lei. He rubbed his hands and smiled, "Zhao Yuande, worship at Dont bury you under my door!"

Zhao Yuande involuntarily glanced at Luo, and saw that his mouth twitched and his face turned black. It seemed that he did not know that the Sect Master would come to him when he saw him.

"I've seen the Sect Master!" Zhao Yuande had seen this Sect Master Wei Chi several times in his last life. He knew that this person had rough appearance and delicate heart, and he had an extraordinary strategy.

But what he was most worried about was the elder Gu Tiande. He was trying to deal with Gu Tiande all the time. This time, the half-way disciple came against Gu Tiande.

"The kid is obsessed with alchemy, and his pursuit in this life is to become an emperor pill master. If the patriarch can teach the kid alchemy, the kid will worship the patriarch as a teacher!" Although Zhao Yuande is respectful, his words show firmness.

"Oh! This..." Wei Chilei rolled his eyelids and waved helplessly. "Forget it, this Sect Master is not interested in alchemy. You still worship Elder Gu as a teacher!"

"Thank you, Sect Master!" Zhao Yuande bowed and bowed, giving him enough face.

Yu Chilei no longer paid attention to Zhao Yuande. In his eyes, since Zhao Yuande chose Dan Dao, he was already half-wasteful, and it was not worth his distraction. "Which one is Li Rushuang again?" the suzerain asked again.

"Ru Shuang met the Sect Master!" Li Rushuang hurried out and bowed to salute.

"Well! Yes, really good!" Yu Chilei nodded with satisfaction.

The four great men walked in the air, and disappeared to the top of the mountain in a blink of an eye.