Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Lin Feiyan

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Zhao Yuande smiled, this guy is wishing Wu Chen!

"This guy is very cautious. He didn't expect to hide here for so many days before he dared to appear here." Zhao Yuande stretched his body. "Let's act now!"

They jumped from the reef and came to the hut where Zhu Wuchen entered.

"Brother Lin, you must help me this time!" Zhu Wuchen quietly entered the house, looking at a middle-aged man sitting cross-legged in the house, begging.

"What's wrong? Brother Zhu is the lord of Jianshan Sect. Why did I ask a fisherman for me?" The middle-aged man looked up slightly and looked at Zhu Wuchen. "What else can we do to sect the lord?"

"Brother Lin, don't ridicule me. I know I used to be sorry for you, but this time you really want to save me. I will be killed soon after being chased and killed!" Zhu Wuchen continued to plead.

"Who the **** is that?" The middle-aged man looked up at each other curiously. This guy disgusted him. He wished he could stab the man in thousands, but he couldn't do it because of an oath.

"I don't know! They are two cultivators who came in to try, one man and one woman is terrible! Killing people is like chopping vegetables, killing hundreds of my men!" Zhu Wuchen was a little scared about this matter .

It felt that a huge crisis was approaching itself. The other party might be a former enemy, or some mysterious and terrible family.

But he dare not say which family, I am afraid Lin Feiyan will directly reject himself.

"How are they doing?" Lin Feiyan continued to ask. He was not in a hurry, but asked quietly.

"I don't know, it's just that many people say it's terrible, and control terrible magical powers!"

"You don't have to guess, it's me!" Zhao Yuande took Zhai Linxuan to push the door in and exposed his white teeth to the amazed two.

"Who are you?" Zhu Wuchen couldn't help but looked up and down, and was shocked to find that the talking boy was only in a state of yin and yang. This simply subverted his imagination. A yin and yang boy could kill the field. If the powerhouse is chopping melons and vegetables, what is his origin?

Lin Feiyan raised his eyelids slightly and looked at Zhao Yuande, but his eyes showed a very solemn look. He felt the terrible breath on Zhao Yuande. He felt that the young man in front of him was very dangerous. Three hundred years later, he felt this again. This kind of danger, the blood in his body could not help boiling, he felt that his silence for three hundred years was gradually awakening.

"I am only a friend of Lei Zhenyi, a Lei prison family. I was entrusted by him to arrest and wish Zhu Wuchen, who escaped from the Arctic sea eye three hundred years ago, today!" Zhao Yuande said his intention very clearly, and also gave a wish Dustless fugitive identity.

"You... turned out to be from the Lei Yu Clan!" Zhu Wuchen heard the four words of the Lei Yu Clan suddenly startled, and his legs were trembling.

"Shut it up! I will take you back, or I can still live!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhu Wuchen.

" don't want to catch me back, I don't want to be suppressed in the Arctic sea eyes anymore, I don't want to be alone for thousands of years without dying!" Zhu Wuchen's body backed back and forth to Lin Feiyan, pulling him. , "Lin Feiyan, but you vowed to protect me in front of Mengzhu, you can't just stand by!"

"Go!" Lin Feiyan kicked Zhu Wuchen's body fiercely and said coldly, "I will not break my promise, but before that, I want you to be honest with me! If I fight If you die, just say you hand them over. If I win, I will kill you myself!"

"Kill me, you will be repulsed by Heaven, and you will not have a good result!" Zhu Wuchen yelled in horror, but Lin Feiyan was kicked in Dantian, Dantian suddenly broke, turning him into a A waste person, "You crazy, crazy!"

"How long do I owe you, I'm tired, I don't want to continue!" Lin Feiyan's voice was low and painful, "After this time, I will go with Mengzhu! Forever!"

"No! You can't be like this, you can't be like this..." Zhu Wuchen lying on the ground like a dead dog, looking up at the sky, repeating this in his mouth.

"Okay! Friends, you should understand what I said!" Lin Feiyan turned to look at Zhao Yuande and smiled and made a gesture for him. "Now let's divide the victory between us!"

"Good!" Zhao Yuande understood from their conversation about their relationship.

He can feel a deep helplessness from Lin Feiyan's words. Since the final result is this, he can only accompany him.

"Yuande!" Zhai Linxuan looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes full of concern.

"It's okay! Senior Lin and I have a discussion!" Zhao Yuande gently waved his hands to reassure him.

"Little girl, you can rest assured that I won't kill him!" Lin Feiyan looked at Zhai Linxuan and showed a kind smile, with a trace of envy.

"Thank you, Senior!" Zhai Linxuan gently bowed to Lin Feiyan.

"Let's go! It's just for discussion!" Zhao Yuande patted Zhai Linxuan's fragrant shoulder, and nodded her gently to make him rest assured.

Lin Feiyan brought Zhu Wuchen into a stupid state, walked out of the cabin, and then gently closed the door of the cabin.

"A battle on the reef!"

The blood in Lin Feiyan's body seemed like a tiger out of a cage, and suddenly became violent, and his body suddenly jumped onto a huge reef.

Zhao Yuande felt the strength of the other party. This person could not be refined here for three hundred years. He could only continue to temper the flesh and temper the soul. It has become extremely powerful, and it is rare from rivals in the same realm.

"Senior please!" Zhao Yuande leaped onto the reef and gave a hand to Lin Feiyan.

"I'm the best at boxing, and today I use my dragon fist to teach the tricks of the little brother."

Lin Feiyan burst out with a punch, and a golden figure rushed out of his fist. This golden figure seemed to be a big gold-winged bird. Zhao Yuande swooped in.


Zhao Yuande felt the other party's attack and did not directly use the most powerful thunder fire to fight the enemy, but wanted to sharpen his own earth fist in front of this master!

Zhao Yuande handed out his fist, not as powerful as the other party, but played a turquoise gleam, as if it were a huge earth ball.


The golden figure collided with the earth ball, and the earth ball burst into pieces, and the golden figure rushed into the reef below, and penetrated the reef up and down through a large cave.

Zhao Yuande stepped back and forth again and then stood still. He felt the terrible power of the other party, above his own earth fist.

However, this blow also gave Zhao Yuande a glimmer of hope. He just used a force of attraction and repulsion by a colleague to make the opponent's attack deflect indefinitely, causing the opponent's punch to return without success.

"Good boxing technique!" Lin Feiyan saw Zhao Yuande's boxing punch, and his eyes suddenly showed his brilliance. This boxing technique was unheard of, unheard of, and I don't know how this teenager performed it?

"You try this punch again!" Lin Feiyan stretched his body again, the whole bones crackled, and the whole person seemed to turn into a huge golden bird, and that fist was the bird's mouth!