Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Sad Ending

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As if the arrow cut across the sky, the golden Peng bird transformed by Lin Feiyan rushed out like a sharp arrow, the speed has been comparable to the teleportation, and it appeared in front of Zhao Yuande in a thousandth of an instant, with a cruel mouth Pecked hard at him.


Zhao Yuande drank again, his arms stretched, and a huge earthy sphere rushed out of his arms to greet the golden bird.

When the two collided violently, Zhao Yuande felt as if he was hit by Taikoo Shenshan in the chest. The whole person flew out at once, and a big gulp of blood spouted from his mouth.

And the golden penguin bird seemed to be headless flies, directly plunged into the reef, the reef suddenly burst, the debris flying all over the sky.

"You... what are you doing!"

Lin Feiyan jumped into the sky from the chaos of rocks, he only felt a little suffocated, in front of this fist, he had a feeling of powerlessness!


Zhao Yuande flew back from a distance, and wiped a touch of blood from the corner of his mouth.

"This is the geomagnetic fist that I comprehend!"

"It seems that I'm going to show my true skills!" Lin Feiyan showed a solemn look on her face, her body glowed, and it was instantly dazzling like a small sun.

"This is the supernatural power that I have comprehended for three hundred years. I can temporarily break free of the shackles and become the strongest in strength. You must be careful!" Lin Feiyan flew into the air all at once, as if she had left the South China Sea. Jianyu's powerful repression freed him from his shackles, and he resumed his heyday at once.

"Defeat me!"

Lin Feiyan's golden fist fell, and a brilliant brilliance was lifted up, and the whole sky was shining brightly.

He seemed to be a **** and man coming from the Nine Heavens, with the supreme power and the terrifying power of terror, bombarded!

"This kind of power!" Zhao Yuande's pupils contracted, and he felt a huge crisis. The power of this punch had touched the edge of the emperor. If he responded by ordinary means, it would be directly smashed into a piece of debris, even if there was no death. The body cannot be recovered!


Zhao Yuande shouted, left and right Thunder's right flame, palms merged into Thunder and Fire!

In front of him, a huge blue-and-red millstone was born. The giant millstone crushed the space and tore the air, so that the surroundings instantly became a black void with no fingers.

At this time, a large number of onlookers have gathered, even if you can feel the vibration of the void even hundreds of miles away, and feel the powerful and terrifying power of a big red plate, even if it is a top-level acquired. Lingbao may be directly annihilated.

"It's terrible!" Even Zhai Linxuan couldn't help opening her mouth slightly. Zhao Yuande's move was so unimaginable that even her father in the Emperor Realm didn't give her such a terrible impression. Of oppression.

The brilliant brilliance collided with the big blue-red grinding disc, as if the comet hit the ground, and a shock wave visible to the naked eye continued to spread outward.

A huge building in the ninth city not far away was cut into two in half by the impact, and with a bang, the general buildings fell into the city and set off the dust, and half of the city was in a mess.

The golden figure of gold shone like a meteor and flew out. I don't know how far it flew out and fell heavily in the sea.

Zhao Yuande is staggering, and his skin is cracked. If the whole person is not connected with bones, it may split in a split second.

He barely stood still, and the huge blood in the blood sea surged violently, repairing the injuries outside his body one by one, and he returned to his original state after a dozen breaths.

At this time, Lin Feiyan never came back. Zhao Yuande looked at the distant sea and sighed softly: "Lin Xuan, let's go and see!"

"Huh!" Zhai Linxuan grabbed Zhu Wuchen like a dead dog on the ground and followed behind Zhao Yuande.

They quickly came to the sea area and disappeared from Lin Feiyan.

Zhao Yuande's soul covered hundreds of miles of houses, and then he saw the dying Lin Feiyan on the seabed.

He rushed directly to the bottom of the sea and rescued the seriously dying Lin Feiyan.

At this time, Lin Feiyan's body was ragged, and almost all the internal organs and organs of the body became powder. In particular, a pair of arms had been shattered by the shock, leaving only two **** flesh hanging on his shoulders.

Zhao Yuande sent a trace of his life force to him, allowing him to regain some vitality.

"I... lost!" Lin Feiyan's eyes opened slightly, and there was a hint of relief. Tears fell in his eyes, and he whispered softly, "I'm finally going to see Mengzhu, so I look forward to this moment!"

"Senior I can save you!" Zhao Yuande felt that the person in front of him must have a very tortuous and touching story. He was a man as infatuated as Lin Tianzhao. If he could, he would not refuse to save his life.

"No! Don't save me. I was tired of this kind of life very early. For that promise I can only live in this world. Mengzhu must be lonely now... Mengzhu I really want to see your figure, you still So beautiful... so charming... I... want to find you..." Lin Feiyan's voice is getting lower and lower, weaker and weaker.

As if he was not at ease, he reluctantly opened his eyes to look at Zhao Yuande, and said in an almost undetectable voice, "Treasure the moment..."

Before finishing the last word, he closed his eyes gently.

"Woo!" Zhai Linxuan sobbed softly, whispering some longing, "There must be a beautiful love between Senior Lin and Mengzhu, I really envy them!"

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly and murmured, "May some lovers in the world end up as dependents! Don't have such regrettable things like two senior Lins!"

"Zhu Wuchen, you are my captive now!" Zhao Yuande grabbed Zhu Wuchen in front of his eyes, tapped him a few times, completely abolished him to prevent him from committing suicide, and then directly thrown into the other side of the world , Instructed Li Rushuang to be optimistic, and the guy who came out of the South China Sword Field was the bargaining chip for him and Lei Zhenyi.

Zhu Wuchen was already ashamed of death at this time, alive is also a kind of torture.

Pitifully wish Wuchen, the wicked man who is on the side of the outside world, is so unbearable in the sword territory of the South China Sea. If it is passed on, it will inevitably make many people laugh.

"Okay! This task is finally completed!" Zhao Yuande breathed a sigh of relief and returned to the fishing village with Lin Feiyan's body.

Opening the wooden door, it was found that there was a woman named Zhu Mengzhu buried in the tomb. He opened the tomb and buried Lin Feiyan's body in it, and changed the tombstone into a burial together.

"Senior Lin, I hope you can really meet your lover in the Underworld!" Zhao Yuande and Zhai Linxuan gently bowed to the tombstone, and their faces showed emotion.