Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Two Golden Beads

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"Since it's a waterway, it's natural to walk in the water. There must be an exit under this pool!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the water, where it was dark and deep, and it was impossible to detect how deep it was.

"Oh! The kid is very insightful!" Su Yusi smiled embarrassedly. "Actually, I'm testing you. You have to know how much hardship you have to go out with as a young man. Only then can you break through the yoke!"

Zhao Yuande rolled his eyes directly, this guy really has something to say.

"Then let's go straight into the water!" Su Yusi jumped into the water to hide his embarrassment.

"Hey! Wait a minute..." Zhao Yuande tried to stop her but it was too late.

Zhao Yuande's eyes twitched slightly, and he couldn't help but count: "One! Two! Three!"

Just after three counts, a scream came from the bottom of the water.

"Ah!" Su Yusi, who had just rushed into the water, burst out of the water with a **** fish hanging on her feet, nibbling at the boots on her feet.

Zhao Yuande snapped his finger and killed the **** fish. He looked helplessly at this predecessor who seemed to have no experience.

He didn't know how the other party came to Jianshan? Didn't you encounter any danger on the way?

Zhao Yuande really guessed right. The woman was wronged at home and ran out to relax. As a result, she came to Nanhai Jianmeng by mistake.

Because of her identity as Miss Su Family, Nanhai Jianmeng gave her a token.

As a result, after entering the sword territory of the South China Sea, she was trapped by a formation in the first lane. Fortunately, there were food and drink in her space. Three months later, Jianshan appeared, and the formation naturally broke open. She came so confused. Before reaching Jianshan, he got a token and entered the sword gate.

Her first group of monsters was very strong, but she was the eldest lady of the super family like the Su family. She had several good treasures to protect her. After squandering the treasures, she came to this three-forked road and chose the ice cave. It was frozen by ice.

If you don't have a different body protector, I'm afraid the soul will be broken long ago.

She really didn't fight a fight, so she came here with zero combat experience and experience!

"Wow! Ooo!" I don't know if it's ashamed or painful. Su Yusi crouched on the ground and started crying with a headache!

"Senior! You..." Zhao Yuande didn't know what to say.

"Don't call me senior, I am only twenty-seven years old, my child..." Su Yusi whimpered, "My child is only one year old, his life is very life is also...surname Jiang You are so ruthless..."

Su Yusi was crying and crying, and talked up and down, once he talked about how good he was, once he talked about how unlucky he was, and then he talked about how ruthless Jiang is!

Said Zhao Yuande is full of black lines, this old predecessor really hasn't spoken for so many years, and once it is said, it is endless!

But what made him feel coincidental is that the word Jiang family, is there really such a coincidence?

"Hey! Senior, which Jiang family are you talking about?" Zhao Yuande tried to ask.

"Jiang Family! Jiang Chenyu, this hypocrite, he didn't come to me for such a long time. I was frozen here for hundreds of years..." Su Yusi immediately began to yell at the Jiang family.

"Jiang Chenyu..." Zhao Yuande memorized the name carefully.

He used the spirit to send a message to Li Rushuang in the other world, and asked her to carefully ask her mother Jiang Chenyu the name.

"Senior, do you want to continue crying here, or continue to pass the barrier?" Zhao Yuande felt big headed, the woman crying is the most disturbing.

"Crossing the border! I want to break out of the sword territory of the South China Sea in an upright manner, and that last baby, I want to make Jiang Chenyu the regretful man!" Don't say, Su Yusi's woman's heart is still really big, she dare to think about it.

"Hey, boy, what do you shake your head, don't you believe in my strength?" Su Yusi quickly forgot his embarrassed look and pinched his waist to Zhao Yuande.

"No... no, my predecessors have great achievements, and of course I am invincible. I certainly believe you!" Zhao Yuande groaned in his heart. This woman must not have anything to do with herself, otherwise she will be really guilty!

"Huh! That thing, don't hurry up ahead!" Su Yusi pointed to Zhao Yuande and motioned him to jump into the water first.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande plunged into the water pool and swam down.

An embarrassed smile appeared on Su Yusi's face, and he plunged into it.

Zhao Yuande turned into a swimming fish and sank quickly in the water. His palms flashed with light, constantly hitting a bunch of electric awns. The **** fish coming around him were turned directly to white belly by electricity.

"Boy, you still have some skills, not bad!" Su Yusi behind him did not forget the elder's tone of praise at this time.

Zhao Yuande shook his hand and missed a **** fish. He suddenly heard the shouting of Su Yusi hysterics behind him. He turned his head and saw that the senior was chased by the **** fish. The small daggers are chaotic, but they can't always touch the side of the **** fish.

"Is this really a strong man in a realm of realm?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help shaking his head and sighed. He just needed to open the realm, and this big fish was helpless!

"Senior, what is your field?" Zhao Yuande said with a reminder.

"Ah!" Su Yusi suddenly awakened, and the water blue field appeared on Monday, but it was still the field of water properties. I don't know how she realized it?

As soon as the field opened, every bite of the **** fish was bounced away by the field. He was so happy that Su Yusi faced with a dagger in his hands, and finally solved the black big fish after a dozen rounds.

"Predecessors are seniors!" Zhao Yuande felt that his laugh was very high, otherwise he would have laughed for a long time.

"Huh! Boy, you are deliberately looking at me for being ugly!" Su Yusi also heard the wrong smell in Zhao Yuande's words, and immediately looked at him with a disgruntled face.

"No! How can I really just make a mistake!" Zhao Yuande firmly refused to admit, "Okay, let's continue diving, I don't know how deep it is!"

After talking, Zhao Yuande dived deep into the water.

The further down, the more fierce and huge the **** fish are. Zhao Yuande doesn't want to see how this predecessor performed to defend the enemy, and he will solve all the big fish with face money.

"Well! There is something below!" Zhao Yuande's eyes under the dark water saw two groups of pearls like the little sun, and his heart suddenly became hot. Is there any baby below?

But soon it made him a little bit creepy, because those two are not pearls but two are eyes. At this time, the two eyes are staring at him, this big fish seems to feel that Zhao Yuande is not easy to provoke, and Instead of launching an attack immediately, he was lurking for opportunities.

"The seventh-order beast Jianshan black fish, eyes can see through the darkness, the teeth can crush the top-order spirit treasure, the intermediate-level ingredients...match the recipe..."

"Haha! There was a baby in front of you, two golden beads, one for you and one for me, and my elders should be meticulous!" Su Yusi rushed to Zhao Yuande in excitement at this time, so he went to catch the two beads.