Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Ladder

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"Senior...Are you sure you want to get it?" Zhao Yuande grabbed her and pointed to the big fish with a length of tens of feet and black scales on his body, but he forgot that he had heavenly eyes and powerful Sound sense, knowing that it is a big fish, and this predecessor simply can not see.

"What do you mean, do you have an opinion on my allocation?" Su Yusi looked at Zhao Yuande with her teeth. "You know, I am a senior, do you know how to respect the old and love the young?"

"Send it to you! I don't want it!" Zhao Yuande leaned back, saying that he could take it all by himself.

"Hi, you kid!" Su Yusi also felt wrong at this time. She took out a treasure mirror and shot it towards the black fish. As a result, she was almost scared and almost thrown away the treasure mirror in her hand.

The **** fish appeared on the mirror, the same as the black fish just now, but its size was dozens of times larger.

"Your boy, look at my joke deliberately!" Su Yusi hurriedly hid behind Zhao Yuande and expressed dissatisfaction with him.

"Senior, if you really picked those two beads, I really don't want any of them!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"You also said, don't hurry to take that big guy to me!" Su Yusi kicked Zhao Yuande's **** hard, "Not yet!"

Zhao Yuande was kicked in the **** and wanted to be angry, but he always had an idea in mind. This woman is definitely related to her mother, and she must not provoke her casually.

He sighed and rushed directly to the **** fish, and immediately the two guys had a fierce battle under the water.

Although the **** fish is very strong, it has reached the peak of the seventh order beast, and it is its special underwater, but it is a pity that he met Zhao Yuande, although who hit a lot of resistance, but a dozen big punches down the black big The fish was also shattered, and his eyes were dull and dull!

"Good food must not be wasted!" Zhao Yuande threw this big fish directly into the other side of the world.

"It's a waste. Those eyes are really bright. You don't have to light the lamp when you put it in the house. Unfortunately, you destroyed it!" Su Yusi couldn't help but spit out his tongue when he saw Zhao Yuande's terrible combat power.

"Let's go! I'm afraid it will be more dangerous in the front!" Zhao Yuande glanced at this predecessor, and he felt helpless.

After they walked hundreds of feet downstream, they saw a channel where colored lights flowed. The end of the channel seemed to be a beautiful fairy tale world.

"Ah! It's so beautiful here, maybe it's a big treasure house!" Su Yusi saw this scene, suddenly shining in his eyes, and rushed straight over.

"Hey! Boy, are you not going so far?" But with Zhao Yuande for so long, she also learned a little. Seeing that Zhao Yuande didn't keep up, she instinctively felt a little wrong.

"Oh, I just think it's so beautiful here, I was stunned!" Zhao Yuande smiled embarrassedly. He was really intentional and wanted this predecessor to experiment first.

Although he had not experienced this road in the last life, he could feel that there was no danger in this road.

"The ghost believes you!" Su Yusi returned to him, "Boy, you walk in front, I always think your kid wants to see my joke!"

"Not stupid!" Zhao Yuande murmured softly.

"What do you say!" Su Yusi gritted his teeth, "You are finished, you dare to say that I am stupid, I...I..." He did not know what to threaten the other side, only me and me!

"Well, Senior, I just made a joke!" Zhao Yuande speeded up and rushed directly into the colorful channel.

As soon as he entered the passage, he suddenly felt as if he had suddenly entered a retrospective time.

He felt that he had become a child. From the moment he was born, scenes of scenes flowed in front of him, as if they were a movie.

He saw his mother's meticulous care, saw his father laughed and stroked his little face with warm big hands, and saw grandpa...

Time rushed, line by line, everything was displayed in front of him in every detail!

He went through his life again, but by the time he was reborn, everything turned into darkness.

This made Zhao Yuande stunned for a while. What the **** happened, why did the picture after the rebirth disappear?

At the same time, in the extremely high sky, a voice echoed gently.

"Huh! He is... the reincarnation of Zhou!"

The voice was ethereal, full of doubts and a trace of joy.

At this time, Su Yusi felt the same as Zhao Yuande, but she was more vulnerable. After re-experiencing her life, she burst into tears. She felt sorry for anyone, her child, her man, for three hundred years. Do not know how they are going? She was a little bit of a heart at the moment!

This road is a road of torture and a path of choice, allowing you to face your life again and re-select your next life.

Some people's enlightenment, from now on, soared into the sky, and some people fell into the red dust again and became an ordinary person.

However, this path is useless to Zhao Yuande, because he is only after the rebirth is the real glorious start, can not go through again, so that he has nothing to gain, just a little more attachment to his parents and relatives.

The two did not know when they appeared on a platform. In front of them was a mirror-like mountain wall, with a ladder on the mountain wall, winding endlessly upward.

Zhao Yuande glanced at his eyes, and carefully counted as many as 99,999 steps!

This made him breathe a little. He remembered that this kind of ladder had appeared in the last life, but only 99,999 steps, but this time it was a tenfold increase. Did he be treated specially?

And Su Yusi beside him was still sluggish at this time. She had not reminisced from her life experience. At this time, her face was full of sadness, and there were still tears.

Zhao Yuande looked at the senior with some worry, not knowing why he looked at the other party so he had a very bad feeling in his heart.

And at this time, Li Rushuang contacted him.

"What's going on like frost?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously, "Is that a result just now?"

"Mother said that her grandfather was called Jiang Chenyu... I said the name, and she still cried for a long time!" Li Rushuang complained a little, "Where did you know this name, so that mother is so sad!"

"This... this... won't be true!" Zhao Yuande felt his head, feeling that what was happening in front of him was too bizarre. This unreliable woman was probably his grandmother. He never felt that way. Weak.

Just now I ridiculed the grandma for a few times, if my mother knew about it, wouldn't she have to repair herself!

But at the same time, he also thought of a very bad question. Why did his mother, Jiang family, live in a small place like Tianhuo City? There must be something wrong.