Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 358

Chapter 358: Tongyou Mirror And Golden Wrap

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At this time, if the Jiang family was sorry for the mother's vein, they could not go to the Jiang family to find a way to find justice for their vein.

"What's the matter?" Li Rushuang felt the fluctuation of Zhao Yuande's soul and knew what must have happened.

"Things are like this..." Zhao Yuande said how he met Su Yusi and how to save her from these things.

"There is such a bizarre thing?" Li Rushuang was also shocked. It was really a coincidence that he encountered the grandmother who was three hundred years ago during the trial.

"Let's go and ask, if the name of Su Yusi, if the mother knows, I will let them meet immediately!" Zhao Yuande thought it was better to be safe, so let Li Rushuang go to the certification again.

"Senior..." Zhao Yuande made a few sounds before Su Yusi woke up.

"What's the matter? Have we come out?" Su Yusi looked around and saw the ladder. "This is the ladder that let us go? This is too long!"

Su Yusi took out the mirror again. The mirror was very small but very spooky. The ladder was shining on it. Even if the world on the top of the mountain was clear, it would be a platform full of football fields with 36 orders in the middle. The cards are winding.

"This..." Zhao Yuande was shocked when he saw this scene. The mirror was so awkward that he could see exactly what the above level was.

"Tongyou Mirror, Chaos Spirit Treasure, can shine on all things in the sky, and pass the Nine Nether Underworld!"

"Dumbfounded!" Su Yusi looked at Zhao Yuande's dull expression, "This is our Jiang family's strongest baby, Tongyou Jing!"

"Senior, don't you think it's too shocking to take it out like this?" Zhao Yuande smiled and looked at the other party. "Aren't you afraid that I'll take it away?"

"Humph! Your kid can't use it if you steal it. You need my Jiang family blood!" Su Yusi handed the mirror directly to Zhao Yuande. "You can use it to see if you can use it to give you directly!"

"Senior you are not kidding! This is a chaotic spirit treasure!" Zhao Yuande felt that the senior in front of him was really a little stupid, and this kind of baby took it out in front of others.

In fact, when Su Yusi saw Zhao Yuande, he also felt that this kid had a sense of intimacy, and he seemed to have no defense at all. The woman's intuition was always keen. She could feel that Zhao Yuande would never be greedy for her baby.

"How to use it?" Zhao Yuande took the spectacle and felt a little uneasy in his heart. He didn't know what he was thinking.

"If you enter the spiritual power, if there is blood in my Su family, there will be a divine appearance naturally, if there is no response at all!" Su Yusi is very indifferent, indicating that you can try it.

Zhao Yuande gently injects a trace of spiritual power into Tongyou Mirror, and he is a little afraid of getting a fact.

However, even a hint of spiritual power, the glory of the mirror suddenly burst into bloom, the illuminated void suddenly reflected a clear sky, and there was a layer of non-existent diaphragm in the sky.

"You... how do you have my Su family bloodline!" Su Yusi was suddenly stunned, "you... what is your name?"

"Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande was really stupid at this time. He immediately understood that the predecessor who was very unreliable and still likes to talk big was really his grandmother!

He looked bitter, as if a deer was bumping around in his heart, he knew it was planted this time.

This grandmother will definitely unite her mother to suppress herself!

"What's your mother's name?" Su Yusi asked again.

"Jiang Yilin..." Zhao Yuande replied mulan

"Okay! How dare you guys come to count me!" Su Yusi suddenly looked very unsightly. "Have you known that I have this baby? Did you come from Jiang Chenyu's bastard? You..."

Su Yusi crackled and asked a dozen questions, and Zhao Yuande listened for a while.

He can no longer go through this indifferently, directly grasping Su Yusi and directly entering the other side of the world.

"Here is there? Does your kid hurt me? Give me the Tongyou Mirror!" Su Yusi looked around with a watchful face, and found that it was a courtyard surrounded by pine and cypress, with lush vegetation and a quiet picture.

Zhao Yuande now thinks that Tongyou Jing is a hot potato, and he handed it back to the grandma!


Zhao Yuandela entered the house with Su Yusi, but at this time he saw Li Rushuang being accompanied by his mother, and she was constantly wiping her tears.

"Yuande!" Jiang Yilin saw Zhao Yuande, and burst into tears in her eyes, and walked towards Zhao Yuande anxiously, "Yuande, where did you hear your grandma's name, tell your mother!"

Su Yusi, beside Zhao Yuande, immediately opened her eyes when she heard the words Grandma Zu, and looked at Jiang Yilin up and down.

Soon she felt how the woman was so familiar, as if she saw herself!

"Mother...this..." Zhao Yuande pointed to Su Yusi beside him, "This is the Su Yusi that Rushuang said!"

"This..." Jiang Yilin looked at Su Yusi, his face suddenly showing a look of great surprise.

The two stared at each other for a long time!

"You... who are you Jiang Chenyu?" Su Yusi said first, his face showing the result of suffering.

"Jiang Chenyu is my grandfather!" Jiang Yilin's voice was a little choked. She was already seven or eight points certain. The woman who was much younger than herself was really her grandmother.

"Is he alright?" Su Yusi asked again, tears were rolling in her eyes, she was afraid to hear bad news from the other person's mouth.

"Grandpa, he's at Jiang's house now, but he's been having a hard time!" Jiang Yilin's voice choked up. This thing was hidden in her heart for many years, even the son did not disclose it.

"He was struck by me!" Su Yusi's face appeared guilty, "I was angry before I went out, and took away the Jiang family's golden haori garment!"

"Golden Wrap!" Zhao Yuande immediately understood why the other party had been frozen for three hundred years and had not died. It turned out that he was wearing this kind of baby.

"Grandpa, he misses you a lot, and I hear him nagging your name every day after I remember!" Jiang Yilin said with tears on her face.

"Chenyu! I'm sorry for you!" Su Yusi's face was guilty and miserable.

"Grandma..." Jiang Yilin couldn't help it anymore, directly plunged into Su Yusi's arms, and wept bitterly.

The grandchildren and grandchildren burst into tears and cried, and the people around them left and gave them space. At this time, they must have a lot of words to say.

Zhao Yuande told Li Rushuang a few words, and left the other side of the world in a hurry. He was really afraid that the grandmother would liquidate himself.

Before returning to the ladder again, Zhao Yuande let out a long breath, and his mood was suddenly very happy.

This time the South China Sea Sword Territory was really rewarding, and actually saved the grandmother who lost his 300-year history. This is a good sign. It seems that the eternal tower behind it must be his own!

He began to try to climb the ladder.

This ladder he climbed in the last life is a kind of tempering of the will. If he can stick to the top, it can be regarded as a kind of tempering for himself.