Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Comprehend The Wind Rules

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At his speed, the first one or two hundred steps is very simple, just a few breathing time, he has already stepped into the 300th stage, and there is already a roaring wind here.

The wind is not strong, but it is chilly. If ordinary people come, I am afraid that they will be frozen into ice sculptures.

But for him, this was like a breeze blowing, his hands were like claws, every time he grabbed fiercely into the stiff stone wall, rising continuously thousands of steps, suddenly began to scream the wind, the huge stone did not know where Was blown by the strong wind.

His feet kicked out lightning, and large pieces of rock turned into powder, and his speed remained unchanged.

By the time I climbed up to ten thousand steps, an hour had passed. At this time, the gusty wind had turned into a terrible black wind, and roared like a terrible ghost on the same head and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

"My previous life dabbled a little on the Avenue of Wind. This life seems to use this place to comprehend the rules of the wind!" Zhao Yuande calmed down and began to let the wind attack the gods and began to feel the pulse of the wind.

Those winds and evils, although very fierce, could not shake his terrible flesh at all.

The wind is roaring, and he is constantly climbing upwards, but at this time his speed has begun to become extremely slow, he feels a very wonderful rhythm in the wind, his body is shaking, he is constantly imitating With this rhythm.

Under his constant tremors, those wind fissures gradually began to be unable to approach his body. He gradually began to adapt to this tremor, and then the tremor became a slight swing, and then he could not see the body motion, but the wind fissures seemed like Started to avoid Zhao Yuande intentionally, and passed by.


The feeling in Zhao Yuande's heart grew deeper and deeper, and he even punched into the void in the air.

A spinning wind dragon rushed out of his fist until it ran out of thousands of feet before gradually dissipating.

"Still not strong enough!"

Zhao Yuande shook his head gently. This wind boxing was enough to deal with ordinary strong men, but it would be useless to come up with them.

"But it's not that I don't have enough comprehension, but a lack of accumulation!" Zhao Yuande chuckled, where he understood the rules of the wind and used the wind punch.

Now he has thunder, fire and wind four boxing intentions. If he can practice the two types of earth wind to the same level as the previous two boxing methods, he can start to try to condense the open wheel, as long as the open wheel is condensed, He believed that You Nine Heaven would no longer be his opponent.

At this time, three days have passed, and he has climbed more than 30,000 steps, which has reached one third!

This speed is still very satisfying for him. He used the ninety-ninth order of the last generation for half a month. It seems that this time only takes ten days.

Climbing up, the wind disappeared, replaced by an endless sea of fire lying on the front road, the sea of fire submerged the steps and forced him to climb up the flame.

However, although these flames are very strong, they are much weaker than Qinglian Fire.

Zhao Yuande summoned the green lotus fire directly, and swallowed all the flames cleanly after three, five, and two. Although the green lotus fire did not advance to the fifth level, a sense of satisfaction came.

There are no obstacles in front of more than 30,000 steps. His speed is fast but just over an hour, he has appeared in front of a lush stone wall.

The staircase was covered with green vines, entwined one by one, as if it were dragons.

He clearly felt that a powerful crisis came from the vines on both sides, and these vines were very strange.

He only climbed one step, and saw a vine drawn towards him. The terrible power shattered the void. If the ordinary person was drawn, I would be drawn in two.

But at this time, Zhao Yuande wanted to test wind boxing. He punched a wind dragon into the air with one punch, and was entangled with the vine whip.

He took advantage of the opportunity to continue to climb upwards, and soon two, three, countless vines slammed at him, and the terrible popping sound made people feel numb for a while.


His body dodges again and again, punching a fist out of the earth, and a force of repulsion makes all the vines chaotic and entangled, even making a cry of sorrow.

He took the opportunity to climb up again, and another large vine entangled and slammed.

He slammed the earth fist and wind fist continuously and ran all the way up.

His two boxing intentions are becoming more and more mature and more powerful, making you full of joy in Zhao Yuande's heart.

While waiting to climb to 90,000 steps, a thick vine like a mountain lay in front of him.

"Nine-order vine demon, has infinite life force, tough branches, infinite power, medium-grade ingredients, matching recipes..."

It turned out to be a powerful vine demon comparable to the Emperor Realm. Zhao Yuande's face was bitter for a while. How can this be beaten!

He hadn't figured it out yet, and the thick mountain-like vine pulled towards him.


The tremendous impact of the vines alone caused most of the mountain to shatter, and Zhao Yuande's creeps were scared. If he was drawn, he might be directly broken by the pumped body.

He rushed up quickly, trying to avoid the terrible attack.

However, the vine's attack seemed to have some kind of terrible binding force, so that his speed became extremely slow, and the current speed could not escape before the vine fell.


Zhao Yuande roared and thundered with a punch.

A giant bluish-red grinding disc appeared in the void, rolling towards the vine that had been slammed down.


Thunderfire's big grinding disc collided with the vines and made a sound that was about to crack, but it really blocked the terrible speed of the vines, making Zhao Yuande feel a slight flick of the body followed by a rush, pulling out the scope of the vine's slamming.

The Thunderfire Grinding Disc was overwhelmed and finally shattered, while the vines also crashed down on the stone wall.

The lower half of the ladder suddenly shattered, and countless huge stones fell down. I don't know if anyone was suffering.

However, Zhao Yuande seemed to anger the vines, and the other party made a horrible roar, and a terrible black beast appeared on the huge vines. These beasts had sharp mouths and long limbs, as if they were a A big monkey screamed and rushed down the mountain, rushing towards Zhao Yuande.

These big monkeys are running on the smooth rocky wall with long barbs on their claws, and they can easily grab the rocky wall every time they jump.

"Sixth-order fierce parasitic ape, extremely sharp claw blades, strong and powerful limbs, medium-grade ingredients... matching recipes!"

"Every one of these guys is a terrible existence of order six. If I grab some of them back and raise them, they should be able to enrich the species of the other side of the world and give Qin Xingyu an extra trial beast!"

Zhao Yuande thought this way, but the speed of these parasitic apes was so fast that he was almost on par with him. He climbed on the cliff wall, and continued to tear him with claws. Although he could not cause any harm to him, it greatly hindered him. His actions.