Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Master

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Zhao Yuande they followed a grey-clothed disciple step by step to the top of the mountain.

Deacon Zongmen had been waiting at the peak for a long time, and he divided the disciples into four categories: outer disciples, inner disciples, elite disciples, and personal disciples.

They were taken to their respective peaks by special people. Zhao Yuande, Li Rushuang and others were taken by their special disciples to their respective peaks.

On the occasion of the difference, Li Rushuang cast a reassuring look at Zhao Yuande. After Zhao Yuande silently nodded, the two went to their respective destinations.

The man who took Zhao Yuande to look for Elder Gu Tiande was a young man in his twenties. He looked calm and capable, and he was also very affable, making people unconsciously feel good about it.

This person is called Song Zhende, an elite disciple of the inner door. Because of his outstanding performance, he was assigned the responsibility of the elders of the inner hall and took charge of a part of the inner hall.

Although Zhao Yuande had seen this person in the last life, he didn't know very well. He secretly pinched his finger and pointed towards the other person.

"Song Zhende, Huo Yunzong's internal affairs, the late stage of the blood sea god, the body of the sword spirit... low-level ingredients, no matching recipes."

It turned out to be the body of the sword spirit, although the cultivation speed was average, but the combat effectiveness was a bit stronger than the ordinary shemale.

The body of the sword spirit is a special physique similar to the body of the elemental spirit and the body of the water spirit, although it is a little stronger than the ordinary people, but it only ends here.

"Brother Zhao, I heard that you activated the Huoyun Monument? I dont know if the Huoyun Monument has the same powerful skills as the legend?" Song Zhende was very enthusiastic about Zhao Yuande along the way, but the ancient elders managed the Danfang and became the ancient The disciples of the elders became half masters of Danfang.

To offend such a person is to deliberately find yourself uncomfortable.

"Oh! Brother Song, it's not as magical as the legend, but I can't tell you the specifics. Elder Luo has given me a password, Brother Song can understand one or two." How could Zhao Yuande tell him the truth, only Be able to speak in the past.

"I know, I know! Brother just asked casually." Song Zhende quickly waved his hand and continued to sigh, "I have visited the Huoyunbei several times, and I can't even penetrate the spiritual power. It's just a lump of wood. There is really a secret."

"We can also enlighten the Huoyun Monument?" Zhao Yuande's previous life was mixed in the Huoyun Sect, and he didn't understand these things at all.

"Of course, and it's very cheap. A little contribution value can enlighten an hour! Why is the younger brother interested? This Huoyun monument is placed in the Huoyun Temple, anyone can go..."

The two chatted all the way and gradually walked up to Danfeng. This is where Elder Gu Tiande closed his alchemy.

"Senior Brother, Senior Brother will not send you up. Elder Gu has more rules here. I'm afraid I will delay his old man." As soon as he came to Dan Feng, Song Zhende hurriedly quit, as if Dan Feng lived on a cannibalism monster.

Zhao Yuande looked at Song Zhende's back with some surprise, feeling a little strange in his heart.

He set foot on Danfeng and headed towards the peak.

At the peak of the main hall, the door of the hall was closed at this time, and a scent of elixir fluttered from time to time, and an old voice echoed continuously in the main hall.

"Magic Light Grass, crush it! Yeah... right now, add it to the Dan furnace. Fool! Who told you to pour it directly? Need to add a little..."


A violent explosion sounded, the door of the palace was blown away by a strong airflow, and an old man with ragged clothes flew out of the hall backwards, with an eleven-two-year-old boy under his armpit.

"My grass! There is a failure, what is wrong?" The old man, regardless of his broken purple elder dress, threw the boy under his arm directly on the ground, regardless of whether the ground was clean or not, and sat down directly. Start to frown.

Zhao Yuande looked dumbfounded, but he knew that no one would disturb him at this time. He stood here simply and waited for the old man to return to normal.

I don't know how long after that, Zhao Yuande just felt that his stomach began to growl and a hunger pours into his heart.

He screamed badly, and hurriedly took out a handful of elixir to replenish the spiritual power, and stuffed it all directly into his mouth.

The panacea entered the abdomen, and he felt a burst of comfort. He touched and guided the spiritual power to circulate in the body every day. Finally, he was all inhaled into the mysterious black hole.

The black hole continues to rotate, feeding back some spiritual power, slowly moisturizing his muscles, bones, meridians, blood vessels...

"Who are you? Why did you appear here?" Suddenly a harsh voice rang in his ear. He turned his head to look. The old man was looking at himself badly at this time, his eyes showing vigilance.

"Predecessor Gu, I am Zhao Yuande." Zhao Yuande looked at this old man and nodded secretly in his heart. Only this kind of nearly crazy person can achieve something in a certain field.

"You are the Zhao Yuande who activated the Huoyun Monument?" The old man walked around him a few times, looked up and down, and then nodded slowly, "Well, yes, good roots, calm character. Okay, Come with me!"

The old man twisted into the damaged hall.

"Boy, I don't care how talented you are or what kind of teacher you used to be. If you want to worship me as a teacher, you must accept my test. If you can't pass you, you will leave me!" The old man pointed before him. A medicine broken into eight and a half said, "Come and see what kind of elixir is used in this furnace waste pill?"

Zhao Yuande stepped forward and dipped a bit of dark medicine residue in the broken medicine tripod in his hand and sent it to the nose to pretend to smell it, but secretly used identification technology.

"Remnant of Demon Pill, failed alchemy product, slightly toxic, material..."

"Predecessors are refining a pot of Holy Order Elixir'Magic Elixir'. This is a Elixir designed to restore spiritual power for the world's strongest. The main drug is the 300-year-old Demon Blood Vine, Tianguangsha, true spirit antlers, magic light grass..." Zhao Yuande, like several family treasures, picked his finger and said the name of the blind elixir.

The shocked jaw of the old man on the side was about to fall. He looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief, without speaking at all.

"How do you... how do you know?" The old man stuttered, his fingers trembling and pointed at Zhao Yuande. "Someone must have disclosed it to you, right? It must be like this... it must be!"

In Zhao Yuande's heart, he secretly behaved a bit too much. He could only helplessly say: "The juniors are very smart from a young age. As long as they smell something, they will not forget it. The juniors have been lucky enough to have seen this immortality, so..."

"Really?" The old man was suspicious.


"Okay! Boy, can you tell me what kind of pill it is and what materials are there?" The old man took out a jade bottle out of his arms and poured out a gray pill of the size of a soybean.

Zhao Yuande took the medicine and tasted it pretending.

"Three-color Fenyuan Pill, Xuan-level top-grade pill, has a certain chance to help practitioners break through the spirit stage of Lingtai pregnancy, and achieve the three-color spirit fetus, materials... low-order ingredients, matching recipes..."

"Well, this panacea tastes very strange and has never been seen before. The main drug should be three kinds of Lingguo, among which there are several auxiliary medicines such as Tianhuangteng, Mantianyin, and Duo Luohua..." Zhao Yuande did not dare this time Too much, just said a little bit.

After listening, the old man was convinced of Zhao Yuande's words. He took his hand enthusiastically and dragged him into the apse. He walked and laughed excitedly: "Haha! God is really kind to me, send it to me With such a great apprentice, come and come and study with the master to study the ancient Candidate!"

"But I haven't apprentice yet!" Zhao Yuande's voice was a bit painful. The old man was not excited for half a point, and the bones of Zhao Yuande squeezed with his hands.

"Fuck a fart! The old man doesn't like those messy rituals. I'll call you an apprentice, just call me a master!" The old man waved his hands and didn't care about it at all.