Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 360

Chapter 360: Easy

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Zhao Yuande threw a thunderbolt all over his body, stunned several parasitic apes who rushed around him, and stunned him, falling like stones.


Numerous parasitic apes were furious, and the black light flashed all over the body, as if they had added a layer of plastic coating to themselves.

"You're still up!" Zhao Yuande's Qinglian fire burned and instantly flooded a large space, turning dozens of parasitic apes rushing up into coke.

"Ao! Ao!"

The parasitic ape mutated again, with a blue light over the dark light.

Sure enough, the green lotus fire was burning up, and they couldn't hurt them.

"It's really evil!" Zhao Yuande ignored, and he kept fighting with these parasitic apes, throwing them off the other side of the world, and arranging a place to temporarily imprison them.


There was a roar of roar, and the thick vines slammed again, while countless parasitic apes rushed up to haunt him.

"Thunder, fire and earth!"

Zhao Yuande shouted desperately, wielding four kinds of punches, and the numerous parasitic apes he fought back.

He took advantage of this opportunity to want to blast out the thunderstorm again to block the vine's offensive.

But this time the vine's power is greater than the previous one. I don't know how many times. The thunderfire large grinding disc only broke into contact with the vine, and Zhao Yuande also felt that the power of restraint was getting bigger and stronger, so that he could hardly move. Can only watch the vines fall down.

"You're dying kid!" When Zhao Yuande didn't know how to deal with it, when he wanted to resist, a voice came from his mind.

"You old guy, don't hurry to help, I will die and you will be lost in this world!" Zhao Yuande heard this voice and suddenly knew that this guy was chaotic Tianyin. He only woke up until he slept last time.

"It's okay or okay!" Zhao Yuande felt the chaotic sky seal hidden in the storage ring, and suddenly broke through the void, and directly came to this world. The big seal is as large as a mountain, and it shines the whole world. The piece is bright!


Da Yin collided with the vines, making a loud deafening noise. The terrifying shock wave cut the half of the mountain wall, and almost even he fell down by the shock wave.

The vine was suddenly shocked by the terrible force from the middle section, but unfortunately it did not break.

"My strength has not been fully restored, and now you can only rely on yourself!" Da Yin shrank and became the size of the slap and returned to the storage ring.

"Run!" Zhao Yuande didn't dare to delay here and rushed towards the mountain.

There was a painful roar of vines behind him, and the wounds on the vines were recovering at a rate visible to the naked eye, but now they could not wave again, otherwise the cracks were enough to break it in two.

Without blocking, Zhao Yuande's speed is incredible, knowing that when the vines roared again behind him, he was already standing on the platform he saw earlier.

As soon as he entered the platform, the vine flinched back, as if a big dragon was dormant.

Zhao Yuande shouted a few breaths, and then began to observe the situation on the platform.

The platform is just a resting place. On the way up, there are small stone platforms, on which are placed tokens, and there are black dragons around the stone platform. Coiled, these dragons have a strong breath with eight ranks at each end.

Zhao Yuande carefully counted that there are ninety-nine of these stone platforms. Obviously, as long as the tokens on the stone platforms are obtained, they will be eligible for the next trial.

Like this stone platform, I dont know how many people are around the mountain, and I dont know how many people will be qualified for the next trial field. Zhao Yuande knows that the following is the real beginning, but he is not worried because of his previous life I have been here before, and with a little coincidence and unlucky luck, I got the ultimate benefit!

But now the platform is covered with a layer of light film, because there are not enough testers yet.

He rested in place for a while, and soon a figure appeared behind him.

This is a young man in white. The white shirt was covered with blood at this time, and his eyes flashed wildly.

He saw that Zhao Yuande was earlier than he appeared, and he could not help but slightly stunned, but when he saw Zhao Yuande's appearance, he suddenly recognized his identity.

"Zhao Yuande!" The young man in white whispered Zhao Yuande's name in his mouth, as if something was brewing.

"Long Zhaoyun, the young master of the Dragon Family of the Holy Feather World, has six realms of realm, real blood of the dragon, intermediate ingredients... matching recipes..."

As soon as Zhao Yuande saw his physique, he suddenly showed surprise on his face, looking for the real dragon blood veins everywhere, but did not expect the real dragon blood vein to be in front of him!

His mind is alive and well, if he can kill the other party, he may be able to extract the blood of the real dragon, but the other party is the young master of the dragon family, and he must have a great treasure on his body. Most of them can't kill him now.

But if you wait until you get the Tower of Eternity, killing him should be easy.

"Long Zhaoyun!" Zhao Yuande is not afraid of the other party, and naturally does not care what the other party is thinking, but just responds coldly.

"Humph! You are arrogant!" Long Zhaoyun looked at each other, a little guy who had not yet reached the field, dare to challenge himself, does he really want to live?

"General!" Zhao Yuande looked at him sideways, as if provoking.


Just when the smell of gunpowder was full between the two people, several people rushed to the high platform. These people were **** on the body. At first glance, they were seriously injured. When they came up, they sat on the ground cross-legged and tried to recover.

Then there were successive people rushing to the high platform. Although these people were injured, but their strength was not weak. They lay between the two people, so that their original violent battle was suddenly extinguished.

"Huh! It's not like your general knowledge!" Long Zhaoyun mainly suffered from injuries, otherwise he would not give up this lesson under such a light-hearted fellow.

"Humph! Picked a life!" Zhao Yuande responded coldly, not giving him face in front of so many people.

There are more and more people on the platform, and there are thousands of people in this meeting.

Zhao Yuande found the most forward position and waited silently. As soon as the light film disappeared, he rushed up first and got a token first.

I don't know how long it took, when Zhao Yuande and others were impatient, suddenly a voice rang on the platform.

"Dear testers, now a new round of tests is underway. Your task is to get a token and rush to a higher level. This time there are only 99 winners, and the rest will be Jianshan pops up, disqualified!"

Everyone's eyes were on the stone platforms, and there were tokens on them, which was their hope.

The light film disappeared at once, and Zhao Yuande jumped for the first time, as if he were a super big grasshopper. He jumped up to thousands of pieces directly and landed directly on the first stone platform.

The black dragons around the stone platform suddenly rose into the air and surrounded Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, his body glowing with light, waving his fists, and dropped a black dragon on the cliff.

He easily got the first jade card.