Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Two Roads

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It is spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of people. They sat down cross-legged, and began to move away from the soul and cross the abyss towards the mountainside.

Long Zhaoyun's raw soul is extremely powerful, almost all condensed into an entity. He glanced at Zhao Yuande's soul, and there was a trace of contempt in the corner of his mouth, and he rushed to the front.

Zhao Yuande's soul lightly pouted, seeming to be laughing at the other party.

Ninety-nine souls rushed across the abyss and appeared in a vast mountainous abdomen, inlaid with many star-like stars and stones, emitting a gleaming white light, especially a huge star in the middle of the bright moon, shining The ground is bright and clear.

There are big lakes and waves, there are rich fields of black soil, and there are a lot of low-level fierce beasts living here. It is indeed a rich land.

At this time, a group of spirits also floated in the other three directions, and quickly gathered in the center.

"The testers, now start the battle for the mountain side, and the party who finally reaches the central star will have the right to continue upward! Remember that only ten of you can reach the central star!"

An ethereal voice came from the dome, which caused all the spirits to start rushing towards the huge star in the sky.

"We are going to unite with each other, otherwise it is very likely that the other party will be scouted!" Long Zhaoyun, the leader of the horse, exclaimed loudly, so that many souls behind him would join forces with him.

"Long Zhaoyun, don't waste your energy! You can't compete with me!" One of the gods and souls across the group has condensed into an entity, like a **** of war. With a black war spear in his hand, it is You Nine Heavens.

"You Nine Heavens, don't be rampant, my gods are not weaker than you in ancient days!" There is also a spirit that condenses into an entity in the other direction. Although there are no soul soldiers in hand, it is still majestic.

"Long Zhaoyun, how are the two of us working together? We must be able to protect ourselves when we work together!" The spirit of the third party is similar to that of Long Zhaoyun. It is also very extraordinary between the virtual and the real.

Zhao Yuande quietly retreated to the back of all gods and souls at this time, quietly saving his strength.

At this time, on the side of Zhao Yuande's body, hundreds of dwarf warriors have surrounded them, and it seems to be protecting them.

However, there was indeed a grin on the sword bone patriarch's face, and he punched fiercely at a cultivator who once angered him.

"Damn tester, today I will eat you first, hey! The tester's flesh hasn't been tried in three hundred years!"

"You... dare..." There is only a trace of the soul of this cultivator, and at the same time, he did not expect that the sword bone would suddenly attack him. He just said these two words and was directly smashed by the sword bone.

"Drag away! Stew well, I will go out and enjoy it in a while!" Jian bone grinned, his big scarlet tongue sweeping across his lips.

"One is not enough, I will find another one! Find a weaker one!" The sword bone searched among the 98 people again, sweeping across the red-haired woman's bumpy body, and the corners of her mouth were full. Body, "This big fat sheep is going to stay until the end to eat, she is the best among this group of people, the most tender!"

The sword bone picked around and finally selected one, which turned out to be Zhao Yuande.

"This body is very powerful, but unfortunately the soul is in a mess, and it has no great effect on us. Let's eat and understand the greed!"

"Really?" Zhao Yuandehuo's eyes opened, his eyes burst into light.

"No...noble...ah!" Before the sword bone was finished, Zhao Yuande punched him in the head!

"He killed the patriarch and avenged the patriarch!" Hundreds of dwarf warriors suddenly rushed to the crown when they saw this scene, and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande's eyes are cold, and the flesh caused by the fist splashes. Although these fighters are strong in the realm of the field, but each one is skinny, there is no powerful combat power at all, and just a dozen breathing kung fu are all killed by Zhao Yuande. Under the fist.

He flew out of the cave, looked up at the top of his head, and found that the diaphragm above his head was gone.

He didn't delay anymore, jumped up the mountain and began to climb towards the top of the mountain quickly.

The hill was steep, and he was leaping continuously with the strength of his hands, and soon his figure disappeared into the field of vision.

At this time, the dwarves on the platform discovered the misery in the cave, and they all screamed and rushed into the cave, attacking the flesh of those people.

Although there was a trace of spirits sitting in these flesh bodies, they were also embarrassed by this siege. Fortunately, these dwarves were skinny and had little power, and they were soon destroyed by them.

In fact, they really want to thank Zhao Yuande. If Zhao Yuande didn't kill the hundreds of dwarf warriors, these people would probably be wiped out here.

The same thing happened to the caves in the other four directions. These dwarves were basically a group of cannibals, who coveted the flesh of these testers.

Fortunately, there are always strong people with the same care and attention as Zhao Yuande. Almost every cave has one or two people with stronger spirits. The spirit they left behind was not a trace, but half or half.

Even so, they all suffered heavy losses. Almost half of the spirits of the gods were annihilated, and the number of spirits of the gods was sharply reduced to one-half.

Even the strong man who wanted to join forces with Long Zhaoyun didn't escape this fate, and finally died in the hands of the dwarves. The top thirty strong men in this list died in this way.

Zhao Yuande was cautious and followed after many gods and spirits. Although his current spirit is only one-third of the spirit, he is still strong. He does not ask to be strong, but he can only enter the top ten.

Many gods and spirits compete for the chance to get close to the central star stone, and they forget to fight.

A black spear pierced back and forth among many souls, and every time a soul could be harvested, this is You Jiutian, and he was the first to climb onto the central star stone.

The central star shone, sending him away at once, not knowing where to go.

Other souls are still fighting desperately. Perhaps among these ten qualifications, some people will get the final chance, and others may get a good chance.

"Hum! Stop me from dying!" Gu Tianshen Soul is the second most powerful. His Soul condenses into a solid entity with strong power. Although there is no Soul Soldier, he punches like a wind and is invincible in this group of Souls, he rushed In the end, it also entered the scope of the central star stone.

"Kill!" Long Zhaoyun yelled, his soul is also very strong, between the virtual and the real, continuously knocked over several spirits, and rushed into the central star stone.

At this moment, Zhao Yuande glanced at an opportunity, the Tianchan clothing suddenly appeared outside the body, and rushed towards the gap that Long Zhaoyun hit.

At this time he burst out all the power at once, and successfully entered the central star stone.

As soon as he entered the central star stone, Zhao Yuande felt a warm power surrounding him, and his soul was instantly restored to its peak, and the next moment he was wrapped in white light and disappeared into this cave.