Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 364

Chapter 364: Died

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There are two possibilities, one is the death of the body, and the other is that their soul is isolated by something.

"You! Can you contact the body?" You Jiutian hurriedly asked others.

"Don't ask! We are blocked by some kind of field and can't be contacted." Zhao Yuande's voice came, and the nine spirits present were lost for a while.

Of course, they would not believe what Zhao Yuande said and tried them one by one, and it turned out that there was no connection at all.

By this time, Zhao Yuande had already caught up with them, and they were less than ten feet away from them.

"In this case, let's move forward!" You Jiutian came to the first sober and continued to move in the unknown direction. His psychological quality is indeed very strong. He adjusted his mentality at the first time, which is also the reason he can become the No. One of the seven reasons.

The other spirits also nodded and went on without saying a word.

At this time their speed has also slowed down, they feel a crisis, a crisis from the front is gradually approaching them.

In the outside world, Zhao Yuande still kept climbing to the top of the mountain. At this time, four days have passed. He has encountered many powerful beast attacks, such as a group of silver giant apes, these guys have powerful and unparalleled strength, each The blow can shake the mountain and crack the mountain continuously.

Their roar can even shatter the human eardrum, and the initial sudden attack almost caused Zhao Yuande to roll down directly.

However, at this time, he only fisted with his fist, and his figure was erratic. His fist was like a howling wind, like a light breeze, and he would always turn into a crisis at the most critical moment, and he would revolve around with the silver giant ape.

In the end, the group of silver giant apes retreated and did not fight him to the end.

Here he saw a small stone cave between the upper mountain walls. It seemed that the cave was dug by hand and was very narrow.

While he was considering whether to look in the hole, suddenly there was a rumbling noise above his head.

He looked up and found that huge stones rolled down from above, faster and faster, and the whole mountain peak was shaken violently.

Zhao Yuande rushed into the cave without thinking.

As soon as he entered the stone cave, he saw the boulders roll down outside. It was really dangerous.

"Huh! What is this?"

The stone cave is very small, just to accommodate a person, he saw a handwriting left on the stone wall.

"Later, you are as smart and wise as me, and hope that we can really get the great chance! Zhang Jiyang!"

"It's Zhang Jiyang again! Why is this guy everywhere?" Zhao Yuande was a little surprised. Last time he climbed the cliff, he encountered the hole that Zhang Jiyang had dug. This time, he encountered the hole he dug again. This has to be said. It is a great fate.

At this time, on the high nine days above, in the ethereal fairyland, the eyes of the Spiritual Emperor Emperor stared straight!

"This kid really has a destiny with me. It seems that I am going to identify this younger brother! Is it really the respect of his old man who is showing respect to his elders? Let this kid follow my footsteps all the way!"

"But I hope you can cross the last hurdle. Although I can't help you, I can give you some guidance!"

Lingxian Immortal Emperor seems to have made a certain determination, pointing a finger at the Nether Void, directly breaking through countless planes, and one finger descended into the sword territory of the South China Sea.

A white light fell from the void, just in the cave.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a flower in front of him, a thought fell into his sea of knowledge.

"Brother, it is good for you to go to the extreme north and the top of the mountains when the field is robbed!"

"Who? Who the **** are you? What do I call my brother?" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a little hairy, the master of this idea was incredible, and just a slight thought made him almost lying on the ground.

But there was no response in the void, but that sentence echoed continuously in Zhao Yuande's mind.

"The land of the extreme north, the top of the mountains? The name is so familiar, and for the bead that the big guy gave me, he also asked me to go there to the candle dragon! There will be no connection between the two!" Zhao Yuande's head turned fast, "Maybe he wanted me to ask Zhulong to help me survive the sky-tribulation?"

"Forget it, let's talk about it later!" Zhao Yuande waved these chaotic emotions, rushed out of the stone cave and continued to climb towards the top of the mountain.

"This kid really is extraordinary, and deserves to be my brother!" Emperor Lingxu touched the three strands of long beard under his jaw, showing a satisfied smile.

The time and space corridor and the outside world, Zhao Yuande has worked hard to move forward.

A month later, the space-time corridor finally saw the end, and at this time there were only four of the nine spirits, and at this time, Zhao Yuande was already far ahead.

In the outside world, Zhao Yuande also saw a vague mountain top, with a platform above the mountain top.

The center of the platform is planted with a sky-high ancient tree. The lush branches and leaves almost cover the whole sky. There are many golden fruits on the tree. Each moment is the size of a fist, covered with many mysterious Natural runes.

A month-long mountain climbing made him so powerful that he couldn't eat it. Now his body is aching, and I really want to stop and rest.

But he didn't do it. He accelerated again under his feet and sent a final sprint towards the top of the mountain.

When his body came to the top of the mountain, his soul just came out of the big tree trunk, and the two were instantly compatible. What happened on both sides of this time suddenly circulated in his heart.

He was not in a delay, his body leaped like a dexterous monkey, and began to climb the tree constantly.

" did your ontology appear here?"

Then a soul appeared, it was You Jiutian. At this time, he saw Zhao Yuande's body dashing into the tree, and he exclaimed.

"Hey! Think about it for yourself!" Zhao Yuande turned to smile at him, and his body was already covered with trees.

He carefully selected three fruits on the tree, and then continued to climb up to the top of the canopy.

Above the canopy, a huge world is connected, and a circular channel appears in front of him.

Instead of rushing into the tunnel, he took out a fruit and swallowed it in his belly.

When the fruit enters the abdomen, a terrible divine power is surging inside him, and the energy and physical strength he just lost when climbing the mountain are restored in an instant.

A moment later, he stood up energetic and jumped into the circular passage.

At this time, under the old tree, You Jiutian was still breathlessly restoring the power of the soul.

With his mind, he soon realized why Zhao Yuande's flesh appeared inside. He felt that the other party must have mastered some secrets, otherwise how could he do so!

He hated some teeth and itchy, this kid is so hateful! Was your big chance to be taken away?

He did not give up, and began to climb up the ancient tree.

At this time Gu Tian and Long Zhaoyun also appeared here one after the other. They looked at You Jiutian, but did not find Zhao Yuande's figure.

"Yu Jiutian, where did that kid go?" Long Zhaoyun's tone was a little stiff. Recently, he was so stubborn that no one had a good temper.

"Dead!" You Jiutian was hating her teeth at this time, and even more so as to go to Long Zhaoyun's breath, he immediately returned so coldly!

"Dead?" Long Zhaoyun's eyes showed a beam of joy, but he looked at You Jiutian with some doubt, and asked again, "He really died? How did he die?"

You Jiutian was too lazy to care for him, and began to climb up the tree in a huff.