Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 366

Chapter 366: Unlucky Nine Heavens

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At this time, among the crowd, the black wind was chatting with Po Tian, and Zhai Linxuan and Tao Zhen were chatting with them. Suddenly they heard someone shouting like this, and suddenly they were angry.

"That king **** is talking nonsense!" Heifeng whispered, deterring the crowd, everyone looked in this direction.

"Quick escape!" Zhai Linxuan was the most alert and calm. Seeing this situation, she spoke to the three people.

Broken sky glanced at the black wind, the brother of the heart said that this brother is a fool!

But now they are not entangled with these, headed by Po Tian, they separated the crowd and ran towards the distance.

"Mother! Black wind, you were killed!" Tao Zhen didn't know what to say, this black wind was really too good.

Heifeng also knew that he had taken a risk and hurriedly covered his mouth and followed behind the three.

It was only at this time that people reacted, and their eyes turned to the four people who were extremely hot. These people are innate spirits!

Everyone was moved at this time, and all of them hurried to Zhao Yuande.

Not far away, Ximen Yumei and Song Shuhao, who were not with Zhai Linxuan, were shocked when they saw this scene.

"Come on, we will also catch up and help the sisters to cover them!" Ximen Yumei led Song Shuhao and chased behind these people.

"Come on, Miss Hu, we are here to wait for the wine. I'm going to see if these guys can stand the chase of everyone in the swords of the South China Sea!" Long Zhaoyun even took out a jade table and placed it at In front of you, everything on the table is delicious.

"Then I would respect it better than obey!" The red-haired woman sat down with a smile, looking at the picture of a large group of strong men chasing a few people, she suddenly felt that her mood was very happy!

Since then, the four of them have gone through the days of being chased and killed by countless people.

And at this time, Zhao Yuande has been practicing next to Yutai for half a month. At this time, his mentality is very good, and the boxing of the wind fist is constantly improved. Almost he will reach that bottleneck, as long as he reaches it, he can start. Try to combine the four boxing consciousnesses to form the open sky wheel, as long as it successfully condenses into the open sky wheel, then his combat power will go to a new level, enough to be proud of that time, it can defeat the most powerful sword in the South China Sea. Nine days against the enemy.

"Zhao Yuande, congratulations you got my affirmation! Now try to refine that bead!" A voice without any emotion sounded in Zhao Yuande's knowledge of the sea, which indicates that Zhao Yuande has initially obtained the reliability of the eternal tower.

In the last life, he came here and saw these two things, but at that time he was already injured, and he began to devour the fruit here to restore his injury.

This recovery took half a month. As a result, when his body recovered, a voice rang in his ears, saying that he passed the test here!

He was stunned at the time and didn't know what was going on. Finally, he realized that the other party was testing his own mind and whether he lost a normal heart before the treasure.

He knew that if he had directly taken these two things, he would have failed directly!

Zhao Yuande had known this for a long time. At this time, his heart was extremely tranquil and joyless. He held the bead above the jade platform in the palm of his hand and began to refine it slowly.

He had experience in the last life. The refining process of this bead is actually the process of comprehension of a kind of practice among the beads. As long as you control this kind of practice, you can control the Eternal Tower as you wish.

He dived into the beads and began to slowly explore the secrets in the beads.

Suddenly a figure appeared in front of him, and began to slowly martial. This figure held a long halberd in his hand, and along with the halberd's constant martial arts, a mysterious set of halberds was displayed in front of Zhao Yuande.

His talent is very high, and he has the memory of the previous life, which not only restores the understanding of the previous life, but also realizes many things.

I don't know how long it has elapsed, his eyes wide open, as if the two gods have risen into the sky.

The two gods seemed to seduce a certain powerful existence in Mingming, and the huge peak began to shake.

"What happened over there?" In a vast forest in the distance, You Jiutian was trying to sign a contract with a powerful sacred beast in the forest, but at this time the world shook and the sacred beast suddenly came to life. With a roar, he rushed towards You Jiutian.

In the other direction, Gu Tian dived into the Great Lake and was entering a hidden place in the lake. Suddenly he felt that the earth and the earth were shaking. The bottom of the lake collapsed suddenly. Seeing that many precious holy medicines were crushed and shattered, he roared. Repeatedly.

He quickly emerged from the water and looked in the direction of the giant peak, seeing a picture that would make her life unforgettable.

The giant peak that didn't know how tall it stood up from the ground. This seems to be a majestic **** tower taller than the sky. The giant peak exposed outside is only the top section of the **** tower!

The sacred pagoda constantly rushed out from under the earth, section by section. With his imagination, he couldn't imagine how high the pagoda was.

The entire space began to collapse under the oppression of this **** tower. Gu Tian and You Jiu Tian were unable to move at this time. If someone wants to take their lives now, it is easy.

"No..." Gu Tian suddenly felt that he couldn't breathe. His whole body pressed by the **** tower began to crack, and every inch of skin was disintegrating.

At this time, You Jiutian was better. His flesh was so powerful that he began to flee toward the entrance when he came in.

Every section of the tower appears, the pressure in this world is one point higher, the last huge pressure will creep You Jiutian pressure to the ground, and cannot move at all.

"Ah!" Gu Tian shouted unwillingly, and the whole person blasted into a flesh.

At this time, You Jiutian suddenly gleamed with a brilliant blue light. This is a slap-sized small clock floating above his head. Spilling blue light helped You Jiutian resist strong pressure.


After raising the **** tower for not knowing how many floors, the little bell blasted into a piece of shatter.

"Ah!" You Jiutian almost cried out in distress, but this is a congenital spirit treasure, and even burst under the pressure of this **** tower!

There was a gray fur on his body, with a full size, draped over him, emitting a gray light to help him resist the huge pressure.

This animal skin was discovered in an ancient cave while he was traveling. It can resist the terrible attack of the Divine Emperor Realm Powerhouse, and now it can be used to help resist the pressure.

After a while, he suddenly felt the pressure in his body suddenly, this animal skin began to disintegrate continuously, which caused a turbulent wave in his heart, what level of horrible treasure this **** tower is, Chaos Spirit Treasure, Chaos Treasure?

But this time he didn't have time to think about it, and threw a golden shield again to block his body, so that the pressure disappeared.

This shield is also a top-level innate spirit treasure, but it was given to him by the ghost sect master, but he did not expect him to be oppressed to this extent.


The earth was trembling, as if it could no longer bear this terrible pressure, and it began to crack, countless mountains and rivers completely collapsed at this time, the sky dome did not know when the pagoda was stabbed out of a large cave, and a black hole was exposed. Universe starry sky.