Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 367

Chapter 367: Hunted Down

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"No!" At this time, You Jiutian seemed to see a figure dropped from the tower. This person had a big tripod above him, and there were countless silver shining on the big tripod, protecting him.

"It's this guy! He didn't succeed in getting the **** tower!" You Jiutian saw Zhao Yuande's voice appearing not far away, and suddenly he was overjoyed, and once again pulled out a bright golden leaf on top of his head, and then headed towards the tower The pagoda rushed away.

He thought to himself that since the other party did not get this huge opportunity, why not try it himself, in case it can be really obtained, there is nowhere else to go in the whole world.

Zhao Yuande's gluttonous real spirit overhead, rushed towards the entrance not far away. He saw You Jiutian's figure suddenly showing a smile on the corner of his mouth.

"You Nine Heavens! You Nine Heavens, you can go! Don't go back!" He has already been recognized by the Eternal Tower, and the Eternal Tower has become his soul soldier, but he dare not be so bright and upright. Take away, there are two powerful guys, especially the countless good things in You Jiutian, you can only count on some small tricks if you are not sure about killing him.

"Yu Jiutian, don't blame me for not telling you, even the darling who can't surrender, you are nothing!" Zhao Yuande yelled out of the previously entered channel and jumped.

"Huh! Baby has virtue according to you, you can't do it, how can I know the son I can't do it!" You Jiutian added a leaf on his head, and acted quickly, and quickly came to the front of the **** tower.

He looked up at the sky and found that two-thirds of the entire tower was exposed in the starry sky, and the remaining third was still in this big world.

In his mind, he couldn't help but sketch out how tall and magnificent this tower is!

Soon he was stunned. This **** tower was three times larger than a big world, with a total of ninety-nine floors, each of which was millions of miles in height.

While he was stunned, the tower suddenly made a rumbling sound, pulled out directly from the earth, and soared into the sky! From which huge hole directly flew into the distant starry sky!

"Ah! It's flying!" You Jiutian looked at the huge figure far away, with infinite regret in her heart.

But what he didn't find out was that while he was looking at the sky, a little golden gleam flashed from where he just pulled up from the **** tower, and instantly reached the entrance of the world.

At this time, Zhao Yuande smiled and waited at the entrance. When he saw Jin Mang flashing over, he reached out and grabbed Jin Mang in his hand. It turned out to be a small tower one inch tall, emitting golden light in his hand.

"Let's go! The task is completed!" Zhao Yuande got the Eternal Tower and jumped off the tree directly.

But at this time, outside the Jianshan, the black wind was running in front of him covered with blood. He held a **** person in his hand. This person's arm was broken, and a big hole was punched in his chest. Transparent before and after.

Behind the black wind, Zhai Linxuan's body was steaming, and her ribs were penetrated by some kind of strong spiritual treasure, leaving a dark blood stain on it, and a black light spreading on the wound, hindering her automatic recovery.

Behind the sky is the broken sky. He holds Fangtian Huaji in one hand and the wind gourd in the other, and fights with a group of strong men in the back.

He continuously killed seven or eight strong men with Fang Tianhua Halberd, and then used a wind hoist to blow out a terrible wind shame to tear three people into pieces, only to escape from this hunt.

They fled to a cave under the sea, and they took a breath out of the black wind, and began to sit and rest.

"This group of grandchildren is really against the sky, so dare to chase down the real person!" Heifeng gritted his teeth, "Come seeing that the real person will become the world and kill this group of grandsons!"

"If it weren't for Yumei and these people who helped us, I'm afraid we would have died!" Zhai Linxuan frowned at the wound under his armpit, and his voice became a little alarmed, "Yuande will not really die!"

"He... didn't... die!" Po Tian replied, "I... and..."

"Okay, let me talk!" Heifeng was almost spitting blood on the machine by a word like Potian. "There is a sense between him and the kid. The kid must be fine, otherwise he would have known it already!"

"Hoo! It's so good that he didn't die. I don't know when I will be able to get down from Jianshan!" Zhai Linxuan's face showed a yearning color. As long as Zhao Yuande appeared, they would be saved. He would take everyone to kill the Quartet!

"You... hurt..." Po Tian took the black wind in front of him and looked him up and down.

At this time, the black wind is also relatively embarrassed, but the limbs are temporarily sound, and there is no heavy injury. This is also due to the undead body that Zhao Yuande taught him, otherwise it is impossible to jump to the present.

"Don't look at me, this kid's injury is too serious, and it's impossible to lose his life!" Heifeng pointed at Tao Zhen and exclaimed, "This kid is really good, if he wasn't in front of this chick, she I'm afraid it will be torn in half."

"Hey! I'm sorry for him. At that time I..." Zhai Linxuan had guilt on her face. In fact, she could remove the defense of Tianchan Moon Palace at that time, but unfortunately Tao Zhen didn't know that she came up to block her blow.

Although it is not fatal, it tears one arm apart. If there is no holy medicine against the sky, I am afraid it is not easy to handle.

"Now it's not good to say anything! First hide him in your Tianchan Moon Palace!" Heifeng couldn't help but sigh, knowing the treasure of Tianchan Moon Palace, "Unfortunately all the elixir is used up!"

"Wait...I...blood!" Po Tian cut her mouth lightly with her euphorbia and dripped a few drops of bright red agate-like blood into Tao Zhen's mouth.

As soon as the blood entered Tao Zhen's mouth, a powerful vitality burst out, and the injuries on his body slowly healed. This is the powerful role of the essence blood of the Divine Beast.

"This blood is so good!" Heifeng's eyes were bright, and he stepped forward to push his shoulders over the sky. "Hey! Let me take a few sips, and my body is very weak!"

"Go!" The sky broke him.

"Okay, this time, there are still troubles!" Zhai Linxuan sent Tao Zhen into the space of Tianchan Moon Palace.

Although there is space in the Tianchan Moon Palace, but the capacity is very small, although it can live a living person, but it does not have the slightest aura. For a short time, it is good. I am afraid that there will be problems in the long time.

"Hurry up and treat your injury!" Heifeng looked at the black under Zhai Linxuan's ribs, and immediately frowned. "That dead girl is so ruthless, she has a congenital spirit treasure, this baby has a terrible Mosha Qi is not easy to be expelled!"

"I don't have much confidence, I can only boil it slowly!" Zhai Linxuan frowned slightly, and under the ribs produced huge pain all the time, so she could not help but want to cry.

"Hey! Forget it!" Heifeng took a chance to make a decision all at once. "I'll teach you the immortal skills, but after seeing the kid, you must speak for me!"

"Undead body! By the way... Undead body!" Zhai Linxuan showed a surprise on his face, "I will also practice the undead body, these days have no time to practice, now try to practice !"

"It turns out that you too! I said that the boss can't take care of this! Come and break the sky, you come and learn from me!" Fortunately, the black wind directly gave the undead body to Po Tian.

Po Tian's physical body can almost contend with Zhao Yuande. This cultivation of immortal body directly cultivated to the second stage. The broken limb was reborn, so that the black wind could not help but grin. This guy is worthy of the descendant of the Divine Beast!

Zhai Linxuan's physical body is slightly worse, but her understanding is good, and her cultivation base is solid, and she also suddenly entered the door.

Those black rays are being expelled by powerful spiritual power, the wounds are constantly recovering, and they will heal in less time.