Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 368

Chapter 368: Dog Guts

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Just as the three men rested, suddenly there was a roar outside, and a golden light flew into the underwater cave and exploded not far away.

"Here, they are here!" Suddenly I heard someone shouting outside, but it was the chasers who found them again.

"I rely on! These grandchildren, I fight with them!" The black wind burst into rage and carried the wind gourd out of the cave.

There were seven or eight cultivators watching in the village outside, only to see a huge black wind dragon rush out of the cave, and a few people were suddenly broken into pieces, and a large piece of blood stained the entire lake.

At the same time, the voices of these people also attracted a large number of strong men, and surrounded them here.

Po Tian and Zhai Linxuan were afraid of Black Wind's accident and hurried out to follow behind Black Wind.

As soon as they were above the water, they saw a large group of cultivators surrounding them, among them Long Zhaoyun and the red-haired woman.

"I am really fighting with you, today is not your death, you are also dying!" Seeing this situation, the three men of the black wind knew that they would not be able to rush out today if they did not desperately. .

The black wind carried the wind gourd in hand, spit out a large wind wind, turned into a black dragon, and rushed towards the crowd.

"Quick! Avoid, these things can't be defeated by the Black Wind!" Someone had seen the Black Wind used before, and immediately started to remind.

None of the people in front of me was a fool. When I heard this, I immediately broke up with a hula and let the three out.

The man Zhai Linxuan was holding the Tianchan Moon Palace for defense. A hazy brilliance enveloped the bodies of the three people, causing many spells and weapons to hit him and ripples.

The breaking of the sky is the wave of Fang Tianhua's halberd, and the crowd rushing to the side continuously rushes up, and in just a dozen breaths, seven or eight people died under his Fangtian halberd.

"Give me a chance to catch them, a congenital spirit treasure!" The red-haired woman's face was almost distorted in excitement, directing countless practitioners to chase them down.

A smile also appeared on Long Zhaoyun's face, and he wanted to watch these people go out of their way.

"Give me a careful follower, look at the opportunity to grab them and we will send them!" The three of the infinite world hidden among people are also grinning, especially Feng Wuji's terrible distorted face at this time. He was humiliated by Zhao Yuande and can now be recovered from his friends.

"Second brother, I want to make that woman's face flower, I want her to taste the pain!" Feng Tianyi eyes blood red, looking at Zhai Linxuan, she feels that she is the proud daughter of the sky, feels that she is higher than Zhai Linxuan In the first class, she will insult each other.

"You are all careful, but the woman has a congenital spirit treasure called Tianchan Moon Palace. It has amazing defense power, and the most important thing is not easy to shoot!" Feng Wuhai is relatively calm and observes things very carefully.

At this time, in the other direction of the crowd, there are seven or eight demon clan strongmen walking together.

These demon tribes include South Sea demon tribes and underground demon tribes. They looked at the black wind trio in front of them at the same time with green eyes.

"Brother Shui, it's a pity that the Miss Water Dance of your family didn't come, otherwise our two families will not fall to such a point!" A yellow-haired bear demon looked at a water-like man beside him and complained in a low voice. Road.

"Brother Xiong, the elder sister is retreating, otherwise how could they be crushed and beaten by these humans!" The man who entered the water was a jellyfish demon, although he did not show the mountains and dew, but his combat effectiveness was not weak.

"Unfortunately, the young masters of the Qilin family and the young masters of the earth dragon family of our underground demon are also invited to the Wanjie City, otherwise..." Bear Demon also showed unwillingness.

"The two of you are still chatting, and you have quickly stared at these three fat sheep, and took the time to take them directly. The innate Lingbao is rare even if it is the ancestor!" A killer whale demon is this group of people He is staring at the gourd in the hands of Heifeng, and his eyes are greedy, "I don't know where the white sharks are now ambushing, it's best to blow them all!"

At this time, not far from the Black Wind, a figure beckoned to them.

At a glance, Heifeng saw that this person was Zhou Hao, who had taken them away a few days ago, and several other Zhou family members. There were many disciples of Water God Palace and Wan Shengzong beside Zhou Hao, all of whom were quietly hiding in the jungle. , Waiting to rescue them.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was rushing down from Jianshan in excitement. He was hiding in the Eternal Tower, which was more than a hundred times faster than when he went up the mountain. However, in just a few hours, he had appeared at the foot of Jianshan.

But seeing that there is no one under the sword, I can't help but be curious. Has it been too long for me to miss the time to go out?

He entered the Ninth City aimlessly, and just saw a cultivator who wanted to go up and ask him where he was.

The man looked at him strangely and said, " are Zhao Da...Zhao Yuande? Are you dead?"

"You're dead, Lao Tzu is very good!" Zhao Yuande obviously heard something in his words, and couldn't help but think of something at once, and anxiously lifted this person up, "Who said I died?" ? What happened to these days?"

"Yes... It's the news from Long Zhaoyun that you are dead! He is now chasing your friends with many strong men!" The man's face was flushed with blush.

"Dog gallbladder! Really dog gallbladder! Long Zhaoyun you are looking for death!" Zhao Yuande was furious and looked at this humane with a terrible name, "Where are they now? Say!"

"Ok... It seems to be near the eighth island, go quickly! Otherwise it may be too late!" The man was close to suffocation, but he still dared not talk nonsense.

"Kill! Long Zhaoyun, I'm going to smash you corpses!" Zhao Yuande summoned the Eternal Tower directly, his figure flashed into it, and rushed to the eighth island at an incredible speed.

At this time, he disguised the Eternal Tower as a huge flying boat and flew into the sky, otherwise You Jiutian could be exposed.

The eternal tower is ever-changing, any state can be simulated, powerful mess!

Under the swiftness of the Eternal Tower, the Eighth Island arrived in a blink of an eye. At this moment, he looked down from the sky, and he found that a large group of cultivators were surrounding a dozen people at this time and was launching a terrible attack.

At this time, the black wind urged the wind hoist in the hand to spit out the black wind wind, which made many people unwilling to move forward. His body was ragged, and one leg had lost half of his leg at this time, exposing the white bones, one side His scapula was also crushed, and a sharp arrow was now inserted in his lower abdomen. If it were not for an undead body, then he had become a corpse.

Breaking the sky and moving Fangtian Huaji has been surrounded by many strong men at this time. There is a particularly powerful giant who is fighting against him. Although the giant is not as good as him, but plus a dozen powerful men around him Demon Race, at this time, breaking the sky has fallen into a downwind.

A group of people in Zhou Hao's Water Palace and Ten Thousand Palaces were also besieged by a large group of practitioners at the same time. Their number continued to decrease. Ximen Yumei was also full of color at this time. She and Song Shuhao were not concerned by everyone, otherwise they would have been beaten. killed.

"Surround the woman, take him to me and take it down!" A red-haired woman urged a black whip in her hand to attack Zhai Linxuan continuously, Zhai Linxuan left the right block, if it hadn't been Tianchan Yuegong already won Too.


Suddenly a big bell fell from the sky and hit the Tianchan Moon Palace fiercely, and the two struck a trembling roar.