Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 369

Chapter 369: Out Of Nowhere

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This big clock is obviously also an innate spirit treasure, and its power does not seem to be weaker than Tianchan Moon Palace.

After the two collided, the Tianchan Yuegong above her head flew out suddenly. Zhai Linxuan spouted a blood arrow, her face suddenly turned pale. At this time, many attacks did not block the Tianchan Yuegong, and all greeted her at once. Body.

Her body flew out, dozens of feet away, and fell to the ground, her face pale.

All of her body was covered with blood, and most of them had penetrating injuries. She had already won the serious injury. If there was an undead body running at this moment, she might have passed out.

"Haha! The bitch, finally took you down!" The woman in red laughed grimly, took the Tianchan Moon Palace, and rushed towards Zhai Linxuan. The scary black whip in her hand was like a viper. Zhai Lin's face drawn.

"Don't hurt my sister!" There was a voice from the side, and Song Shuhao appeared in front of Zhai Linxuan, blocking the whip from the slam.


This whip is an innate spirit treasure. The attack is powerful and contains a terrible evil spirit. The spirit in it is extremely vicious. This whip directly flies out the figure, and a long whip mark appears on this People.

This person was almost drawn in half!

"Hey! Even more people can't save you. You will be tortured to death today!" The red-haired woman stepped closer to Zhai Linxuan with a terrifying light in her eyes.

The whip in the hand of the red-haired woman was pumped towards Zhai Linxuan again, and the woman directly pumped viciously towards Zhai Linxuan's face, trying to ruin her appearance!

Zhao Yuande was seeing this vicious woman starting her hand at Zhai Linxuan. Her chest was about to explode. The blood in her body was rolling, and her eyes were even more shocking.

"You are so brave!"

Suddenly there was a thunderous thunder in the sky, Zhao Yuande's eyebrows were suddenly opened, and a golden electric blast shot from his eyebrows, assaulting the red-haired woman.

Although the red-haired woman has strong protection, she still feels a more terrible crisis.

If she still insists on injuring Zhai Linxuan in this matter, she may be directly killed by this terrible beam, so she can only retreat temporarily, and she refuses to avoid it.

At this time, countless people heard Zhao Yuande's shouting and immediately looked up at the sky.

They only saw a person wrapped in blood, holding a euphorbia and falling like a **** from the sky. Like a meteorite falling to the ground, a huge momentum swept across the ground, causing countless people who were lowered to tremble.

"Boy! You are finally here!" Black Wind burst into tears at this moment, and Zhao Yuande descended from the sky like a devil, making Black Wind seem to be stimulant at once.

"Aoao! You group of bunnies, the real person will tear you to pieces today!" He infused all the only spiritual power in his body into the wind gourd crazy, vigorously urged.

Suddenly the black wind raged, swept across the small half of the sky, dozens of people did not have time to retreat, was swept by the wind, and was suddenly torn into pieces.

There was even more excitement among the broken eyes, and the Fangtian painting halberd in his hand was moving like a mountain. At this time, although he was a little exhausted, if he really fought his life, it was absolutely terrible.

Zhou Hao and a group of people were even more enthusiastic. They originally thought that Zhao Yuande was dead. Unexpectedly, he actually fell from the sky and came alive in front of them. At this time, they had the urge to cry.

Shou Deyun sees the moon and sees the moon, and there is nowhere to die

"He...he is...Zhao Dakeng! He's not dead yet!" Someone saw Zhao Yuande's face clearly at this time, and suddenly screamed in spirit, "He's coming, let's run away!"

This sound made everyone's eyes widened in horror at this time. Many of them had seen Zhao Yuande's terrible means. They didn't even think about it and fled directly.

The rest of the people have already subsided, and they have plans to leave.

"Don't run! You are just a person, there is nothing terrible! There are so many people on our side, and Master Longzhao Yunlong is sitting in the town. Everyone goes to round him up and kill him. He must have got a great baby on Jianshan! "The red-haired woman saw that the scene was a mess. Many people were fleeing. The military heart was even more chaotic, and they could not help shouting.

"Yes! He is only one person, we have so many people, afraid of what he did? Kill him to seize his chance!" The man of the undersea demon who fought against the sky, also followed the roar, someone just escaped, His pressure suddenly increased.

"Kill Zhao Dakeng! Whoever can get the treasures on him will be able to fly into the sky!" A man behind the woman in red is also eager to echo, he is a fanatical pursuit of the woman in red.

"Kill Zhao Dakeng!"

"kill him!"

Many people at this time looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes no longer fear, but flashed a greedy light.

They swarmed in the direction of Zhao Yuande and shouted to kill the sky.

Zhao Yuande had already rushed to Zhai Linxuan at this time, and immediately sent her to the other side of the world. His eyes turned to the red-haired woman.

"Today you will die!" Zhao Yuande's eyes flashed a terrible light, staring deadly at the red-haired woman. The woman's viciousness made people point out that today he will let her grieve to death!

The red-haired woman was stared at, with a hint of cowardice in her eyes, her body constantly receding, trying to retreat into the crowd behind her.


Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, the euphorbia in his hand emptied him, and the whole person and euphorbia instantly merged into a golden dragon into the sky, directly rushed to the woman in red.

This speed has basically reached a limit, the human eye can't distinguish it, and almost all can catch up with the teleport.

"You..." The woman of Hongfan suddenly felt a terrifying and terrible breath locking herself, as if a huge sickle had been placed on her neck, and she felt that death was calling.

The woman's body glowed, and a ring of gods surrounded her, and she threw the Tianchan Yuegong in her hand towards the flying golden dragon.

The Tianchan Moon Palace has not been refined and cannot be used at all, so throwing it directly is the most useful.

A dragon claw in the depths of the golden dragon directly grasped Tianchan Yuegong in his hand, and the golden dragon's speed was still attacking the red-haired woman.

At this time, the red-haired woman had almost retreated into the crowd. The crowd was swept by the Golden Dragon, and each one was directly torn into pieces by the terrible force. The scene of the **** rain was very terrifying.

"I'm fighting with you!" The red-haired woman took out a golden jade rune and had to squeeze it to pieces, but at this moment, the golden dragon had appeared in front of her.

The woman in red only felt that her arm was cold, half her arm was torn by the Golden Dragon, and that piece of jade was already torn by the terrible power, but it did not explode.

"Ah! My hands!" the red-haired woman screamed, and her face was already twisted in pain!

"Not just hands!"

The golden light swept the hands and feet of the red-haired woman in the sky, and even half of her face was shattered by terrible power, leaving only a **** body lying on the ground, howling and painful!