Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Black Bear

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Half a day later, Zhao Yuande walked out of the hall with some fatigue, and a jade card with flowers carved in his hand.

This is the token of Dan Feng's disciple. With the token, you can get a cave house of your own from Deacon Zongmen and get the supply of Zongmen every month.

"This master is really a lunatic. If it wasn't for me to pretend to have a recurrence of old injuries, he didn't know when I would be identified." Zhao Yuande remembered that he had cramps in his calves almost for a long time. This cheap master seems to be He got his favorite toy, a kind of panacea and a kind of panacea. He really smelled it, and he was really reincarnated as a **** dog.

"Hey, this is the Elixir Garden! A lot of Elixirs..." Zhao Yuande's eyes looked at the mountain next to Danfeng, where the aura, the steaming clouds, and the seven-colored treasures shone in the spirit fields everywhere, just like a fairyland. .

"Hey! Boy, what are you looking at, could you think of my "medicine peak" stealing elixir?" While Zhao Yuande's eyes were shining, a hard voice rang in his ears.

Suddenly he felt that his eyes were black, and a tall black bear was standing in front of him. His small eyes looked at him badly, and his pupils showed a cold threat.

"Fifth-order vigorous demon bear, the relic of the ancient demon god, in the weak, the flesh contains a lot of spiritual power, the flesh is delicate and smooth... high-end ingredients, matching recipe 1, "vigorous bear palm", food can grow 30% strength, ingredients list ...Match recipe 2,'bear brain soup'...match recipe 3, bear root..."

"It turned out to be the Devil Bear! I really didn't expect to see this cherished species here. If it grows up, it is absolutely terrible! But why is he weak?" Zhao Yuande was shocked when he saw the result.

But what shocked him more was the bear's powerful medicinal properties, if he could eat it...

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but licked his lips greedily, and his eyes looked up at the giant bear three feet tall unconsciously.

There are four bear paws. Wouldnt it be possible for me to grow 90% if I eat three? That is the power of nearly 200,000 catties!

Although there is only one bear brain, but the amount is sufficient, it should be no problem to eat three times!

As for Xiong Gen... Zhao Yuande couldn't help but look between the black bear's legs.

I rely on...

The black bear only felt that the little disciple's eyes in front of him seemed to have a knife. When he saw himself, he seemed to have been dug out of a piece of meat, when the other party's eyes looked at his greedily...

"Absolutely a hard dish!" Zhao Yuande's voice seemed to have a magical power, as if the awl penetrated the black bear's ears, scaring the black bear to tremble.


The black bear subconsciously stepped up on the thick black legs with thick hair, screamed in horror, and turned away.

"It's a pity!" Zhao Yuande looked at the tall figure and couldn't help but lick his lips. This guy is equivalent to three dishes. As long as he eats it, his strength will inevitably increase by one grade.

However, it seems that I can't beat each other!

Fifth-order beast, it is already comparable to half of the power of Yin and Yang, and its current strength is really not enough for the other party to slap.

It seems that I still have to work hard to improve my strength first!

He shook his head away from Yaofeng and found the deacon hall of Huoyunzong all the way.

This is the place where the deacons arranged ordinary sect affairs. Looking at the inner disciples wearing black costumes coming and going in the hall, he couldn't help but feel some emotion.

As soon as he entered the sect, he was only able to struggle here outside.

It wasn't until one year later that Zongmen's comparison made him stand out, slammed into the inner door all the way, and became an elite disciple.

He has come back in this life. He has been more than a year away from his previous life, and he is more worthy of Taoism and horror. He believes that his achievements will only be higher than his previous life.

"This brother, what can I do for you?" Just when Zhao Yuande was caught in his memories, a gentle female voice interrupted him.

He looked up and saw a beautiful middle-aged woman standing in front of her. She was about thirty years old, wearing a yellow dress representing elite disciples.

"Sister, I am Zhao Yuande, a disciple of Dan Feng. I want to come here to receive the Dongfu and Zongmen supplies." Zhao Yuande finished handing the master to him the jade symbol.

"Dan Feng? Zhao Yuande?" The middle-aged beautiful woman carefully looked at Zhao Yuande up and down, shocked, "Are you the Zhao Yuande Chaos sacred body that activated the Huoyun Monument?"

"It's the younger brother." Zhao Yuande already knew from the other person's eyes that his name had spread throughout the Huoyunzong, and it seemed impossible for him to want to be a low-key person in the future.

"Brother Zhao, this is Feng Qinwu of Qing Luofeng." When the beautiful woman heard the affirmative answer, her face suddenly showed a happy look, and she beckoned enthusiastically to him, "Brother, please follow me! Then, as long as you see your younger brother, take it to the deacon elder."

The two crossed the deacon hall and entered a secluded courtyard.

"Brother Zhao, Elder Feng's least favorite disciple of Zhang Yang, you must show some humility." The beautiful woman Feng Qinwu explained to him enthusiastically along the way, and came to the quiet courtyard, she stopped and let Zhao Yuande Enter alone.

Although Zhao Yuande knew that the other party was deliberately making friends with himself, he still nodded gratefully at the other party and walked into the courtyard.

A green bamboo forest is planted in the courtyard. A stone table is placed beside the bamboo forest. A white-haired and white-bearded old man beside the stone table is drinking tea.

Zhao Yuande had seen this in his last life and knew that he was an elder who did not like to fight for power.

"The younger generation has seen Uncle Feng!" Zhao Yuande respectfully saluted, not humble or overbearing, "I don't know why Uncle Shi let his disciples come?"

Uncle Feng with white hair and white beard raised his head, a pair of eyes swept around him like a sharp knife, giving him a strange feeling that his whole body was scraped by the scraper.

"Well! Sure enough, it is a chaotic sacred body. However, in the early stage of the **** sea realm, you already have a powerful body comparable to the late stage of the Lingtai pregnancy divine realm, but your shortcomings are also obvious. Your own spiritual power is only equivalent to those of the same level of cultivation! So your combat power is now invincible in Lingtai Pregnancy and Divine Realm!" After reading Uncle Feng, he praised again and again, even looking at Zhao Yuande's current situation. .

"Master Uncle has praised!" Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart, and on the surface was even more courteous, "Don't dare to be called invincible in Lingtai's pregnancy, the powerful constitution in this vast world of the East Emperor is beyond countless, countless big The genius of the family's snow is even more numerous, and I dare not say that I am invincible with the realm."

Although Zhao Yuande's remarks were a little too modest, it was not true.

In this world, there are many powerful clan families that have been passed down for tens of thousands of years, or even hundreds of thousands of years. They have extremely powerful heritage, and the ancient blood of the invincible world is spread among these clan families.

No one dares to conclude that there are no evil spirits in that ancient family, but that these families do not often move around in the world, and their legends do not appear in the world.

"Very good! Very good!" Uncle Feng's eyes shot a strange light, Zhao Yuande's dare didn't dare to open his eyes, he stood up and looked at Zhao Yuande with satisfaction, "Not arrogant, impatient, know how deep, even if you can't break through The combination of yin and yang will inevitably surpass all Chaos Eucharist in ancient times!"

"Come with me!" Uncle Feng beckoned to him and turned into the bamboo forest.