Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 370

Chapter 370: He Actually Lied To Me

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Many people's faces suddenly changed, and this one was too vicious and terrible!

At this time, everyone felt retreat again. They felt that the person in front of them was like a terrible devil, which made them afraid.

"Don't you want the chance on me? Come on!" Zhao Yuande drove the euphorbia into a golden dragon, and rushed on the battlefield.

Po Tian's opponent, the man of the Nanhai demon clan only felt that the golden light of the eye circle was raging, and was torn apart by the golden light before he could react. Po Tian lost this powerful opponent, and immediately launched his hands and feet and began to kill the Quartet.

Jin Guang swept again, and in front of the Black Wind, directly throwing him to the other side of the world.

"Escape! He is a demon, a devil, and we can't be his opponent at all!" Someone was so scared that he was almost incontinent.

Countless people turned around and fled. They didn't dare to fight anymore. Soon there was silence in the battlefield, and there was only waves not far away.

At this moment, not far away, Long Zhaoyun was looking at Zhao Yuande with a shocked expression on his face, and his face changed again and again.

"No... it's impossible, isn't he dead?" Long Zhaoyun whispered, unwilling to believe that this is the truth, "You Jiutian even lied to me, he deceived me..."

"Everyone is all right!" Seeing that the strong enemy had retreated, Zhao Yuande came to the crowd.

"Brother, he..." Ximen Yumei's eyes were standing in front of Song Shuhao, and Song Shuhao's body was broken, leaving only one breath.

"It's okay! There is me!" Zhao Yuande leaned over, and the vital energy in his body poured into Song Shuhao's body. He mobilized the undead tree in the blood sea and sent a trace of undead essence into the other party's body.

Song Hao's face became more and more ruddy, and the broken wounds on his body gradually began to heal.

"Okay, his life is intact! It only takes a few days of rest to heal!" Zhao Yuande looked at Ximen Yumei with a smile. He felt that there might be some subtleties between this woman and Song Shuhao because of this relationship. Variety.

"Everyone, the grace of today Zhao Yuande is in my mind, if you come to my place of Zhao Yuande in the future, you only need to speak, and die!" Zhao Yuande looked at the people who came to help the other side. And some injuries are serious.

"Brother Zhao is polite, this is what we deserve!" The owner naturally dared not make a contribution, and smiled at Zhao Yuande one after another. He could get this kind of promise from Zhao Yuande. Unable to get promoted, just find Zhao Yuande!

"What about this woman?" Someone pointed to the red-haired woman who was wringing and wailing on the ground.

"Kill it!" Zhao Yuande beckoned to the sky.

Po Tian's foot without mercy exploded on the head of the red-haired woman and ended the dirty life.

"Everyone is here to rest for a while, I will go after the murderer, and wait for me to come back and make a big meal for everyone, to ensure that everyone benefits for life!" Long Zhaoyun, the mastermind, has not been killed, which keeps him hidden in his chest. And an evil fire.

"We saw Long Zhaoyun appeared in that direction before the war!" Someone pointed in one direction.

"I'm going to kill him! Everyone will clean here and wait for me to come back!" Zhao Yuande drove the euphorbia away and ignored the pressure that the South China Sea sword could not fly.

"Brother Zhao is super god!" Someone showed a look of worship in his eyes.

"Brother Zhao's fighting power can already compete with many celestial beings in the world. If he can really kill Long Zhaoyun this time, he can directly become the top 30 in the list!"

"He is only a combination of yin and yang! Wouldn't he be able to compete for the top ten if he could be promoted to the realm?"

"It's a pity! It's a pity! A hurdle of the Chaos Eucharist, I hope Brother Zhao can get through it, then those of us can raise our eyebrows!"


Many people looked at Zhao Yuande's distant figure and couldn't help but have a long, fascinating look. They felt that the other party was like a dragon flying in the sky for nine days, and these people were mortals.

The speed of Zhao Yuande at this time has far surpassed the past. The power of the Forever Tower simply exceeds the imagination of ordinary people. This increase in speed is only a small welfare.

Soon he saw the sea below, a person was running towards the ninth city, this person is Long Zhaoyun.

"Long Zhaoyun, don't run away!" Zhao Yuande's body fell and blocked in front of Long Zhaoyun.

"You... don't deceive people too much!" Long Zhaoyun just saw Zhao Yuande's horrifying performance. He felt that he had no assurance that he could beat the other party.

"Hum! Long Zhaoyun, are you kidding?" Zhao Yuande grinned. "You are instigating someone to chase down my friend, my woman, and now I fail to say that I am bullying too much. Does your brain have shit? what!"

"You... don't think I'm afraid of you and make me angry, and I will fight with you today!" Long Zhaoyun is the 23rd in the list of people, and is favored by many people in Wanjie, and many big forces are attracted. He, even many emperors, were very kind to him. He had been so insulted by people, and now he was angry and angry.

"Come on! Either you died or I died today!" Zhao Yuande's halberd pointed straight at Long Zhaoyun's brow.

Long Zhaoyun's eyebrows suddenly felt a tingle of pain, and he instantly felt that if he really fought the person opposite today, he might die here.

But now it's too late to go. The other party seems to have acquired a great treasure in the big world on Jianshan. The speed is obviously faster than himself. He can't escape even if he wants to escape. This is forcing himself to fight a death battle!


Long Zhaoyun and Sun Jian made a decision. A brilliant sword appeared in his hand, and he rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

It turned out to be a battle against the backwaters, and Long Zhaoyun had no intention of keeping his hands, and took out his most powerful weapon, the Panlong Sword.

Zhao Yuande urged the euphorbia to collide with Long Zhaoyun.

Both are Xeons. Although their differences are very large, their combat effectiveness is very small. If it is not the eternal tower in Zhao Yuandes hands, it is not easy for him to kill Long Zhaoyun. The strongest disciple of a superpower must have more than one life-saving means.

But now that he has the Eternal Tower, all means will become weak.

The Panlong sword and the euphorbia collided together, and soon there was a burst of wailing sounds. The level difference was too large. A blade-sized gap appeared on the blade front, and the sword was even covered. gap.

After the two men fought for more than ten breaths, Panlong Sword finally couldn't hold it, and it broke with a clatter.

"Ah! My Panlong Sword!" Long Zhaoyun's face was blood-red. Panlong Sword was his famous weapon. With him going through many winds and rains, it is now broken like this. How can he not be distressed.

"It's your turn soon!" Zhao Yuande's face was cold and ruthless. The other party must die here today. This is an confession to many brothers who died in this battle. This also represents his anger, which is to everyone Show his attitude, as long as it provokes me to Zhao Yuande's head, even if it is the strong man in the list, I will still kill it!


Long Zhaoyun's complexion turned black. After he became famous, this was the most embarrassing battle. Even in the face of You Jiutian, he didn't have such a feeling of powerlessness.