Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 372

Chapter 372: Kill The Chicken

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"Humph! You Jiu Tian can't save you!" Zhao Yuande speeded up sharply, tens of miles in a flash, and suddenly appeared behind Long Zhaoyun. The euphorbia pierced directly towards his back.

"You can't kill me!" Tianyin soft water appeared again, blocking the euphorbia.

"Really? You haven't seen me this! Fist of earth!"

Zhao Yuande suddenly slammed his fist, and a huge attraction came from his fist. Long Zhaoyun felt his body seemed to lose control at once, and flew towards Zhao Yuande.

"not good!"

Long Zhaoyun's face changed drastically, and he hurriedly ran his own field, suddenly separating that suction from himself, and then his body regained his autonomy.

But this time a big hand directly penetrated his neck and directly grabbed his shoulder.

"Come over here!" Zhao Yuande looked at Long Zhaoyun indifferently before him, and the terrifying thunder force instantly penetrated into his body, so that his spiritual power was chaotic, and he suddenly lost his ability to resist.

"I fight with you!" Long Zhaoyun's eyebrows glowed, and a black soul rushed out of his eyebrows and rushed towards Zhao Yuande's eyebrows.

"I really don't know how to live or die!" Zhao Yuande flew out of his eyebrows a little man wearing a toad, and punched him with a fist towards the black soul.

"Ah!" Long Zhaoyun's soul was punched back into the sea by a villain.

"You... your soul is so powerful!" Long Zhaoyun no longer had the means to fight back, lost his power against Zhao Yuande, and became his prisoner.

"You just claim to be the 23rd place in the list?" Zhao Yuan looked at Long Zhaoyun, who was head-to-head and laughed.

"If you want to kill, kill, don't be wordy!" Long Zhaoyun also suffocated. Since it fell into the hands of Zhao Yuande, you love it.

"It's cheap to kill you. I'll use you to deter the Quartet. I want to kill you in front of countless people to let everyone know that this is the end to deal with me Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande no longer talks with him. He lifted his neck directly and flew back.

But at this time his voice was constantly wearing everywhere.

"Everyone under siege just now, please come to the battlefield just now to gather. Those who come will be exempted from the siege. If you don't come, you will be caught and killed without amnesty!

Those who had fled had not yet fled, and naturally heard the call of Zhao Yuande.

"This Zhao Yuande wouldn't be fooling us in the past to die!" Some people didn't look good, thinking that Zhao Yuande was setting up a bureau.

"It's possible, let's escape quickly!" Someone echoed.

"Escape! Where to escape? Can I escape the first day and escape fifteen? After a few days Jianyu reopened, he blocked the exit, and none of us could go!" Some people scolded.

"I heard that although Zhao Yuande is very cruel, he always counts his words. Since he said that, let's take a look. Anyway, it's all dead, it's better to fight his character!"

"Yes! Go and see, maybe it will forgive us. To know that we belong to too many forces, he does not want to provoke so many people at the same time!" Some people are very good at analyzing, and everyone who said said nodded.


Soon Zhao Yuande returned to the place where he had just fought, and in the presence of everyone, Long Zhaoyun was thrown **** the ground.

"Humph! I'll deal with you later!" Zhao Yuande beckoned to everyone. "You guys come over and help me pick up these materials. Let's wait while we eat!"

Zhao Yuande took out some huge frozen beast corpses from the space.

When everyone heard this, they all gathered around and began to dismember the bodies of these beasts in an orderly manner.

They are all strong players who often practice abroad, and they all use fierce beasts as food in the wilderness. Solving this little thing is the best.

At this time, the black wind in the space has also recovered, and he directly dragged it out of the other side of the world.

The situation of Zhai Linxuan was not as good as the black wind. At this time, she was arranged in a room by Li Rushuang and was taken care of by Zhao Yuande's mother and Su Yusi, who had become grandma.

"This stupid boy really can get rid of flowers and grass, so the marked beauty is scourge by him again!" Su Yusi looked at Zhai Linxuan on the bed, her mouth beeping, she was still very young at this time, she didn't talk at all Taking into account the face of his good granddaughter.

"Grandma, how can you say that Yuande is your great-grandson!" Jiang Yilin looked at this young grandma with a weird look and found that she really didn't know if this grandma was lucky or unfortunate.

"Cough... I say good-granddaughter, I'm really not accustomed to it. Although you look like me, but you are so old, you call me grandma, I really..." Su Yusi's face was unnatural, let alone Anyone in your twenties who is called your grandma by your forty will also find it awkward.


Outside, at this time, Zhao Yuande had put the gluttonous true spirit tripod on the ground, stuffed a huge giant dragon with a length of a hundred feet into it, put various materials in it, and began to cook!

There can be huge space in the gluttonous true spirit tripod, not to mention a dragon, even a hundred dragons can cook together.

Many strong men besieging Zhao Yuande also came here at this time, standing in the distance and daring not to approach.

Zhao Yuande looks at the people, and should be able to spread this matter to all realms.

He mentioned Long Zhaoyun, who was like a dead dog, and walked towards these people.

"Since you are here, I am not Zhao Yuande who speaks innumerably. Our previous affairs will be cancelled!" Zhao Yuande glanced at these people, although some of them made his heart angry, such as the underground demon clan, such as the wind Three brothers and sisters, he wanted to get rid of these people, but since he said that, he would not move them for the time being.

When everyone heard it, their faces suddenly showed relief, and most of them secretly decided to never provoke this terrible guy.

"Everyone knows this person!" Zhao Yuande showed Long Zhaoyun in his hand to everyone.

"He is...Long Zhaoyun!" someone exclaimed suddenly.

Long Zhaoyun's prestige almost knows all over the world, but he is the 23rd person on the list, one of the world's brightest young people!

Such a brilliant person is now being pinched by the neck like a dead dog. This strong contrast makes everyone stunned for a long time.

Many people had hatred for Zhao Yuande in their hearts, but now they dont dare to fight against him at first glance. This is basically a desperate opponent. Even such a brilliant person has been defeated so thoroughly. Wouldnt they just go to death if they went against him again?

However, some people still disagree, such as the three siblings of the Feng family.

Although Zhao Yuande is very powerful now, he is a Chaos Eucharist. As Lei Zhenyi said, Cheng Ye Chaos Eucharist is also defeated.