Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 373

Chapter 373: How Much Is Your Face Worth

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His achievements in this life stop here, and they can still grow until they reach the emperor realm, or even the realm of the **** emperor. Looking at Zhao Yuande, it is just a weak ants.

They have absolute confidence to surpass this state in the future, so they are not intimidated by Zhao Yuande!

"Yes, this is Long Zhaoyun, Long Zhaoyun, the 23rd in the Wanjie people list!" Zhao Yuande looked around and continued, "This person gathers everyone to spread the news of my death, besieging my friends and relatives, today I He will be here to rectify the Fa! I want everyone in the world to know that as long as they provoke my friends and relatives of Zhao Yuande, no matter who they are, they will have to pay the price of blood!"

"What! You are going to kill Long Zhaoyun!" Ximen Yumei exclaimed in disbelief. "He is the arrogant of the Holy Feather World, and if he kills him, the Holy Feather World will be with you endlessly!"

"Yes! Brother Zhao, you need three or four!" Some people around me persuaded, "This person is not easy to kill! The strength behind him is really too large, it is better to return him to the Holy Feather World, let them pay some compensation!" "

"This is definitely not a wise move! This will make all realms look at you, and your future road will be very bumpy!" Some people persuaded.


"Don't kill me, I can give you everything, as long as you don't kill me, I will abandon your previous suspicions with you, and become brothers and friends with you!" Long Zhaoyun seemed to see hope, and his eyes also showed glory .

Whoever wants to die is just as good as alive. There is hope if you can survive.

"No! You must die! Your death will be a warning that will make many people's minds put away and let them think of you when they deal with my family and friends!" Zhao Yuande said coldly to Long Zhaoyun.

"No... I don't want to die!" At this time, Long Zhaoyun could no longer be suffocated. "Please, don't kill me, I'm willing to make cattle and horses for you! As long as you don't kill me..."

He made many promises in an instant, and even one of them was the whereabouts of Chao Ling Ling Bao, the remains of a fairy!

But Zhao Yuande is not interested in all these things!

"Yu Jiutian! I know you are here, it is you who made me so miserable, you come out to save me! I am willing to be your servant, and follow you for life!" Long Zhaoyun also jumped up and shouted into the void , "As long as anyone can save me, I am willing to be his servant!"

"Heaven King Lao Tzu can't save you!" Zhao Yuan Debao smiled and patted his heavenly spirit with a palm.

"Stop it!" A sigh came from a distance at this time, "Hey! Brother Zhao, even if you give me a face, we are friends!"

The person who appeared was You Jiutian, his face full of helplessness.

In fact, when Zhao Yuande and Long Zhaoyun fought just now, he was not far away and saw Zhao Yuande's terrible means of bursting, even if he was not sure to save Long Zhaoyun from Zhao Yuande's hands.

Of course, he did not expect that his casual words would allow Long Zhaoyun to do such shameful things.

"You brother! You should know what this person is doing! Since we are friends, why don't you stop him? Why didn't you see him chase you when he chased my friend! Your friend just said so Its just countless!" Zhao Yuande didnt give the opposite face at all. He pointed to the people behind him and said to You Jiutian, "These are my true friends of Zhao Yuande!

"You..." You Jiutian was beaten, his face became very unsightly, coldly said, "You can just give me this face!"

"Don't give it! Your face is worth a few dollars!" Zhao Yuande repudiated and sneered at him.

"Do you... want to fight me?" You Jiutian was beaten again and suddenly his face could not be hung.

"Why don't you fight! Are you afraid of me?" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again, "Aren't we not fought!"

"What! The two of them once fought!" There was a cry of exclamation around all of a sudden!

"Zhao Yuande was able to fight against You Jiutian, is he going to go against the sky?" Many people exclaimed.

"Not only can I fight, I'm afraid it hasn't fallen yet!" Some people saw the attitude between the two, and Zhao Yuande was not afraid of the other.

"This is absolutely explosive news, which can defeat Long Zhaoyun's past, but this You Jiutian, who is the seventh in the list, even the peerless genius who wants to win over Wanjie City, this Zhao Yuande can even share with him. , Thats about going against the sky!" Some people are excited, this is definitely a big news and will make the whole world sensational.

"Don't guess, keep looking down and see if they can fight each other!" Someone stared at the two of them, and the expectation could not be concealed.


"Zhao Yuande, you're fine! I don't care about this matter, you kill if you like, what do you want me to do!" You Jiutian's face was pale and pale, he still can't really beat him, if he really fights, In the face of so many people, it is better to have the upper hand. If it falls, then you will lose face in the future.

"Long Zhaoyun, you were abandoned!" Zhao Yuande glanced at You Jiutian who left, and sneered at Long Zhaoyun in his hand. "Since that is the case, you go to die!"

"No..." Long Zhaoyun issued the last cry of sorrow and was smashed by Zhao Yuande with his palm. A ray of thunder rushed into his sea of knowledge and wiped away his soul.

At this time, even You Jiutian, who didn't go far, couldn't help but reveal a surprised look. He originally thought that Zhao Yuande was just angry about himself, but he didn't expect him to dare to do it. Is this kid going to break the jar?

No way! I have to pick it up quickly from this matter, otherwise the Great World of Saint Yu might find myself, which is also a trouble!

"Dead! Really dead!" Someone murmured as if they didn't believe it had become a reality.

"The peerless genius of the twenty-three person list actually fell here, and his head was smashed by someone!"

"The world of Saint Yu is going crazy, and their peerless genius, the character of the Holy Son level is killed!"

"This Zhao Yuande must not know how powerful the Sacred Feather World is, but it is a powerful world that can keep pace with the Eastern Emperor Great World. If the powerful people of the world come to kill him, can he still have a way of life?"

"No! You have forgotten, and the existence of the guardian family, they will not allow the strong world of the Holy Feather to come!"


Zhao Yuande killed Long Zhaoyun and made everyone sound the alarm. This person is a lunatic. It seems that he began to break the jar and fall because of his chaotic holiness.

Anyway, the highest can only reach the yin and yang unity, and now it will become invalid when there is no prestige.

They all agreed that they must be far away from this madman now, and don't be bitten by him!