Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 375

Chapter 375: Run Away

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"I'm afraid this kid has run away for a long time!" said a strong man in the Emperor Realm. "I just felt a strange wave in the sea. It must have been caused by the kid's escape. It seems that he had a premeditated plan to escape. Now!"

"Issuing the Star Hunting Order!"

"Who can provide the news for this kid, our Holy Feather World is willing to produce an innate spirit treasure!"

"Our blood road world also has an innate spirit treasure!"

"Poor four of my brothers and sisters died in the hands of this Zhao Dakeng. Whoever catches him and my dragon palace is willing to give a dragon cub!"


Countless voices sounded for a while. At this moment, almost the whole world knew Zhao Yuande's great achievements, and almost everyone was shocked by the fierceness and decisiveness of this guy.

The price tag for his reward even soared to hundreds of innate spirit treasures!

But at this time Zhao Yuande has quietly disappeared into the eyes of everyone.

He has now left the South China Sea, galloping in the sky, and soon returned to Zhongyu Shenxu City!

As the so-called most dangerous place is the safest place, it is difficult for them to think that Zhao Yuande would return directly to his world's first food, so it is safe for the time being.

Here he summoned everyone from the other side of the world. Zhai Linxuan said he would return to Zongmen, fearing that his parents would worry.

For the sake of safety, Zhao Yuande ran once again to Beihuang Shenshan to send the three brothers and sisters back. He was afraid that some people would harm Zhai Linxuan and the three of them because of his relationship.

At this time, the Water Palace also secretly sent him news, Miss Shui Juekong followed her father to the exotic battlefield to avoid cholera.

Ji Yuling, who he is related to, still has not come out of the Pantheon at this time.

Wish Luan at the moment in the underground world, accept the Vulcan heritage!

At this moment, only Li Rushuang was left in the other side of the world, and she cleverly accompanied her mother and grandmother, and they were very happy.

But these days Li Rushuang was also forced to be somewhat at a loss, and his mother made a request to hold her grandson.

When Jiang Yilin heard this from her family, she praised them again and again, saying that their Zhao family had always been a single seedling, and they had to give birth to a few more.

Upon hearing this news, Zhao Yuande suddenly had a black face, and he had not formally proposed a family matter. This is about to have a baby, too early!

In desperation, he had to take Li Rushuang out and let him follow him. The province was troubled by those old ladies and a fake old lady.

He first gave Professor Li Rushuang the undead body, and then passed on the Jiang family's magical power "Rain God" to her, so that she would not be idle.

And he himself, at this time began to study the use of the Eternal Tower.

In the previous life, he has revealed a part of the secret of the Aion Tower. The Aion Tower is ninety-nine stories high. In fact, it is not only a terrible weapon, but also a huge proving ground, each tenth level is a level.

The first ten floors are under the yin and yang unity, the tenth to the twentyth floors are under the world, and so on, the emperor's realm is thirty, the emperor's realm is forty, the god's realm is fifty, and the higher What level of powerful people can use the level, Zhao Yuande did not know in his previous life, I am afraid that there is such a powerful existence of innate gods and fairies!

Judging from this distinction alone, we know how much the eternal tower is against the sky, and even the level of innate gods and deities can continue to be used. If this object is known to the outside world, I am afraid that innate gods and deities and immortals will both Nether to snatch!

However, his cultivation base is too low now, and he can only temporarily open the first 20 floors of the Eternal Tower, but this is enough!

He intends to let the black wind and the broken sky they enter the Aion Tower to sharpen themselves, so that their cultivation level can keep up with their own pace, and after the daughters return, he will also let them enter the Aion Tower for trial, only constant Only when they are strong will they have no barriers to themselves, otherwise he has become a high emperor, and the daughters are just the cultivation of the world, and the terrible coercion exuded by the body alone can make them look disappointed. .

After Li Rushuang got the two anti-celestial exercises, she also volunteered to enter the Eternal Tower to practice. She is now the weakest among the daughters. If she doesnt get up and catches up, Im afraid it will really fall in the future. far.

Zhu Luan is accepting the Vulcan heritage, Ji Yuling does not know what terrible opportunities there are in the Pantheon, the father of Shui Jukong, the strongest person in the Emperor Realm, leads her to fight in the exotic battlefield. Although Zhai Linxuan does not show mountains and waters now, but others It is the pearl of the Northern Wilderness Mountain that has the innate Lingbao self-defense, but now he does not have a strong strength background, and can only rely on his own efforts.

Zhao Yuande also knew Li Rushuang's mood, trusted and promised, and handed the innate Lingbao big bell seized from Long Zhaoyun to her to take charge.

There is actually one more thing now, but after thinking about it, Zhao Yuande thinks that it is better to wait a few days.

That's how Grandma Zu returned to Jiang's family. He has to make inquiries in various ways to see what situation the Su's family is in now, and what attitude the Jiang's family has towards his mother's veins.

Everything is clear, and he will only come to the Jiang family with his grandmother and his mother after the many disturbances he has calmed down, taking the Jiang family's lost "made truth" and supernatural powers "rain god" as Relying on it, let the Jiang family admit to recognize the reality.

If Grandma Zu is really unwilling to stay in the Jiang family, they will all be brought to the other side of the world. Anyway, there is infinite space in it, and anyone who wants to live will live!

After all the trivial matters were over, Zhao Yuande re-inserted the Eternal Tower back into the sea of knowledge.

The appearance turned into a thin Taoist, and he swaggered into the teleportation array of the Shenxu.

This time his plan is to first look for Lei Zhenyi to complete his deal with him.

And just at this moment, outside the Great World of the East Emperor, something earth-shattering happened.

The Great World of Holy Feather united with the powerful of many big worlds and fell outside the Eastern Huang Great World.

In the deep starry sky, a huge battleship moored to the ground, a terrible presence with a breath of pressure over the sky and earth was standing on the bow.

At this time, they are in front of the Eastern World.

"The details go forward! Sweep all the things related to that little animal to me!" A strong man wearing a golden feather coat heard a rumbled horrible voice in the starry sky.

"Yes! Divine Emperor!" The powerful men on the big ships around them also shot terrible gods in their eyes. Their descendants were slaughtered in the sword territory of the South China Sea, and their hearts were suffocated, just waiting for this day 's arrival

"Eastern Emperor Great World is guarded by our Thunder Prison family. Let's go back!" At this time, the starry sky did not know when a tall Weigan figure appeared. He stood in the starry sky like this, giving the big ship ahead strong. An invisible pressure.

"Thunder Prison Family!" The emperor strong man in golden feathered coat frowned slightly when he saw this person. This was the scene he was most reluctant to see. The Thunder Priest Family was a mysterious and powerful family outside the world. They dont even know how many terrible strongmen there are.

They only know that the Thunder Prison family is the largest force in the world, and its horror is still above the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. It is a terrible force that no one wants to provoke.