Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Three Churches

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Without any hesitation, Zhao Yuande came to the alchemy behind Wu Qianqian and began to prepare the alchemy.

However, at this time, his actions were slow. He has been paying attention to Wu Qianqian's alchemy, but unfortunately she still failed three times!

He found that the girls technique was good, and the timing of the drug injection was also accurate, but there was a fatal flaw, that is, the hand was shaking when he was out of the pill, which caused the instability of the pill when he was out of the pill. Will fail.

The girl was dumbfounded and somewhat at a loss. She thought that after Zhao Yuande's instructions, she already had enough heart, but why would she fail?

"Qianqin, you must be stable when you come out of Dan! As long as you remember this stable word, you will surely succeed!" Zhao Yuande couldn't watch this girl being eliminated because of this little problem, and then directed her.

Wu Qianqin heard Zhao Yuande's voice and wanted to turn around involuntarily.

"Don't turn your head, I'm right behind you. You may lose your qualification once you turn your head!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly reminded.

Wu Qianqian is now cultivated as a blood sea **** fetal realm, unable to transmit sounds at all, she can only nod slightly.

"Let's start alchemy! I hope to see you succeed!" Zhao Yuande continued to give her the atmosphere.

Wu Qianqin had two more chances. She took a deep breath and once again fired the alchemy technique in one go. When she finally emerged from Dan, she paid special attention.

A fragrant fragrance came from the Dan furnace, and six white soybean-sized pills appeared in her hand.

"I succeeded!" Wu Qianqin took the Elixir to the old man in front.

"Not bad! Not bad! Three middle grades and three lower grades are good seedlings!" The old man looked at the color of the immortality and suddenly a smile appeared on his face.

"Thank you senior!" Wu Qianqin was praised by the old man, his face showing joy.

"Okay, you go outside to register!" The old man nodded gently to him.

When Zhao Yuande saw that Wu Qianqin had successfully made the panacea, he put down a heart and began to refine his own panacea.

His alchemy technique is now probably not comparable to the whole Shengdanzong, but he does not want to be too public, and he failed once and refined six middle-grade Huiyuandan.

"Very good, little Taoist, what's your name?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande, and the wrinkled old face was full of surprises.

"Xiaodao Jingguang!" Zhao Yuande looked at this old man and thought he was not easy.

"Wang Lingzhen, the elder of Shengdanzong, a world of chaos, a holy-level Danshi, Zhenyang fire body, intermediate ingredients..."

Zhao Yuande didn't expect a small entry test, even with such a powerful presence, I don't know what Sheng Danzong thought about it!

"Well! Jingguang, yes, you go to register too!" The old man waved his hand.

Zhao Yuande walked out of this hall, outside was a small square, there are now many people on the square, these people divided into three parties.

A blooming green lotus is painted on the banner of the first party, which is a planting hall. The banner of the second party is painted with a gourd elixir, which is the Refining Medicine Hall. The third part draws a big ship, this is the Foreign Affairs Hall.

This is the place where the three churches took their students.

At this time, many disciples who successfully passed the examination just wandered in front of the entrance of the three halls, and hesitant to listen to the introduction of the three halls!

He had just walked out of the hall and saw Wu Qianqian waiting outside.

"Brother Jingguang, which one do you want to choose?" Wu Qianqin looked up at Zhao Yuande.

"Of course I chose the refining medicine hall!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the refining medicine hall in the middle and smiled, "This is the center of the Shengdanzong, and the most desirable holy place for all disciples of the Shengdanzong!"

"I think so too!" Wu Qianqin nodded. Since then, let's go together!

The two went to the Refining Medicine Hall. At this time, many people had joined the Refining Medicine Hall. They were waiting for them. When they saw the two people coming, a tall and heroic young man waved at them!

"The two brothers and sisters are here!" The young man stood taller than Zhao Yuande, with a burly figure and a strong burning sensation on his body, and there seemed to be a strange flame dormant in his body.

"Come here, write your name, age, and cultivation base on it!" The tall young man handed them two pens and papers.

"Hey! Look! That's Yu Feihong, Sister Yu of the Foreign Affairs Hall!" At this time, someone suddenly exclaimed and pointed in the direction of the Foreign Affairs Hall.

Everyone hurriedly looked around, and it turned out that a charming beauty appeared in front of the Foreign Affairs Hall.

"Sisters and sisters, if you want to join my foreign affairs hall, please come here!" This sister Yu Feihong has a beautiful face, a graceful figure, and a soft and sweet voice, which makes people feel a bit crispy!

"Sister Yu, you can break the rules like this!" The tall young man saw Yu Feihong, and he couldn't help but have the enthusiasm in his eyes. He was also working hard to pursue this famous big beauty.

However, he now represents the Refining Medicine Hall, but he must not be favoritism. He must stand up and speak for the Refining Medicine Hall.

"Yes! Yu Shimei, you make it difficult for us to do this!" At this time, a young man in a green shirt also came out in the planting hall with a gentle smile on the corner of his mouth.

"Two brothers, may I ask if the younger sister violated the rules?" Yu Feihong covered his red lips and smiled softly.

"This..." The two looked at each other, and the other did not violate the rules.

Wu Qianqin and Zhao Yuande had already completed the information at this time, and handed over the paper to the brother beside them.

"This sister is so beautiful!" Wu Qianqian said with some envy.

"Qianqian, don't be discouraged. You are still young. It may not be worse than her when you grow up!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Wu Qianqian, and felt that his words would definitely be fulfilled in the future.

"Hey! People are the pearls of the Foreign Affairs Hall, the hostess's daughter, how can I compare with others!" Wu Qianqian's face was a little sad, and she seemed to have something in mind.

"No! You are my Qianli sister, how could it be worse than her!" Zhao Yuande found that the girl must be hiding something in her heart, and the sadness on her face made people want to find out everything about her.

However, he is not very familiar with Wu Qianqian now. Although the brothers and sisters are commensurate with each other, they still don't know each other.

However, Zhao Yuande has a good impression of this woman. She really has some troubles. If he can help, he will not be stingy.

Although there is competition among the Shengdanzong, Zhao Yuande feels that the overall atmosphere in the Zongzong is still good. For the time being, he has not found the kind of people who bully the good and fear the evil and oppress the newcomers.

There were a total of more than 40 newcomers this time, and they soon chose their own destination. Because Yu Feihong, a goddess-level figure, appeared, some of the wandering disciples chose the Foreign Affairs Hall.

In fact, the Foreign Affairs Church is not only used to sell the Elixir, but also responsible for protecting the Holy Danzong. In the Foreign Affairs Church, there are many powerful cheats classics for disciples to learn to read, which is why many disciples choose the Foreign Affairs Church.

In contrast, the planting hall is much worse. The planting hall is responsible for breeding and elixir. Although the oil and water are sufficient, many people still do not like it.

The alchemy hall has the largest number of people. Many people join the Shengdanzong for alchemy in the sect. Beauty exercises and even oil and water cannot affect their decisions.