Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Practice

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As soon as he stepped into the bamboo forest, Zhao Yuande discovered that he had stepped into a formation, and a quiet path that didn't know how far appeared at his feet, and Uncle Feng's figure went further and further away.

Zhao Yuande hurried to keep up. He didn't know how far he walked. The path in front of him came to an end, and a glittering hall appeared in his sight.

The endless aura condenses around the hall to form a cloud of aura, which makes people feel a sense of vitality.

Sure enough, it is the Aura Hall of the Huoyun Sect. The aura here is hundreds of times stronger than the outside world. Although it is not as good as the spiritual array arranged by some big families, it is not far away. It seems that the open school of Huoyun Patriarch is really extraordinary. .

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but secretly shock, he didn't know about it in the last life.

"This is my Aura Hall of Huoyunzong. The ancestors sent the main spiritual root of the Huoyun Mountains here. In the hall, you can see all the Aura branches of the Dongfu. You see these red dots are the Dongfu, and The flickering is empty, you can choose one at will!" Elder Feng explained to him while he walked into the hall.

As soon as he entered the hall, Zhao Yuande saw a huge shadow of the mountain appearing in the middle of the hall, it was the Huoyun Mountain.

In the shadows of the mountains, golden lines connect all the mountains, but some of these golden lines are as thick as arms and as thin as hair.

At a glance, Zhao Yuande saw one of the thickest lines leading to Yaofeng, constantly moisturizing the countless elixir above the peak.

There are a few red dots beside Yaofeng, which are blinking.

"I want here!" Zhao Yuande directly placed his hand on one of the thickest red dots beside Yaofeng.

"Here?" Elder Feng looked at this red dot and couldn't help but frown slightly. "I'm afraid it's wrong here. Although these caves are not allocated, they have long been occupied by a black bear. I can't help him." Go away, you should choose another one!"

"Occupied by a bear?" Zhao Yuande was a little puzzled and asked, "Uncle Master, can our ancestors not remove a black bear spirit, I think it is just a fifth-order top-level beast?"

"Hey! It's not impossible to remove, but it can't be removed!" Elder Feng shook his head and sighed, "This black bear spirit is a pet of the previous patriarch. After the previous patriarch sat down, it was assigned to the Lingyao Garden for care , Its seniority is scary, even the patriarch should give it a little face, I..."

It is said that Zhao Yuande understands that there is a strong background in this black bear's feelings, but he does not want to give up.

"Uncle Shi, you just give me the token. If it's really impossible, I'll change it." Zhao Yuande doesn't want to miss this good opportunity. You know that he is very short of elixir.

"Okay! Since you insist that I don't say anything. This is a token. I hope you don't try to be brave, or even I can't save you!" Elder Feng took out a token and handed it to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande accepted the token and left the hall of vitality.

He took the car and walked down the road to the storage hall, and received his own white family apprentice's suit, middle-level spirit weapon, thirty-six low-level spirit jade and a small bottle of Zhenyuan Dan for cultivation.

The brothers in the storage hall are still very enthusiastic about him. Most of the brothers and sisters in Zhao Yuande's future achievements are aware of them. They have no confidence in surpassing Zhao Yuande, so they can only bow their heads.

Coming to Yaofeng, he found the location of his cave house, which was before a lush medicine field.

A very beautiful large flower is planted in the medicinal field. This flower looks like a lotus, the roots and branches are covered with sharp spikes, the petals are greenish green, and the stamen is like a burning flame.

"Flame makes arrows!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but slightly surprised, this precious third-order elixir has such a large piece, it is indeed a large sect medicine garden.

"Flame arrow, third-order elixir, lives on a rich underground fire vein, has a weak fire spirit... low-order ingredients, matching recipes..."

He randomly identified it, and found that this kind of flame commanding arrow had nothing special, just wanted to walk into Dongfu to have a look, suddenly his eyes lit up.

"Rich fire veins under the ground!" Zhao Yuande carefully grasped the word. He seemed to think of something, but he was not sure. After a while, he laughed and shook his head. "It's impossible, it's probably because I think too much."

"Damn! Damn! Damn! Someone wanted to steal the elixir while Grandpa Xiong was away." Zhao Yuande suddenly heard a thunderous roar in the distance, a black figure slamming at him like a hurricane, the speed Even quickly he couldn't help but change his color.

"Crazy!" Zhao Yuande scolded, and behind him was the drug garden, but he took a gentle step back and stepped into the drug garden.

The shadow was hurricane-scraped, but it didn't dare to chase in. These elixirs are too precious.

"Boy! It's you again, and quickly come out to Grandpa Xiong! Hey, you must be careful and trample a potion. Believe it or not, Grandpa Xiong, I slapped you!" The **** bear stared fiercely at Zhao Yuande. , A pair of huge bear paws constantly rubbing back and forth.

"Alright, don't be impulsive. I didn't want to eat you this time... No, I want to steal the elixir! I went back to my own cave." Zhao Yuande pulled out a token while exiting the medicine garden. Shaking in front of the black bear.

Zhao Yuande made a mistake and scared the black bear with a trembling body. The huge bear paw unconsciously covered himself underneath.

"Senior Xiong, don't be nervous, I really just go back to my cave." Zhao Yuande waved his token innocently and pointed to the cave behind him.

"Really?" The black bear soy-sized eyeballs noticed the token in Zhao Yuande's hands. It looked really good.

"Well... Feng Dong is not a real boy, knowing that Grandpa Xiong likes to be quiet, but he has brought an untruthful little boy over." The fierce image of the black bear's face, a pair of marshes rubbing the bear's palms, and said cruelly, " Grandpa Xiongming must have taken out this kid's beard and let him mess with Grandpa Xiong."

"Senior Bear? If you are fine, the juniors will go back to their caves." Zhao Yuande shook the token in his hand, but he couldn't help smiling.

This black bear is really interesting. The fierce look it had just had no intention of killing.

From its expression when it sees its own eyes, it can be felt that this is a black bear who strictly abides by the rules.

It may be because it is the pet of the last generation of the suzerain, and it seems that he has a very sense of belonging to the sect, and regards the sect as his own home. This is the kind of performance.

"Huh! Boy, Grandpa Xiong will check. If your kid dares to deceive me, Grandpa Xiong will definitely stew you!" Black Bear reluctantly watched Zhao Yuande walk into the cave, threatening a few words.

Zhao Yuande returned to his cave house, and he felt that the infinite aura gathered in it, which was several times stronger than the aura of the outside medicine garden. The cultivation efficiency here is at least a few hundred times that of Skyfire City!

He first took out the dilapidated green tripod from Lu Zhenyang and carefully observed the ancient characters engraved on it.

Zhao Yuande was the reincarnation of the emperor, and his recognition of ancient characters was a hundred times stronger than that of Lu Zhenyang, and soon he summed up a set of cultivation techniques from these characters.

This set of exercises is really an undead practice, but the exercises are only in the upper half.

According to the introduction of the exercises, the undead body is divided into a great realm, super strong recovery, rebirth of broken limbs, rebirth of flesh and blood, rebirth of blood, and immortality!

This first half only recorded the cultivation methods of the first three realms.

What attracts him most is that after reaching the second state of rebirth of the amputated limb, he can be transformed into his own appearance and temperament at will. The third state of rebirth can condense an avatar in a short time and possess all the power of the body.

However, the cultivation of avatars also requires the powerful help of the soul, and if you are not careful, you will have the bad consequences of the soul.

If you want to have an undead body, you must first have a strong and unmatched body and soul. Zhao Yuande found that his conditions were very suitable. This undead body seemed to be tailor-made for himself.

He began to calm down and slowly entered into cultivation!