Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Opinionated

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"I have seen Senior Sister Zhu!" Liu Dong bowed his head and bowed to the woman headed by this group of people. His body was a little trembling, and he seemed to be in awe.

"Liu Dong, hand over the immortality medicine you have stolen!" Sister Zhu's appearance is pretty good, and her voice is also very nice, but her lips are very thin. At first glance, she is a mean and indifferent person.

"Sister Zhu, the panacea was not really my steal!" Liu Dong lowered his head and explained wrongedly.

"Do you dare to conceal, to fight?" Sister Zhu's eyes colded, and made a wink at the disciple called Zheng Kai.

Zheng Kai stepped forward to get Liu Dong!

"Okay! Stop it, the medicine was not stolen by Brother Liu, but by me!" Zhao Yuande stood up and stood in front of Zheng Kai.

"Who are you?" Zheng Kai looked Zhao Yuande up and down, feeling that he didn't seem to be annoying, so he had to withdraw his palm.

"I am just a disciple of the refining medicine hall, Jingguang!" Zhao Yuande did not look at this Zheng Kai at this time, but looked at the sister Zhu, and said lightly, "Will the sister give to Liu?" Dong's Elixir was taken, now give him back!"

"Huh? A new disciple who has just started, how could there be Xuanjie Elixir, I think you are this accomplice of Liu Dong, your partner has stolen Elixir!" Sister Zhu smiled coldly, and naturally did not believe it was Zhao Yuande. A young disciple who has just started can get three top-grade Xuanjie Elixir.

This kind of high-grade medicine is not necessarily available even for family disciples. If a disciple who really has a family and status will not be stupid enough to enter the refining hall, they will choose the most relaxed foreign affairs hall, where not only oil and water are enough And, there is Yu Feihong, one of the three beauties of Sheng Danzong.

And if he made it himself, it would be even more impossible. How can a pill master who can refine the top-grade Xuan-order Elixir start from the first-level disciple and have already revealed his identity and become an elite directly The disciples are really disciples!

She naturally knew that it was impossible to steal the Xuan-level elixir with this disciple who was just getting started. He must have obtained a certain chance. She feels that this chance is now waving to herself.

"Hey! It really makes me sad!" Zhao Yuande whispered himself with a wry smile on his face. Sheng Danzong's position in his heart was plummeted. A young disciple in a Lingtai pregnant realm can do so indiscriminately and rob others. Property, casually buckle **** pots.

"Sad! Hum, it's useless to be sad, hand over your storage ring and let Sister Zhu check it!" Zheng Kai felt that Sister Zhu was behind him, brave enough to stand up, even reaching for Zhao Yuande's hand Grabbed the storage ring.

"You... you're too bully!" Liu Dongde, who hadn't moved, couldn't help it anymore, and he just turned away his open hand. Although he was shaking, his heart was terrified, but he couldn't let these Someone grabbed Zhao Yuande's things. He guarded Zhao Yuande behind him and stared at the other party, "This matter has nothing to do with this younger brother. You let him go. I'll go see the deacon with you!"

At this point, Liu Dong was already out, and the big deal was being driven out of Sheng Danzong, but she was suffering for her sister... But there must be a road before the car to the mountain, can't you survive without Sheng Danzong?

His spine was straight at this time, no longer bent!

Zhao Yuande looked at the not-so-tall figure in front of him, and there was a touch in his heart. This Liu Dong was really nice!

"It's not your own problem anymore! You give me away, and I will take this person to see the deacon too!" Sister Zhu glanced at Liu Dong, she didn't expect this kid to become so stiff at once However, among the outside disciples, she is the sky, because her fianc is the leader of the inner disciples. Now she is in the middle of the yin and yang union, and has received the attention of an elder!

Two other sisters rushed up next to Sister Zhu, trying to catch the two together.

"Sister Jingguang, I'm blocking them. You'll run away, and they won't dare to make them to escape to your refining hall!" Liu Dong will stop three people with open arms and let Zhao Yuande behind him hurried away.

"Brother, don't be brave, let me come!" Zhao Yuande patted Liu Dong's shoulder with a smile.

Liu Dong felt an irresistible force holding himself up and flew behind Brother Jingguang.

At this time, Zhao Yuande set aside a hand, opened the three people who rushed over like straw, and rolled out seven or eight feet away.

Here is a bush of thorns. This thorn is very beautiful, it is used as a decoration by the sect, and it is slightly toxic. The three people's faces covered with sharp thorns on the thorns are all blood, and it is strange in an instant. Itchy and unbearable, they wailed in pain and jumped into a pool not far away.

He tried his best to control his power. Otherwise, if he really started, not to mention three little disciples in the realm of Blood Poseidon, even a strong man in the world might not be able to withstand it.

Zhao Yuande was very hard-working, and his expression was a bit unnatural.

However, this scene was seen in Zhu Shang's eyes, but he thought he was doing his best and trying his best.

"Okay! A disciple who just started, dare to attack the same door, and still hurt someone seriously, I see how you explain it!" Zhu Shang grinned, stepping towards Zhao Yuande step by step, beside her Several disciples also followed her closely, and the momentum seemed not small.

"Just teach some scum, I don't need to explain!" Zhao Yuande looked at this self-righteous woman with a sneer. He was considering what kind of punishment should be given to the other party in order to play a deterrent role?

This scale is so difficult to grasp that makes him frown a little.

However, his frown was suddenly seen by Zhu Shang again, and he even thought that Zhao Yuande was a bluff.

"That's it! As long as you hand over three more Xuanyuan true elixirs, I'll assume that nothing happened today! I know you must get more than three elixirs, otherwise how could you give Liu Dong three scum What about it?" Zhu Shangs voice was full of warnings. "If you dont pay, Ill really report the matter to the deacon, if you know that the deacon is one of my cousins, you think he will listen to me. , Or listen to you?"

"You...really!" Zhao Yuande was almost cheered by the woman, and she thought she had reached a level of paranoia.

"Dont hesitate, I know you dont want things to happen, just hand it over! We will be friends after handing it over, and I will make sure that you can walk sideways at the outer door!" Zhu Shang also took great pains and used it together. If meeting other ordinary disciples really works, it is a pity that she encountered Zhao Yuande!

If Zhao Yuande could be frightened by her, I am afraid that the old sow would be able to plant trees!