Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 381

Chapter 381: There Is Always A Solution To A Problem

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"Hey! Seriously, you don't even count as a fart for me. I was actually enduring just now, and I couldn't help laughing while watching your performance!" Zhao Yuande smiled, with a sneering smile.

"Are you really looking for death, do you think I dare not kill you?" Zhu Shang became angry and slap in the face over Zhao Yuande. She wanted to let this new disciple who knows nothing to know what hurts, otherwise he would not cooperate .

"You're so bold!" Zhao Yuande sneered at the other person's neck and sneered, "Give me my panacea, or I'll take it from you personally!"

"You..." Zhu Shang was stunned, so he was caught by this? What does the other party do, and why is it so powerful?

"Not yet!" Zhao Yuande drank coldly, reaching out to grab the storage ring on the other's hand.

"Here you are, let me go!" Zhu Shang hurriedly took a pill bottle from the storage ring and threw it to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande swept his mind, and it turned out to be the three immortals.

"Go!" His backhand was a slap in the face.


The crowd only heard a crisp slap, and a sound fell back and fell fiercely among the thorn bushes.


A scream came, and Zhu Shang covered his face with one hand and his **** with one hand, jumping madly.

At this time, a lot of people had gathered in the distance. They were ordinary outside disciples. They were dumbfounded when they saw this situation.

"This... is this true? Sister Zhu, he was slapped in the air!"

"Due, this woman is too vicious and always bullies our newcomers!"

"Quiet! She will definitely report, if you hear her, you may suffer!"

"Yes... we just watch the drama without talking!"

Although the toxin of the thorn bush is very slight, but it can make people very itchy, Zhu Shang no longer cares about the trouble of finding Zhao Yuande, screaming and rushing towards the pool, only reducing the symptoms after encountering water.

"This..." A few outside disciples beside Zhu Shang looked at Zhao Yuande, who was standing on their shoulders with incredible faces. This is not the same as the script they imagined. It shouldn't be that Sister Zhu was so powerful that he would shock the kid in front of him. Live, and make a fortune, isnt that always the case?

Looking at Zhao Yuande's gaze, they had a very bad hunch.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had turned his attention to a few of them, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

"A few of you are also accomplices. Today I will give you a lesson. Let you think about today's pain before doing bad things in the future!" Zhao Yuande lifted his foot and kicked all of them into the bushes not far away.

Hearing a few people howling like pigs, and looking at the small pond, a group of people soaked in it, and he exhaled lightly, feeling better.

"Don't be robbed this time!" Zhao Yuande handed the Dan bottle to Liu Dong.

"No, I'm afraid I can't keep it!" Liu Dong refused.

"Okay, it's just three pills. No one will **** it if you eat it!" Zhao Yuande squeezed into his hands. "Go, continue to take me!"

"Master... Brother, you are in big trouble!" Liu Dong was so serious that he pulled Zhao Yuande, "Brother, you don't know that this sister-in-law's fiance is an inner disciple, and he is extremely high. And I got a fancy from an elder. What if he finds you? I think you should go back to the refining medicine hall first!"

"Hey! The soldiers came to cover up the water, let him come if he loved it!" Zhao Yuande smiled carelessly. "Even what the inner disciples can do, this is Saint Danzong, and we are not a hall, he Do you dare to break into our refining hall to find me trouble?"

"By the way, you can't stay here anymore. What is your talent for alchemy?" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of Liu Dong's present situation and decided to help him.

"I... I was only lucky to make the ordinary magic pill..." Liu Dong touched the back of the head embarrassedly.

"Do you know pharmacological knowledge?" Zhao Yuande asked again.

"Some learned before, the family once opened a Xiaodan medicine shop..." Liu Dong whispered.

"Pill medicine shop! Haha this good, do you have management experience?" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of something, happy, "I was looking for a shop in Fangshi, I did not expect you to have this experience, that too All right!"

"Under the shop!" Liu Dong was shocked at once. The city of Shengdanzongfang was a place with a lot of money. People from the entire East Emperor's World came to buy Lingdan, and the rent of a shop was not much. Millions of top-grade spirit jade cannot be taken down!

Suddenly, he felt that the younger brother Jingguang became more and more mysterious. Was the other party a master of a large family?

This is very likely, otherwise how could he be so powerful, and he overturned Sister Zhu and a few of them in one hand, and his cultivation might have reached the state of Yin and Yang!

"Let's go! Take me to Fangshi first!" Zhao Yuande grabbed Liu Dong's shoulders, and the figures of the two quickly disappeared into the distance.

Sister Zhu and others have gradually returned to normal at this time. Their physique is relatively strong, and the toxins of the thorn bushes will soon dissipate. However, the injury caused by the thorns of the thorns is really painful, and they all grin. .

"I must report this hatred!" Sister Zhu leaped out of the pool with her face covered. Her clothes were wet with water. At this moment, her bumpy figure was undoubtedly revealed. When did the few disciples around her see this kind of scenery, Suddenly, all eyes were pierced.

" group of useless things!" Sister Zhu suddenly felt something was wrong, and the surroundings were so quiet. In the past she spoke like this, and the people around her would definitely respond like a wave, but now.

He turned his head to look at a few people, and found that he was not looking right, and he had slipped out of his mouth!

Only then did she find her embarrassment and screamed!

"Ah! I killed you gangsters!" Her body swiveled in a swipe and swept a few people into the bushes not far away, and the pig-like screams sounded again.

"Huh! Don't follow me in the future!" Sister Zhu looked at a few people with a bad look. "I'm going to find Brother Shi and let him take the lead for me. I want the boy to pay the price!"

Several people rushed into the pool again, causing some onlookers in the distance to burst into laughter.

"I'm calling you to be a dog leg, so I've been beaten by the owner! It deserves it!"

"Find an opportunity to pack them up and find a place for the grievances of the past!"

"I sign up and say a time and place!"

"I will go too! I will go too!"


Soon a dozen peoples revenge team formed. These are outside disciples. They were bullied by this group of guys on weekdays. This time they unite together and will give them an unforgettable lesson.