Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 382

Chapter 382: Rent A Shop

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At this time, Zhao Yuande and Liu Dong had already arrived in Fang City.

This is said to be Fang City. In fact, it is already comparable to a big city with countless shops, not only selling immortals and elixir, but also refiners, runes, royal beasts and even fighting fields, slaves and even casinos!

"Are you familiar with this place or not?" Zhao Yuande came here with no clue, "How exactly do you rent a store?"

"Okay! My sister works in a pharmacy, I come here often!" Liu Dong took Zhao Yuande to a tall attic not far away, said while walking, "If you want to rent a store, you need to come to us first Register in the hall of the Sundance, and then check whether there are any shops available, or shops that will be sublet."

The two quickly stepped into the management hall and saw a violent flow of people inside.

"Why are there so many people today?" Liu Dong was a little shocked. "It's usually the case that there are very few people here! Hey, that's Sister Yu Feihong from the Foreign Affairs Hall... she was here!"

Zhao Yuande looked into Liu Dong's eyes, and found that a group of people was not far away, and there was a tall and beautiful woman in the middle. It was Yu Feihong, one of the three most beautiful beauties of Sheng Danzong.

"Hey! Liu Dong, what are you doing here? Wasn't it your duty today?" Suddenly a voice stopped Liu Dong. The two turned around and looked at it. They were a young boy with a thin figure, and he didn't seem to have opened yet.

"Brother Lu, it's you!" Liu Dong saw the young man, and his face suddenly showed joy, and he pulled Zhao Yuande to the young man and introduced them to each other. "Sister Clearance, this is Brother Lu, we Take part in the Jinzong assessment together, one of my best friends! Brother Lu, this is the headspace teacher who has just entered!

"Brother, good!" Brother Lu is very young, probably only 14 or 15 years old, and looked up and down at Zhao Yuande.

"Good mentor!" Zhao Yuande also looked at this young man and found that his qualifications were good, and his physique was much better than Liu Dong's. He was a real genius, and he was a little genius.

"Brother Lu, what happened here today? Why is there so many people here, and Sister Yu will appear here?" Liu Dong asked the other party.

"Hey! Today is the day when all the stores are due. Many of the senior sisters and brothers have gone to the various shops to check them. Even our new disciples in the foreign affairs hall have been brought to the ranks to become strong men!" Helpless, this kind of thing is really not something that some lively and frizzy guys should do. They are also driven by ducks.

"It's really such a coincidence?" Zhao Yuande was suddenly happy. In this case, there will definitely be many shops that will not rent because of poor management or other reasons. Wouldn't he just choose a good location from it?

"What a coincidence?" Brother Lu was puzzled.

"Sister Clear Space wants to rent a shop." Liu Dong said this, and felt that something was not right. He had some doubts whether Zhao Yuande really wanted to rent or was on a whim, to know that this fee is not an ordinary disciple at all. Affordable.

"What! have to rent a shop! This...this is very expensive!" Brother Lu was almost choked by Liu Dong's words.

"Not afraid or not afraid!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "Please also ask Brother Lu to show us!"

"Okay! Come with me!" Brother Lu looked at Zhao Yuande from top to bottom, and found that the opposite person was calm and powerful, and the sincerity in his face did not seem to be a joke with himself!

Soon they were taken by Brother Lu to a room with a large room.

"Brother, two of my friends want to see the shop!" said Brother Lu to a young man with a similar appearance to him.

"Little brother, these two are your friends? Are they going to rent a shop?" The young man looked at Zhao Yuande with some disbelief and asked with some uncertainty, "Do you really want to rent a shop?"

"Good!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward and smiled, "Brothers please help!"

"Okay, since I'm a friend of my younger brother, that's my friend too. Please take a look! These are some temporarily vacant shops. If you choose a good one, let me know!" The youth is also a very bold person, although I doubt it, but I still choose my passion for my brother's friend.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had a jade jade in front of them, and a three-dimensional image appeared on the jade jade. Many of them flashed red light. These were probably empty shops.

"You help me find it, the location does not have to be in the most prosperous place, but the place must be big!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the two of them, and then began to look at the red dots one by one.

Liu Dong and Brother Lu looked at each other, and they had doubts and confusion in their eyes. They still don't believe that Zhao Yuande really wants to rent a shop, but since Zhao Yuande spoke, they began to help screen.

Soon they all had some handsome results, and three stores were put on the table by them.

One is a three-story treasure building on the second busiest street, with a large area and a large backyard. The second one is in the most prosperous area. The area is large enough and the flow of people is enough, but the location is too correct and too conspicuous. The third one, located a little further away, is a three-entry yard. The outermost is a shop with a lot of space behind, and the last tenant has a small transmission array here to facilitate the transportation of various goods.

"Yes! All are good, but I still like the third one most. The teleportation array can be changed even though it is small!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the position of the third one, and his face showed satisfaction.

"Do you really want to rent this one?" The young man's face was shocked. He thought he was a friend of his younger brother who wanted to see and know. He intentionally said that he wanted to rent a store. After seeing it, he must shake his head. The price is so high that even a small family cannot easily pay so much rent.

"Brother, am I kidding me?" Zhao Yuande chuckled, "But after I rent it, can I still ask my brother to keep me secret?"

"It's no problem, but I don't have the right to save you the rent. This is the price fixed by the sect..." The youth was a little embarrassed because the other party was a friend of the younger brother.

"It doesn't matter, how much is the rent here, how should I pay?" Zhao Yuande had countless spirit jade at this time, and he would not care about this spirit jade at all.

"Although there is a bit of bias here, but the courtyard itself is very large, and there is also a small teleportation array, you know that this teleportation array has paid a lot of the rent of the previous family, so... so the annual rent is 30 million high-grade Lingyu "The young man said this number with some difficulty. He knew that the other party would definitely be disappointed to leave when he heard the price. This is not something ordinary people can afford!