Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 384

Chapter 384: Liu Dong's Surprise

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After Zhao Yuande paid the rent, although Lu Zhen and Yu Feihong didn't say anything, he saw that he had escaped 150 million high-grade Lingyu without blinking, and suddenly had a little more speculation about Zhao Yuande's identity.

Lu Zhen's attitude became more respectful.

"Sister Jingguang, if there is anything in the sect door, please come to the sister!" Before leaving, Yu Feihong showed goodwill to Zhao Yuande. She dare not ignore a person who sees spirit jade like dung, and the financial power behind it is only strong. It is not weaker than a first-class family.

"Sister goodbye!" Zhao Yuande waved at her and turned to leave.

"Miss, shall we send someone to check his details and find someone to monitor him?" A middle-aged man behind Yu Feihong asked.

"No! No, with his background, he dare to show it to me in this way, which shows that he is not afraid to check! This is not a good thing if the other party is annoyed! Now our Holy Medicine is a troubled autumn and we can no longer make enemies! "Yu Feihong shook his head and continued to mutter with a low, unheard voice, "I hope he will not cause any trouble to Zongmen!"

"Make an enemy!" The middle-aged man was shocked and thought to himself, not so serious! A big clan son, our true power of Saint Danzong is not as simple as the outside world imagines!

Zhao Yuande they quickly returned to Lu Zhen's room.

"Three, if it's okay, can you go with me to see my shop, and then by the way, please go to the restaurant to celebrate?" Zhao Yuande looked at the three of them with a smile. Lv Zhen also gave him out when he paid. With a force, the discount is nearly 10 million, although he does not care about this point of Lingyu, but this love still has to bear!

"Then respect is better than obedient!" The eyes of the three people are all happy. The restaurants in Fangshi are very luxurious. Every dish and every pot of wine is made of elixir and beast. For very good!

"Brother Lu, if you come to find a place, you need the most expensive one!" Zhao Yuande waved generously. "We will not get drunk for a few days!"

"Okay! Since Brother Jingguang, the rich man, has spoken, then we are welcome! We will go to Tianxianglou, where it is said that the cooking is the best, and there is also a secret recipe that can enhance people's physical fitness!"

Lu Zhen was cautious and careful, and at the same time, he was also very accurate in seeing people. Through these things, he found that Zhao Yuande was actually a very good person, so he let go,

He knew that the other party wanted to return his own relationship. No matter how extravagant the four of them used thousands of top grade jade, it was drizzle for Zhao Yuande.

A few people soon appeared on a street. Although there were not many people on the street, there were customers in front of every shop.

They walked down the street to the end and saw a luxuriously decorated shop, but the door had been closed. The signboard above had been taken away. I didn't know what shop was once.

"From now on, it's Brother Jingguang's site!" Lu Zhen stepped forward and pushed open the door, and found that the walls inside were empty, and Noda's shop was spotless.

"Good, really good!" Zhao Yuande walked in to observe the shop, and said with amazement, "Go, let's go inside, especially the teleportation array, I look forward to it!"

They passed through the middle hall and came to a courtyard with a square foot of several acres. On both sides of the courtyard was a circle of houses that should be used for people to live. There was a small pond in the yard. All kinds of big golden fish.

As I walked in, it was the last one to enter the courtyard. The space inside was not as big as the second one. There was a small palace in the middle of the courtyard, which seemed a little out of place with the simplicity in the courtyard.

"This is the teleportation array!" Lu Zhen seemed to have been here once and pushed open the gate of the palace. There was indeed a small teleportation array shining with brilliance.

"This teleportation array costs tens of millions of top-grade spirit jade, and the spirit jade consumed on daily maintenance and transmission is a huge expense. This store is also dragged down by it!" Lu Zhen continued Introduced, "There are some shortcomings in the layout of this teleportation array, so every month you need to ask a formation master to strengthen it. It takes about five thousand high-grade spirit jade, and because it is a strategic resource, you need Xiang Zong The door pays a management fee of 10,000 top-grade spirit jade. If there is a war, Zongmen can be unconditionally seconded, and the cost of each transmission is not cheap, because the master who arranged this teleportation level is average, so the spirit jade consumed It is five times that of the ordinary teleportation array. Thousands of top-grade spirit jade will be sent to the city at once!"

"That's it! It's really troublesome!" It's okay to spend a lot of spirit jade Zhao Yuande, but Zongmen's secondment is indeed a bit of a problem, but a supply sect like Shengdanzong, even if there is a war of alien invasion It will not go to the front, and its geographical location is at the very center of the middle region. When the aliens rush here, maybe the entire world of the Eastern Emperor will perish!

Zhao Yuande is still very satisfied with the entire store. After reading it, Zhao Yuande asked Liu Dongdao: "I don't know if Brother Liu can help me take care of it for the time being?"

"Ah! I... I have no experience!" Liu Dong stayed, and happiness came too suddenly, so that he had all the drama!

"It's okay, help me set up some homes first, and set this up as a panacea store!" Zhao Yuande threw a storage ring to Liu Dong, and continued to laugh, "Help me hire some people by the way, and you can invite your sister Take care of you together!"

Liu Dongshen dived into the storage ring, and was suddenly shocked by the huge mountain of stone piles inside. He didn't speak for a long time, and his throat rolled up and down for a while.

"Brother Liu, what are you hesitating about!" Brother Lu from the side retreated and said, "Don't dare to agree!"

"Ah! I promise you! I will not be a disciple of Sheng Danzong from today. I have had store management experience in my house. I..." Liu Dong was so excited that he didn't know what to say.

"Okay, now go to Tianxianglou, let's not get drunk!" Zhao Yuande nodded in satisfaction, he was still very relieved about Liu Dong's character.

"Okay!" There was a bright light in everyone's eyes. Tianxianglou was the place they never gave up. Today, they must have a good time.

Tianxianglou made several people very happy. They ate until late. Outside Zhao Yuande, the three people were very satisfied. They had never eaten such delicious food and some of them lingered.

Zhao Yuande told Liu Dongdao: "I'm going back to Zongmen, preparing for the promotion of the inner disciples in the next month! I just give you a month's time, you can spend your time on Lingyu, and get the shop ready for me within a month, etc. When I was successfully promoted to inner disciple, I hope you will surprise me!"

"You can rest assured!" Liu Dong patted his chest and promised that he was already thinking.