Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 385

Chapter 385: Secretly

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"Brother Jingguang, let's go back together!" Lu Zhen and Zhao Yuande walked side by side to Zongmen.

Lu Zhens younger brother is called Lu Zheng, and at this time he looked at Liu Dong, his eyes showing an envious look, this guy finally didnt have to get angry in the sect!

"Congratulations to Senior Brother Liu, don't forget the younger brother when it is sent!" Lv Zheng joked as he patted Liu Dong's shoulder, "Brother Liu, how much Lingyu did Brother Jingkong give you, and I will give you a thorough understanding. !"

"This can't be said!" Liu Dong put the storage ring on his hand. "This is public money. Brother Lu, don't mess up your ideas!"

"Okay, amuse you!" Lu Zheng swallowed with a small face, and said, "Go, we will now take our sister to the store and not let her be angry with that bird."

"Yes! Take my sister home!" Liu Dong has regarded the store as his own home, and has a deep sense of belonging.

The two guys talked and laughed together, and soon came to a shop.

The name of the shop is'Yu Yao Zhai', the facade is not big, and the location is not very good, but fortunately, the flow of people in Fang City is large, the business looks good, and there are non-stop practitioners coming in and out, picking goods and cutting price.

As soon as the two entered the shop, a freckled face grew on their faces, and the cute and lovely little girl greeted them.

"The two... Brother Liu is you, and Brother Lu! What are you doing?" The little girl obviously knew the two, and they were familiar, but there was a trace of panic in her eyes.

"We naturally want to see our sister. Where is Qiaoer, why didn't I see her?" Liu Dong has been guarding the mountain all day, and has seen many people. After a lot of life, the little girl knows that things are not big. Yes, something must have happened.

"Yes! What about my sister? She is usually here." Lu Zheng also hurriedly asked.

"Qiaoer she... she... he fell and was injured!" The little girl stuttered.

"What! Qiao'er is a monk with blood and blood, how can he be injured when he falls? Certainly it's not the case. You take me to her!" Liu Dong already felt something was wrong and took the little girl's hand in the previous step , "Where is she now?"

"She was hurt!" The little girl's eyes suddenly turned red and she began to sob. "Sister Qiao'er won't let me say it, but you..."

"Qiaoer, what are you doing?" Suddenly a murmured voice came.

The little girl was terrified, and her face did not have a trace of blood.

A middle-aged man in a black suit with a full body and a fat figure came over and glanced at Liu Dong and the two. After finding them, his eyes narrowed slightly, but then returned to normal.

"Isn't this Liu Dongxian's nephew? It's a coincidence that you came to see Qiaoer, she was just sent by me to deliver the goods, and she can't come back in these days!" The middle-aged fat man grinned, "You guys are in a few days Come again!"

"Zhu Wansan, you came to lie to me. Qiaoer has already told me that Qiaoer was hurt by someone. It wouldn't be you!" Liu Dong's eyes were cold, although he was very timid, but his sister was His counter scale, who dares to bully his sister, he dares to fight his life!

"Zhu Wansan, don't think that we are afraid of you with your relatives in the clan. Now that Brother Liu has left Shengdanzong, you will never threaten him anymore!" Lu Zheng was aside, he liked Qiaoer for a long time, Unexpectedly, today he heard that he was injured and he was already angry.

"What? Your kid left Shengdanzong? I heard it right!" The middle-aged fat man Zhu Wansan looked at Liu Dong with a sneer and said, "You left Shengdanzong, don't you have no place to live, and you want to come to our shop Come here to eat and drink? With your little face, Im not good enough!"

"The ghost is willing to stay here, I already have a new home! Take me to see my sister, I want to take her away!" Liu Dong simply ignored the sneer.

"Huh! This is your initiative to leave, but don't blame me! Queer took them to meet people, and then let them get out!" Zhu Wansan twitched, thinking, you can't take away even a part of the work!

Liu Dong soon saw her sister. Qiaoer was a pretty little girl. She looked like a 14-year-old girl. She had a slim figure. She was lying on a dilapidated bed at this time, and there was still a trace of silt on the corner of her mouth. green.

"Qiaoer! You... who did this?" Liu Dong saw his sister's appearance, and suddenly there was anger in his heart. He almost shouted, "Is that the fat pig, is he..."

"Well! If he wants to force me, if I don't follow, he will hit me. If it weren't for sister Qiaoer's knocking on the door, I'm afraid... I'm afraid!" Qiaoer's eyes burst into tears and he was aggrieved.

"This dead pig! Dare to move the young man's woman, the young man is going to kill you!" Liu Dong was not yet angry, and Lu Zheng was already outraged. He pulled out the scimitar in his waist and rushed out to find the fat middle-aged man desperately .

"Don't be impulsive!" Liu Dong caught him unexpectedly.

"Liu Dong, are you a man, your sister has been bullied, and you are still indifferent!" Lu Zheng angered and put his hand away.

"Okay! Listen to me, he is already a strong man of Yin and Yang. We can't beat him, and we don't chase hands in Fangshi, we think of other ways to kill him!" Liu Dong's face was ruthless. , People can't help but look intimidated.

Lv Zheng was stunned, but it was right to think about it. He shook his hand and said: "This fat pig is cheaper, what do you say! If you need it, I will go out!"

Qiaoer on the side heard Lv Zheng's words and saw that he was desperately trying to be himself. The sadness in his heart also went away. Instead, he had a sweet taste.

"Don't desperately! We are so..." Liu Dong whispered his plan in the ears of everyone.

"Your move is really poisonous! Peerless plan! Let this dead fat pig wailing in pain!" Lv Zheng looked at Liu Dong with some admiration, thinking of a proud smile on his face.

"Brother, you... have you become the shopkeeper? And still the shopkeeper of a big shop?" Qiaoer's shocked head was a little dazed.

"Yes, it is ten times larger than this broken shop, and the rent is paid directly to 140 million!" Lu Zheng added with a smile.

"140 million...? This shop only has 10 million top-grade spirit jade a year, and it's really a big shopkeeper!" Qiaoer's eyes lighted up when he heard this number.

"Qiaoer, you must be the first to support us, right!" Liu Dong turned his head to look at Qiaoer, "as long as you follow us, your wages will double, and I will replenish this fat pig as much as you want. how much you!"

"Really?" Queer's small eyes sparkled.

"Surely, take your mother away and cook for our shopkeeper!" Lv Zheng seemed to be the second shopkeeper.

"Okay! Let's go talk to Niang!" Queer walked away, still humming in her mouth.

"Don't say anything, but secretly!" Liu Dong shouted.


"This fat pig is so unbelievable, and soon he will taste the bitter fruit he planted!" Liu Dong showed excitement on his face, "Sister, take me to Uncle Liu, tomorrow I will let this shop go Fa opened!"