Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Big Sale

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Soon they left from the back door of the shop. Liu Dong and his sister bought some furniture, daily necessities and some shelves in Fangshi, and then returned to the shop in a magnificent way.

For half a day, the shop has been completely renovated, but it is just lack of goods.

After Liu Dong put her sister in place, she and Lu Zheng kept finding Lu Zhen.

Lu Zhen was still busy at this time. Hearing the request of Liu Dong and his brother, his face suddenly showed a strange color, but he also knew that Liu Dong was now developed, and he could help oneself naturally.

"You two guys must be more careful in doing things, and don't be seen by others, make yourself clumsy!" Lu Zhen reminded, "Don't make it too much and make Brother Jingguang unhappy!"

"Brother, you can rest assured! We are revenge and build at the same time, both are correct!" Lu Zheng smiled confidently. He now admires Liu Dong, his future uncle.

Soon a mysterious and powerful young man entered Zhu Wansan's shop.

"Who is the shopkeeper here?"

"What's the matter with this son?" Zhu Wansan looked at the young man, his eyes suddenly lit up, and immediately stepped forward with respect, and said with a smile, "I am the shopkeeper."

"You are the shopkeeper?" The young man looked up and down at Zhu Wansan, and there was a perfunctory smile on the corner of his mouth. "The shopkeeper, your family has come to a big business! I come to Fang City to purchase elixir at the order of my son. Looking at this list, can your home be prepared."

The young man took out a list and handed it to Zhu Wansan with an arrogant attitude.

"Your son?" Zhu Wansan asked carefully while taking the list.

"Well!" The young man looked cold and smiled contemptuously, "You are not qualified to know, just do what you do!"

"Oh... Little understand! Understand!" Zhu Wansan's face was a little red, he was ignored and still ignored by a servant, but he didn't dare to attack, it was really suffocating.

"This... The eldest son above all needs it!" But when Zhu Wansan saw the dense names on the list, all his dissatisfaction suddenly disappeared.

"Nonsense, can your family get together?" The young man seemed impatient, and when he stood up, he had to retrieve the list in Zhu Wansan's hands. "If not, I will go to another house!"

"Yes! Our family can get together, don't worry!" Zhu Wansan took out a small bag from his arms and handed it to the young man respectfully. "This is a little meaning, please accept it!"

"Humph! It's almost the same!" The young man put a small cloth bag in his hand, and a smile appeared on his face. "Tell you a word in advance! My son is going to refine a furnace of Holy Pills. Its time, and tomorrow morning we will start the alchemy. If you dont get together, dont force it!"

"What... Shengdan... Is your son son..." Zhu Wansan's eyes lit up suddenly. If he can do a good job in this transaction, he may be able to catch this guy's line in the future, and the shop may become This son's royal shop, by that time...

Zhu Wansan's shortness of breath, he once again carefully looked at the elixir in the list, although a few flavors are very precious, but there should be inventory in Fang City!

"Can't you take the order?" The young man seemed impatient again.

"Pick! I pick!" Zhu Wansan gritted his teeth. Even if he did not get the relationship with him, the Lingyu earned would be equivalent to his income for half a year.

"That's good! For the sake of insurance, you signed this!" The young man seemed to be ready, took out a contract and handed it to Zhu Wansan.

"I still want to sign a contract?" Zhu Wansan looked at the contract, and he suddenly looked a little hesitant. If the contract clearly stated that if he did not hand over the contract on time, he would have to compensate ten times the total value. "This is too harsh!"

"Huh! Do you know how much Lingyu is needed for the senior operator? One billion! A billion billion top grade Lingyu!" The young man was very uncomfortable snatching the contract and the list from Zhu Wansan's hand, turned and walked, and walked While sneering, "You are good, some people are rushing to do it!"

"Hey! Don't worry, I'll do it!" Zhu Wansan gritted his teeth, rushed to stop the young man, and handed a small cloth bag again.

As the saying goes, without guts, there is no output, and he is out!

"Well, please show me the careful terms, don't give me a bad debt if something goes wrong!" The young man was worried about the small bag in his hand, and then stopped and handed the two pieces of paper to Zhu Wansan with satisfaction, while also escaping from a reserve The object ring was handed to the other party, "This is a deposit, you can be optimistic, our son is not bad, and if you mess it up, you will wait for it to go bankrupt!"

Zhu Wansan took the storage ring, and the soul sighed inside, and his face suddenly became very wonderful. Inside is a full 200 million top-grade spirit jade. This is one-fifth the price of this batch of elixir. This son is really generous enough .

"Just sign it after reading it, and my son is waiting to reply!" The young man urged impatiently.

Soon the young man walked out of Zhu Wansan's shop with the signed contract.

Zhu Wansan rushed into his room excitedly and began to check the amount of elixir in the storage space...

The young man walked out of'Yuyaozhai', his face could not help but smile bitterly.

Walking across the street, he entered a teahouse.

The Liu Donglu brothers are waiting for him in the teahouse.

They began to plot the next move, how to bring down the Royal Medicine.

Zhu Wansan had already taken out the potions he could make up one by one, and he remembered calling people to classify these potions and pack them up.

Because it is stated in the other party's contract, it needs to be placed by category.

But soon he realized that something was wrong, he shouted for a long time, and found that no one responded to him.

"Don't these lazy people want the wages this month?" Zhu Wansan's fat figure rushed out of the room and into the shop.

"People! Where are all the people?" When Zhu Wansan saw that only one girl was saying hello at this time, the other little girls disappeared, and they suddenly became furious.

"They... they are not doing it!" The remaining girl was a distant cousin of Zhu Wansan, and naturally no one took her away.

"Nothing! Don't do it! They... this is to rebel!" An ominous premonition came out of Zhu Wansan's heart, and he rushed into the backyard with a very gloomy face, where two servants lived. , These people can also help.

But when he rushed into the backyard, he found that the backyard had already been empty. Only a young man in a yellow suit was cursing constantly. This young man in yellow was his son Zhu Zheng.