Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 387

Chapter 387: Fall Into The Trap

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"Zhu Zheng, what's going on? Where has everyone gone?" Zhu Wansan's face was extremely gloomy.

"Dad! These poor ghosts have run out, and I can't stop it!" Zhu Zheng replied honestly when he saw Daddy's face.

"Why don't you notify me!" Zhu Wansan roared, you know this is delaying my big event!

"Dad! Isn't it just a few servants? Let's go, let's just move!" Zhu Zheng had never seen Dad so angry at himself, and suddenly felt a little flustered.

"It must be Liu Dong's little rabbit, don't let me see him in the future!" Zhu Wansan thought of Liu Dong, and it seems that he is very confident to see himself today.

"Dad! What's the hurry? It's not enough to let my sister find some disciples." Zhu Zheng's brain was very active, and he immediately thought of a way.

"You go in person, get your sister back, and bring a few younger brothers and sisters, I have a big thing to do!" Zhu Wansan's face eased down a little after hearing his son's idea, "I'm going out to get in a shipment , Dont screw me up!"

"You can rest assured!" Zhu Zheng hurried out and rushed towards the direction of Sheng Danzong Plantation Church.

At this time, Zhu Wansan also left Yuyaozhai and hurried towards his old friend's shop.

"Lao Zhu, the only elixir on your list is Pusanghua, and everything else is sold out!"

"Lao Zhu, Wan Ling Mu, Shao Yang Cao... These elixirs were just bought by others, only Tianshen Guo!"

"Brother, it's not that the elder brother doesn't help you, it's really sold out. If you can't, look at the elder brother's warehouse..."

"Brother Zhu, rare guest! We have only four of these elixirs, and the others are powerless..."


Soon Zhu Wansan went to almost half of the city. The thirty-two kinds of elixir that he didn't have at home had only enough twelve kinds, and the others were bought by others!

"No, this is someone deliberately rectifying me!" Zhu Wansan was dripping with sweat all over his body at this time, and he felt like he was caught!

"No, there is still time. You can buy it in the neighboring city through the teleportation array! You can also let your daughter help you get some in the planting hall!" Zhu Wansan deserved to have been operating for many years and naturally has his own way.

It was late in the night, Zhu Wansan hurriedly returned from the neighboring big city, his face was hazy, and he was still missing the last three elixir. He could not buy it anyway. Someone had all around him before him. All three elixirs of Ayutthaya have been bought.

"Daughter! What's wrong with you? Who bullied you!" Zhu Wansan returned to the store and saw his daughter standing there with a grievance on her face, covering her face with her hand.

"Dad! I... I was beaten!" Zhu Wansan's daughter was the sister Zhu who was taught by Zhao Yuande.

"Where does Qi Chang go? He didn't help you?"

"He... he's closed, I can't see him!"

"Okay! Child, it's time for us to survive and die. You must help me get these three elixirs now!" Zhu Wansan now can't care about anything else and told his daughter the names and numbers of the three elixirs.

"These elixir are very precious, Zongmen's own use is not enough, the elders will not agree to sell!" Zhu Shang looked at his father, asked with some uncertainty, "Do you want me to... steal!"

"It's not stealing, it's borrowing a bit! I'll return it when these few days pass." Zhu Wansan couldn't think of any other way, otherwise he would have to pay 10 billion yuan for the top grade jade. He has run this royal medicine for more than 20 years , That little savings are not enough!

This is a matter of life and death!

"Okay! I'll try my best!" Zhu Shang nodded, she also felt something was not right, father had never been so nervous and serious.

"What about your brother?" Zhu Wansan couldn't help but ask when he didn't see his son.

"He went to drink with some friends!" Zhu Shang shook his head helplessly. This younger brother was really unbearable, and he was spoiled by his father.

"This son, you call me back before you return to the sect, and his father will be forced to death. This little beast even went to drink!" Zhu Wansanqi's teeth tickled.


Zhu Shang returned to the planting hall, it was already night, and many disciples had already returned to their cave house to meditate and rest.

While no one was around, she quietly entered the elixir warehouse.

Zhu Shang is also the No. 1 person in the Plantation Hall. Although he has not yet been promoted to the inner disciples, because she is beautiful, she also receives the care of many male inner disciples and often enters and exits the storehouse.

There is a disciple outside the storeroom. This disciple has been interested in her for a long time, knowing that she already has a family affair or she is still chasing her.

"Brother Zhang, the little girl wants to ask you something!" Zhu Shang's eyes were wide, and Shui Lingling seemed to speak when she blinked.

"Sister, you can just tell me anything!" The disciple saw Zhu Shang asking for something. His eyes lit up suddenly. He had been coveting Zhu Shan's beauty for a long time. This was a good opportunity to succeed!

"Brother, I want a few elixirs. I dont know if my brother can get along. From the storeroom...As long as the brother agrees, I will..." Zhu Shang looked at the other person with a blushing face. .

"Since it is Sister Sister's opening, then I must agree, what kind of elixir is needed?" This brother Zhang patted his chest, but a pair of squinted eyes swept across the other's bumpy body.

"Brother, look!" Zhu Shang gave the list of three elixir to the other party.

"These three are more valuable seventh-order elixir, and they are very valuable..." Brother Zhang was shocked when he saw the three elixir. He did not dare to make a decision easily.

"We just borrowed it, and we will definitely pay it back within three days!" Zhu Shang hurriedly made a promise. She also knew that her charm was not worth the three elixir.

"It's not that Brother doesn't help you. Otherwise, the key is on me. I'm drunk now..." Brother Zhang simply lay down on the table and pretended to sleep.

Zhu Chang was stunned, but soon she understood, a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, went up to take the key in Brother Zhangs arms, and Brother Zhang was also very honestly taking advantage of this opportunity to start up and down on her body, occupying the foot Cheap.

Zhu Shang was taken advantage of, and his face turned red with shame, anger, and anger, but it was worthwhile to get three elixirs at the expense of this.

She opened the storeroom, walked in quietly, looked for it in the storeroom, and after taking enough three kinds of elixir, she would push out the door.

But at this moment, the door was pushed away from the outside by a sudden, and several people broke in with a somber complexion.

"Zhu Chang! You dare to steal the elixir of the sect, what crime should be!"

"I..." Zhu Shang was dumbfounded.

"Take her away and send it to the law enforcement elders!"