Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 388

Chapter 388: I Admit It

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There was a sudden thunder outside the window, and a heavy downpour began.

Zhu Wansan and his son and the little girl are sweating and sorting and packaging the elixir.

"Why didn't Shanger come back, the sky is about to dawn!" Zhu Wansan looked at the rainy night outside, and suddenly felt a little uneasy, and there were three hours when people were coming to get the elixir. If he couldn't pay on time, one Ten billion yuan in compensation will allow his family to live on the street immediately.

Want to repay? That is simply impossible. The rules of the Holy Medicine Sect are not something that he can reverse in an ordinary store. If he really gets to that point, he will have to run quickly, while the other partys spirit jade hasnt appeared to take away the other party. Where they cant find it.

It was already dawning, and Zhu Wansan and the three of them did not sleep overnight, and finally finished the existing elixir. At this time, there was still an hour before taking the medicine, but Zhu Shang still did not appear.

"Fighter, you go to the Holy Medicine Sect to find your sister. If you get the elixir, please come back quickly. If you don't get the elixir, we will run away!" Zhu Wansan had no choice.

"Good!" Although Zhu Zheng is extremely unhappy, he knows that this matter is related to whether he can continue to be his master.

Soon Zhu Zheng came back, and his face was still shocked and unbelievable.

"Dad! A big deal, a big deal! My sister was caught stealing the elixir!" Zhu Zheng gasped.

"Quick, pack things up, let's go!" Zhu Wansan turned pale, he knew he was really counted!

"What about my sister?"

"You can't control that much!" Zhu Wansan sent all the elixir into the storage ring, and pulled his son out of the shop.

"Zhu shopkeeper, where are you going?" Unexpectedly at this time several people appeared in front of Zhu Wansan, and one of the young men was smiling coldly at him.

"" Zhu Wansan's face suddenly turned white when he saw these people.

Because he saw Liu Dong and his elder sister Liu Qiao'er, he was looking at himself coldly at this time.

"Zhu shopkeeper, you wouldn't want to escape!" Liu Dong smiled coldly, "Don't think about it, this one beside me is the deacon of Sun Danzongfang!"

Zhu Wansan naturally knew the deacon Sun. He had to bribe the deacon Sun with a large amount of Lingyu every year to ensure that his rights and interests could be protected.

But at this time he saw Deacon Sun looking at his face, and his heart was already cold.

"Deacon Sun! My old Zhu treats you well! Why are you..." Zhu Wansan's body was paralyzed, and his face was full of grudges.

Until now he thought that the deacon Sun was engaging in himself!

"Zhu Wansan, it has nothing to do with me. The Liu shopkeeper invited me to come!" Deacon Sun smiled slightly at Liu Dong around him, and he learned through Lu Zhen that there might be a huge family standing behind him. Liu Dong's attitude is exceptionally polite.

"Liu...Liu shopkeeper! How is it possible, he is just an ordinary lay disciple of Sheng Danzong, how could it be the shopkeeper!" Zhu Wansan's explanation was very weak, because he saw the contract in his hand.

"Zhu shopkeeper, there is less than an hour, you can take out the elixir and I will purchase it at the price. If you can't take it out, don't blame me for the claim written on the contract!" Liu Dong shook the contract and smiled. .

"I admit it!" Zhu Wansan collapsed to the ground.

Zhu Wansan was completely defeated, and all his family fell into the hands of Liu Dong. Even the three-year period of Yuyaozhai became an industry under the name of Zhao Yuande.

Zhu Wansan's family was expelled from Fang City and Sheng Danzong.

Liu Dong divided the obtained spirit jade into three parts, one for the Shengdanzong people, one for himself, and the most for the storage ring that Zhao Yuande gave him.

He used Zhao Yuande's Lingyu to be able to defeat Zhu Wansan, and now he naturally wants to return the most.

Even the Shengdanzong people looked at Liu Dong with some admiration, so that an old shop could be destroyed so quickly that they could not be eroded by interests. This kind of person is most worthy of communication.

At this time, Zhao Yuande didn't know these things at all, but even if he knew, he would strongly support Liu Dong.

He began to sit cross-legged on the **** stone extorted in the sword territory of the South China Sea in Dongfu, and began to understand the rules of gold contained in it.

The magic stone is incredible, no wonder it can be collected by the ancient **** Beast Nine Infants. As soon as he sat up, he felt the breath of gold rushing into his body, and soon he seemed to wander in a golden sea among


There was a knock on the door outside the door, and at this time Zhao Yuande's body shone with a golden light, as if a **** had landed.

"I don't know how long it has been. I have a certain understanding of the rules of Jin. The next step is to need some actual combat to understand Jin Yiquan's intention!" Zhao Yuande slowly got up and opened the door.

"Qian Qian Sister!" A smiley face appeared outside the door.

"Brother Jingguang! I tell you the good news. I have successfully refined the Lingjie Elixir, and I will soon become a true disciple!" Wu Qianqin was very happy, with big watery eyes. Looking up and down at Zhao Yuande, suddenly shocked, "Hey, Brother Jingguang, you are different! It looks like a sharp sword!"

Zhao Yuande was taken aback for a moment, and then he was relieved. He had just realized the rules of Jin, and naturally there was a sharp spirit in him.

"Okay, since Sister Qianqian was promoted successfully, then I can't be too far behind, and I have to enter the inner door where Sister Sister took me to test!" Refining the spirit-level elixir was easy for him, so he didn't need to prepare .

"Great, I was just worried that there was no acquaintance in the inner door. If Brother Jingguang was here, I wouldn't be afraid!" Wu Qianqin was very happy, and the little girl's mentality was revealed.

"How many days have passed?" Zhao Yuande asked as he walked. He didn't know how much time he had passed on the Shenshi.

"Seven days! Today is the seventh day. I like the number seven. I was born on the seventh day of July. Seven is my lucky number!" The little girl was a little sad with joy, and Zhao Yuande was keenly aware of it .

"The seventh day of July... Isn't it the seventh day of July?" Zhao Yuande suddenly realized that the little girl's birthday is today, but there are no parents in these two places, and no one is with her to celebrate her birthday. She is naturally sad.

"Well! Is it my birthday today, so I chose today's assessment, but I didn't expect it to succeed!" The little girl quickly abandoned her sadness and took Zhao Yuande's arm again, getting excited again.

"Okay! Since today is Qianqian's birthday, I will give you a big gift after my assessment!" Zhao Yuande was infected by the girl's strength.

"Good!" The girl jumped joyfully, but Zhao Yuande felt a little sad and emotional.

A 14-year-old girl left her parents and entered Zongmen, which is a kind of strength in itself, and the girl can find herself on this day, which shows that she is already the closest person in her heart!

It takes only seven or eight days to know her, and only a few times of meeting and talking. The strong attitude of the other party towards life is really worth learning.