Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Greedy Black Bear

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I don't know how long it took, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a hunger spread all over his body, he opened his eyes at once.

"Hey! It's really a headache, am I still a cultivator? Why do I feel hungry and unbearable from time to time." Zhao Yuande withdrew from the practice.

This practice made him find an undead body. The first feeling in the realm is probably to refine the blood in the body, so that the concentration of the blood is greatly increased, and then urge the blood to restore the damaged position.

"Hey, no matter, the four-winged Pegasus is still placed in the storage ring. The elixir in the recipe is only one kind of dragon grass. It can't be found. It's better to make a little now and roast it casually, even if it is No special effects can add some blood, better than nothing." He sighed and dragged the huge four-winged Pegasus corpse out, cutting it into countless small parts.

Just put a pile of firewood on the outside of Dongfu and start to roast the horse meat leisurely.

But for a while, a flavour of meat spread across half of the medicine mountain. He took out the prepared seasoning from the storage ring, sprinkled it one by one, and began to rejoice.

"Sniff! Good smell, good smell!" Before Zhao Yuande wiped out a piece of roasted meat, he saw a black bear on all fours, flying down from the top of the mountain, a huge bear nose shouting, a pair of soybeans His eyes were staring at the barbecue grill in front of Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! This senior, this is my cave mansion. You don't have to go into the cave mansion without my permission. This is not so good!" Seeing the black bear's monkey anxious, Zhao Yuande's heart suddenly blossomed.

"Hey! This... kid!" The black bear's nose shook, and the fiery light was reflected in his small eyes. Zhao Yuande was speechless. He simply sat on the other side of the fire and stretched out his big furry claws. Going to grab the biggest piece of meat on the shelf.

"Slow!" Zhao Yuande hit the big paw with a fire stick in his hand.

"Why! The kid eats a piece of meat for you. Are you so disrespectful to the teacher?" The black bear simply pulled his face down and picked up the elder Zongmen.

"How dare! But senior, you haven't caught this piece yet to roast it!" He turned the meat skillfully and roasted it again, sprinkled with various condiments before handing it to the Black Bear.

"It's delicious! Oh... It's delicious! Grandpa Xiong has never eaten such delicious meat!" The black bear, regardless of whether it's hot or not, has a big mouth in the blood basin, directly stuffing the whole piece of meat into his mouth and chewing The mouth is full of oil, and the mouth is full of praise.

"Roar! It's still the flesh of the four-winged Pegasus, Grandpa Xiong's favorite!" The black bear cut a piece of meat, and then looked at the remaining barbecue, and the haraz in his mouth had merged into a stream.

"Senior, be a bear to be kind, this is my cave house, you are eating my barbecue, and these four-winged flying horses are my desperate beheadings. Are you embarrassed to eat like this?" Zhao Yuande looked at the other side with a smile. Black bear.

"Hey! The little boy underestimates your grandfather, right?" The black bear patted a large cloth pocket around his waist. A huge wine jar floated out of it, but the old wine jar issued a refreshing strong aroma.

Zhao Yuande was still a bit disappointed at first. He wanted an elixir, but when he smelled the wine, the spirit was shocked.

"Hou'er wine, brewed by the golden-backed spirit ape and collecting hundreds of fruits, contains powerful spiritual power, which can speed up the cultivation speed, strengthen the body, develop the sea, and temper the meridians..."

"It's the monkey wine!" Zhao Yuande's eyes shined, and his favorite in the last life was this kind of spirit wine. I didn't expect to see it here.

"Hey! The kid has a vision, but I'm going to steal... Bah, I'm robbing it!" The black bear smirked with pride, "This is the treasure of the old monkeys in Houshan, and it's your blessing to taste it ! Also see...give me barbecue!"

"Come on! You look good!" Zhao Yuande couldn't hold his mouth shut and hurriedly took out a pair of jade bowls from the storage ring and handed it to the black bear.

Black Bear also poured two bowls of wine carelessly.

One person and one bear began to eat and drink. The meat of the four-wing Pegasus was thousands of pounds. The stomachs of the two guys were like bottomless holes, and they ate a fine light in the blink of an eye.

The black bear's wine jar also came to an end. Although the two guys were not weak, the flesh was more powerful, but the monkey wine was not an ordinary product. After drinking it, they all started to crumble.

"Hey! Brother Xiong, you will have to take care of your younger brother in the future!" Zhao Yuande was lying on his back facing the sky, only to feel that the waves of fire were swimming around the whole body, tempering his body all the time.

"Boy! It's not Grandpa Xiong. I'm blowing. I will cover you in the future. No one dares to put more farts!" The black bear hiccupped and patted his fluffy chest violently.

"Brother Xiong isn't bragging! Brother, you're only fifth-order, Zongmen is much stronger than you." Zhao Yuande waved his hand in disbelief.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!" The black bear roared upward in grief, and the whole cave house trembling with his voice shaking.

"God is unfair to Grandpa Bear!" The black bear cried out crying, and the turbid tears seemed to be raining. "Grandpa Xiong is a strong demon bear, born with noble blood, and there is blood lineage from birth. Unfortunately, the bear In order to save Yang Chengtian's dead ghost, Grandpa spent half of his blood on this tragic situation!"

"Unfortunately, Grandpa Xiong lost half of his life, and the dead ghost didn't live a few more days. If he knew it, he wouldn't save the dead ghost..." Black Bear was drunk, and he kept scolding the dead ghost in his mouth. The deep friendship between bears.

"Brother Xiong! You can rest assured, younger brother, I will find a way to help you......grunts......"

Not knowing how long it took, Zhao Yuande slowly opened his eyes.


Suddenly he felt something sticky on his body. When he looked closely, there was a black stain on his skin.

"My body is a bit stronger, and my strength has increased. At least my current strength is more than 140,000 pounds, and my undead body has also achieved little success. The blood in the blood sea has solidified a lot and changed. It is round and crystal-clear like blood jade." Zhao Yuande glanced inside his body, shocked with a gaping tongue, "The monkey's wine is powerful!"

"Hulu...Hulu...Boy, Grandpa Bear will cover you in the future...Our brothers drink and eat meat, happy...hiccup..."

The grunts around him, the black bear was sleeping soundly, and he kept talking and talking drunk.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help smiling, although the black bear was very fierce in appearance, but it was also a bear of temperament.

Although his experience was different from his own, but he was trapped in a certain state and could not enter. How similar to himself, he felt a sympathetic feeling in his heart. He felt that he should help him.

Moreover, if it can enter the sixth order, the ordinary Yin-Yang united powerhouse is not an opponent. With this relationship, he can get more nourishment in the Fire Cloud Sect.

But how can I help it? Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning. The defect of the essence and blood was not an ordinary dark injury. If he allowed himself to recover, I'm afraid that no one could recover for thousands of years.

If there is Emperor Order Spirit Pill'Blood Dragon Bushing Pill', only one capsule can be recovered, but unfortunately not to mention the Fire Cloud Sect, even Luoxue Temple does not have the financial resources to help him, but also from eating recipes Find a solution.

Let me find some more elixir appraisal for nourishing essence and blood to see if there are any useful recipes!