Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 390

Chapter 390: Who Is Jingguang

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The refining of this kind of magical weapon, but very particular, is very rare. It can be said that the red furnace in which the flame can be bred is very rare, and the value of this golden furnace has increased by more than five times!

"Okay! Qianqian, don't be polite with your brother. Today is your birthday. Brother can't be too stingy!" Zhao Yuande took the box and solemnly handed it to Wu Qianqian's hands. "Put it away, or brother will be unhappy!"

"Well! Thank you, Brother!" Wu Qianqin held the box in her arms, and she was warm and happy.

"Practice well, and wait for you to be promoted to Xuan level, I will give you a bigger gift!" Zhao Yuande patted her head with some doting, he felt that the girl was like a little sister, and needed his own care and attention Pamper.

"Well! I will definitely work hard!" Wu Qianqian felt that today is the happiest day of his life. Brother seemed to be bullied, standing in front of him and remembering the elder brother, but unfortunately now the elder brother is alive... Suddenly, there was mist in her eyes!

"Brother, take us to look at the upper floors!" Zhao Yuande looked at the young man who was sincere and afraid, and blinked at him.

"Good!" The little guy just felt that some of his blood began to boil. Just now a heavenly stove made him worry-free in the next three years. If he can buy something more valuable, he will be satisfied in his life.

"Take me to see the spirit fire! I need a kind of spirit fire to make alchemy!" Zhao Yuande thought of the green lotus fire, and now he was promoted to the top of the fourth order. He needs to buy some spirit fire and even real fire to upgrade its realm. .

For half a day, Zhao Yuande walked through the whole Wantong Baolou. Under the situation that Wu Qianqian's shocked mouth had been closed, twelve different fires, nine spirit fires, and three real fires were all in the Wantong Baolou. In the bag!

The young man's heart blossomed with joy. Zhao Yuande spent at least 10 billion yuan here, and the young man's mention of Chengdu reached 10 million, which is really enough for him in the next half of his life.

"Brother Jingguang, who the **** are you?" On the way back, Wu Qianqian was obviously a bit cautious, and this brother was too holy! Even if he is the young master of the Saint Danzong, the Holy Saint Master who is regarded as the most talented person in that year may not be as heroic as him!

Only then did she finally realize that the dan furnace that the other party bought for herself was nothing, not even the odd fires just now.

"Okay, Qianqian, you just need to remember me, you are Brother Jingguang! It's not a good thing for you to know too much!" Zhao Yuande patted her head with a spoiled smile.

"Then...may I not want you to be my brother?" Wu Qianqian asked weakly and suddenly.

"Why?" Zhao Yuande was surprised. Was the shot just too generous and scared the little guy.

"I...I want to call you brother, okay?" The girl's eyes suddenly filled with water mist, and she again thought of the brother who was meticulous about herself!

"It turns out that this way, I happen to have a younger sister, let's go! Let's find a place to celebrate, brother and sister recognition and grand birthday, it's very good!" Zhao Yuande rejoiced in his heart, if the father and mother knew If they have a younger sister, they should be happy too!

"Brother!" Wu Qianqin left happy tears in her eyes. At this moment she looked forward to it for a long time, and finally there was another brother who cared about herself!

In Tianxianglou, the two chatted while eating, this time Wu Qianqin opened his heart to Zhao Yuande and told his story to Zhao Yuande.

Wu Qianqin was born in a small family. Both his father and his brother were alchemy masters. They were loved and admired by the family. Every day they were alchemy and discussion of alchemy. The family was very happy and happy.

However, the war between the underground demon and humans caused their little family to be almost lost. The brother died in order to protect himself, and his father blew Dantian to stop the underground demon.

He and his mother transferred tens of thousands of miles to the relatives who fled to St. Danzong, and finally settled in the small towns above and below St. Danzong with the help of this relative. Only then did Wu Qianqian now.

Zhao Yuandes master was also killed by the underground demon clan, so Zhao Yuande felt the same thing about Wu Qianqians family. After knowing the girls tragic experience, he decided to really treat her like her own sister, and let her again Feel the warmth of my brother.

The two quickly returned to Zongmen. At this time, Brother Gong had already handled all matters for the inner disciples, and their independent courtyards were connected.

"Let's go, Qianqian, let's go to listen to the elders' lecture tomorrow!" Zhao Yuande waved to Wu Qianqin and returned to his small courtyard.

"Goodbye brother!" Wu Qianqian's sweet voice warmed Zhao Yuande's heart.

In the early morning of the next day, the birds barked at the branches. Zhao Yuande practiced all night and only felt comfortable. The whole body seemed to have endless strength.

When he pushed out the door and came out, he found that Wu Qianqian was about to knock on the door.

"Let's go! Today is the first time we go to listen to the elders' lectures, and we must not go too late, otherwise we may leave a bad impression on the elders." Zhao Yuande looked at the excited little girl, her face showing a gentle Smile.

It's been a long time since I enjoyed my free life like this. He spent all day in the killing and cultivation as soon as he was born again. He never lived such a peaceful life, which made him a little nostalgic.

"Huh! Qian Qian must work hard to catch up with her brother's pace!" Wu Qian Qian clenched her fists tightly. She had seen Zhao Yuande's alchemy and knew deeply about his powerful alchemy.

The two talked and laughed, and soon came to a square in the inner gate.

At this time, there were already many inner disciples waiting in the square. They were talking and laughing, and the atmosphere was very relaxed and harmonious.

Just when the two people randomly found a place to sit down, suddenly a group of people came hurriedly not far away.

This group of people is headed by a strange young man with a white face like jade and a little red mole on his eyebrows, followed by seven or eight young men and women with extraordinary temperament behind this young man.

"It's Xie Yongyu, Brother Xie! How could he come here today?" Someone in the crowd looked at this strange young man in shock.

"I heard that Brother Xie has touched the threshold of Xuanjie, and Xiuwei has reached the mid-term of the yin and yang union. He was chosen by an elder, and is said to be a disciple!" Some people looked enviously. .

"I just heard that Brother Xie's fiancee was caught by the people in the law enforcement hall because of stealing the elixir of the sect."

"I also heard that it seems that the stealing of the elixir was a shame, and her family's Royal Medicine Restaurant has been indebted!"


For a time, there was a lot of discussion, and even Zhao Yuande was very interested in this person and paid a little attention to him.

"Who is Jingguang!" Suddenly a young man behind Xie Yongyu shouted at the crowd.

Zhao Yuande was stunned for a while, and then he thought that he was pure light!