Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 392

Chapter 392: Old Things You Die

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An old-faced old man appeared in the sight of everyone, with a cane in his hand, his body trembled a little, like a willow in the wind.

"Elder Jia is here!" I don't know who said a word softly, reminding Zhao Yuande.

"Elder Jia! Good!" These disciples are very respectful to this elder.

"Well! What the **** happened here? Why do some people fight here, do you know where this is?" Elder Jia looked at Zhao Yuande and the demon youth, "Huh, Xie Yongyu, why are you? What's wrong with you? ?"

Elder Jia suddenly saw Xie Yongyu as if he had wronged his younger daughter-in-law.

"Elder Jia, this person is brave enough to dare to hurt someone in this trip. He will take some of my skewer from the wound and still want to deal with me!" After seeing this elder Jia, the demon youth made a great deal of fashion. Tears are about to fall in grievances.

"What? It happened?" Elder Jia seemed to like this Xie Yongyu very much, and when he heard that he was humiliated and bullied, he immediately became angry. "Come here, give me this kid who hurts the same door. Send to the law enforcement hall!"

Several disciples like tigers and wolves rushed towards Zhao Yuande. They were all the followers arranged by Zongmen for the elder Jia.

"Elder Jia, this is not what he said..." Although Zhao Yuande felt that this elder Jia was suspected of being partial, he still explained, "They first provoke me!"

"Huh! The verbal battle, you will knock them all down and threaten me, you are clearly ignoring the patriarchal rule!" The demon youth has the protection of Elder Jia, and he is very angry, and dare to point Zhao Yuande to scold .

"Catch him!" Elder Jia clearly believed the words of the demon youth.

"No, I can't cover up and make my brother wronged!" Wu Qianqian was anxious, and she would stand up and speak for Zhao Yuande.

"Don't worry, your brother is okay, although he looks a little angry, but still calmly calm, he must have some backhand!" Brother Gong Gong held Wu Qianqian, he really wanted to see where Zhao Yuande is really sacred.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's figure moved, and before those disciples rushed in, he pinched the demon's neck.

"It's really a lot of ugliness, you are not a man or a woman, more words!" Zhao Yuande sneered at the several disciples around him, they were cultivated in a yin and yang unity, they were all soil. The Jiwa dog, even if the elder Jia Xiu, who was glaring at him over there, had just entered the field.

"You... your sect's rebellion, you dare to be in front of me and commit murder in your face, you..." Elder Jia got some scams from Zhao Yuande.

"Give me back, otherwise his life will be lost!" Zhao Yuande squeezed the demon youth's hand slightly, and heard the sound of a slight bone fracture, his neck seemed to be overwhelmed, the next moment Will be crushed.

"Rewind, don't let him hurt Master Xie's nephew!" Elder Jia turned pale, thinking of the master Xie Yongyu just visited, this guy is extremely protective of the calf, if his apprentice was killed because of his relationship, I am afraid that Can't walk around without eating.

"Boy, if you have something to say, why do you kill?" Elder Jia changed his face and softened his attitude towards Zhao Yuande. "As long as you let Xie and Nie, I have the right to do everything. Never happened again!"

"Really?" Zhao Yuande looked at Elder Jia and smiled slightly. "So many disciples are watching, you won't be speechless!"

"No, absolutely not, I swear by my reputation!" Elder Jia also escaped, save the teacher and nephew first!

"Well, go back and reflect on yourself!" Zhao Yuande directly threw the demon youth to Elder Jia.

In the end, Elder Jia is a strong man in the realm of the realm, and he easily grabbed the demon youth and looked up and down, and found that there was nothing serious, and then he took a breath.

"Give me this kid!" Elder Jia turned his face faster than he turned the book, pointing at Zhao Yuande and giving the order directly.

The disciples surrounded Zhao Yuande again, and there was a fool look on his face.

"Elder Jia, how can you talk the same as farting." Zhao Yuande was almost amused by this Elder Jia.

"Humph! Against you, threatening fellows, arrogant and arrogant..." Elder Jia listed a dozen crimes by Zhao Yuande, showing a dauntless spirit of feeding the devil, "In exchange for my little reputation, The warriors of Zongmen are peaceful and worthwhile!"

The previous disciples were all stunned. This elder Jia's Kung Fu is really first-rate!

But these disciples are all new disciples. They dare not talk more for an unrelated disciple like Zhao Yuande.

"You're so confused!" Wu Qianqin couldn't help it anymore, and rushed out directly, pointing at Elder Jia softly.

Her brother was so stigmatized by people, how could she still sit, regardless of Brother Gong's persuasion.

"You... how dare you insult an elder like this, do you want to be expelled from Ten Thousand Saints!" Elder Jia trembles with Wu Qianqian's words, he doesn't like others to say that he is old, but now A little disciple pointed at his nose and scolded the old man, which almost blew her off.

"Finished! Finished! This is going to be a big deal!" Brother Gong had some headaches. As everyone knows, this elder Jia's taboo is that others say he is old, especially the old confused, he can't hear it!

Now that the sister-in-law has personally committed taboo, I am afraid that she will really be expelled from the teacher. Even if she is her master, I am afraid that Elder Jia's anger will not be suppressed at this moment!

"Huh! If Sheng Danzong is really your old confused, this Zongmen can't wait!" Wu Qianqin came to Zhao Yuande and took his hand, "Brother, let's go!"

" still want to go!" Elder Jia was almost blown away, and the folds of his old face showed a terrible grin. A faint blue flame struck him in his hand and burned towards Wu Qianqian.

"It's a strange fire!" Some disciples exclaimed.

"This is a real fire-level strange fire, it seems to be true blue star flame! This kind of flame is used for alchemy, and it can definitely increase Cheng Dan's rate by 20%!" Someone recognized this flame and immediately envied his face.

"Elder Jia is about to burn this sister and sister, it's awful!"

"Who told her to commit Elder Jia's taboo, now no one can save her!"

All the disciples shook their heads helplessly. This elder Jia was the most paranoid, with a bit of poisonous means. If he had not a superb alchemy, he would have lost his position as an elder.

"This is really..." Brother Gong shook his head and sighed, and he couldn't manage it anymore.

"Old thing, you are dead!" Zhao Yuande was angry at this time, the other party was really vicious and insidious, Wu Qianqian just scolded him, he was going to be so poisonous.