Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 393

Chapter 393: Turkey Chicken

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Wu Qianqin is his identified sister. No one can hurt her in front of him. Even a **** emperor dare to go up and suppress it with the Eternal Tower. Now the old things in the early stage of a realm area dare to kill his sister. He doesn't care what St. Danzong is or not, he will shoot out boldly and kill him on the spot.

"Stop! Brother Jia, you're over!" A voice appeared at the scene from far and near, and the blue flame was wiped out with a sleeve.

"Brother Lin, you... you're having a lot of business!" Elder Jia saw this person, and his face suddenly became somber. Obviously, he and this person were very uncooperative.

"Okay! Don't be embarrassing here anymore!" The man is a ruddy old man. He is tall and tall and standing there seems to be a majestic mountain.

"This woman insulted me and disrespected the elders. Can I not teach you?" Elder Jia did not retreat, pointing at Zhao Yuande and said, "There is this kid who beats the same door. This made him wanton!"

Elder Lin glanced at Zhao Yuande and Wu Qianqin, and sneered: "They will not die even if they do! You just wanted to kill this girl!"

"Huh! I don't respect the teacher, I don't have to die!" Elder Jia is still tough.

"Old things, what are you, let's respect you, it's better to respect a dog!" Zhao Yuande was already anxious at this time, and his speech had begun to be unscrupulous. He didn't mind killing this Elder Jia to stand up and stand up.

"Brother Lin, did you hear that?" Elder Jia turned Sen Han's face, looking at Zhao Yuande, "Your boy is dead today, even if the lord is here, I will kill you!"

"Old stuff, do you have that ability?" Zhao Yuande scorned, "But don't cry for a while and call your mother."

"You don't deserve to be an elder at all. All the brothers and sisters have seen what happened just now. It's clear that they bullied their brother. The brother was just forced to fight back! You've been the only one who thanked Brother Xie, but also backfired, you are old. Confused! Its the old confused!" Wu Qianqian also blamed on the side.

"Brother Lin, did you hear it? Can you hear it? If you stop me again today, I will fight with you!" Elder Jia is mad if he knows he is not Brother Lin's opponent and wants to block it first His mouth.

"Hey!" Brother Lin shook his head. He knew how crazy this Elder Jia was. He was harassed by a disciple. In the end, the disciple killed this disciple in the presence of the patriarch. Although the elder Jia had some skills, the patriarch was not afraid of it, but Behind Elder Jia is an elder Taizhang. This elder Taizhao is a younger brother of the former suzerain, Dan Ding. The authority is so great that even the suzerain is not as good, so he developed the unbridled character of Elder Jia.

He didn't want to be wicked with this crazy guy because of a talented disciple.

"Hey! I think who will come to save you today!" Elder Jia madly urged his true blue star flame, toward Zhao Yuande and Wu Qianqian.

The air was burning and crackling, all the vegetation around withered, and the whole space was hot, so that all the disciples changed their colors.

"I want you to die, and you both to die!" Elder Jia laughed wildly, unscrupulously.

"Hey! Is this the Saint Danzong I'm looking forward to?" Zhao Yuande looked at Elder Lin and found that Lin Lin's eyes were helpless. "Since this is the case, I will let Saint Danzong look different!"

Zhao Yuande urged the green lotus fire in his body to turn into a huge blue lotus, and the blue lotus began to absorb the powerful firepower of the true blue star flame between the openings.

"You... there is also a strange fire! And..." Elder Jia felt that his flame was being swallowed by the other party, and suddenly his face changed suddenly. He wanted to try his best to recover his flame, but found that the real blue star flame seemed to be like It is no longer under his control and begins to weaken and then weaken!

" can't do this!" In the eyes of everyone shocked, Elder Jia's true blue star flame was swallowed clean, but a blue lotus was left in the scene.

Everyone was shocked. Was this why he got the hole?

It's really strong enough, but it can't stop Elder Jia's madness.

As soon as this flame is taken out, let alone Elder Jia, an alchemy master will be jealous. Can you be a disciple?

"What kind of flame are you!" Sure enough, as soon as Elder Lin saw Zhao Yuande's green lotus fire, his eyes were straightened. He felt that the blue lotus flower that had swallowed the true blue star flame was soaring. Raised the level.

This kind of flame that can swallow other flames for promotion, he has never heard of it, what he has not seen, if he can get this flame...

Elder Lin's eyes are getting hotter and hotter, watching Zhao Yuande's eyes become extremely hot.

"Damn! Damn! You actually ruined my true blue star flame, then use your flame to compensate me!" Elder Jia is crazy, but like Elder Lin, staring at the blue lotus around Zhao Yuande's body .

"Come on!" Elder Jia had a yellow gourd in his hand, and he would pull the plug towards Zhao Yuande.

"Slow down! Elder Jia, are you too much! This is a poisonous gourd, are you going to hurt the innocent?" Elder Lin came up and held Elder Jia's hand, righteously reprimanded, "You Are there any rules for Zongmen in your eyes?"

"Lao Lin, you dare to stop me! Believe me or not, I detonated all the poisonous gourds with you!" Elder Jia looked very ugly. This guy clearly saw the other person's green lotus, and greed grew in his heart. This came up to stop me. , How can I make you happy!

"You... crazy!" Elder Lin's face stiffened, but the other party was a lunatic and could definitely do such a thing.

"Hey! I'm not crazy, you are blinded by greed. If you want to **** this real fire with me, you have to pay the price!" Elder Jia sneered.

The disciples around me heard the four words "Poisonous Calabash", and they suddenly became pale for a while. They no longer dared to stay here and began to flee.

"Hey... It turns out that the elders of Saint Danzong are also so greedy, it seems that I am really wrong!" Zhao Yuande saw Elder Lin even showing greedy face at this time, and immediately sighed.

"Brother! What should I do?" Although Wu Qianqian was simple, he could see the greed in Elder Lin's eyes.

"Natural Chicken Wagouer!" Zhao Yuande gently patted her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Relax, they can't help me at all, just wait for a good show!"

Zhao Yuande's composure and calmness made Wu Qianqin's heart suddenly relaxed. Although she had not been in contact with Zhao Yuande for a long time, she could feel that this brother was a very calm person, and everything seemed to be under his control.

"Jiao Lao Gui, don't force me! I'm out of a hurry!" Elder Lin's fingers flicked a yellowish ray of light to form a field of earth around his body. Although the poisonous gourd was amazing, he wanted to enter his The realm of earth is still a bit hot.

"Did you two have enough trouble?" Suddenly burst into the ears of everyone like a thunder.