Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 395

Chapter 395: Three Reunited

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Zhao Yuande actually found a familiar figure among these dozen bald monks, which was a long time apart!

What the **** is this guy doing now? Why haven't you been looking for yourself for so long, you must get the black wind out for a while, and drag him to the dark corner to beat him hard!

And several figures emerged from the patriarch's hall at this time, among which the first two were the deceased patriarchs of Zhao Shengde who were familiar with Zhao Yuande, and the elder Zhenyang Zi, and some powerful elders followed behind, that way The wife was now behind the real person of Cassia.

"Amitabha!" An old white-browed monk said the Buddha's number to the real cassia, "Let's talk about the cassia donor!"

"Master Mingzhen, my disciples don't need to hide, what are you talking about! Is there something abnormal on the front line?" Jumei Zhen's face is not very good-looking, he got the clan's disciples to report that there was an alien invasion in the south of Zhongyu Now, many Da Zong Men have sent strong men to support them, and even Heavenly Zen has dispatched several strong men this time.

"Amitabha! It is true. The aliens have committed a large amount of crimes this time, and have successively killed several cities, turning all the residents of the city into their food! Even the coalition forces of several major gates are blocked by them on the Ganges!" Bai Meilao The monk looked very serious.

"Alien invasion! Didn't the underground demon clan join us in confrontation? Did they shoot?" Mrs. Lu asked.

"No, we contacted them, and they don't know why they dragged on and off again!" The old white-browed monk shook his head.

"When did this happen? Why did we get the news today?" Jumeier asked again.

"Three days ago, someone deliberately concealed this matter, and we suspect that a senior member of the China Alliance has already turned to an alien!" Bai Mei's old face was not very good-looking.

"Why didn't the guardian family intervene? This is an alien..." Mrs. Lu said.

"Hey! The guardian family is pinned down by the unknown strong presence, but they send us a message saying that this time the alien invasion will not have the strong men above the emperor, and Quandang is a test of the Eastern World!" The old white-browed monk said.

"There is no strong man above the emperor, this is still good news!" Madam Lu exhaled a long breath, so the Holy Medicine Sect should be intact.

At this time, the following disciples and elders can be fully understood. It turned out that the East Emperor Great World ushered in a new challenge, alien invasion.

"What! There was an alien invasion, why didn't we get the information before?" There was a pale face of the elder in shock.

"What can I do? The aliens are terrible, and our Eastern Emperor World will not be captured!" Some disciples seemed to see a scene where the aliens ruled the whole world and the people did not talk about life.


Zhao Yuande frowned, and the alien invasion really was different from his previous life. They had a lot of time in advance. Didn't they already bear it?

It seems that I really can't stay here comfortably now. I'm going to the front line to kill people, and I have to get rid of the poisonous tumor of the Mojia.

The real people of Cassia have been chatting with the old monk for a long time, and everyone knows the current situation in general. Many coalition forces of super powers have reached the Ganges at this time, and the practitioners there have blocked the progress of the aliens.

The underground demon clan did not know why, but did not send troops according to the agreement, but could not shrink, and did not know what they planned.

At this time, the Zhongyu Alliance was basically under the control of the Mohists and became a cancer of the aliens attacking the Eastern Emperor.

Because the strong man above the emperor will not be able to do much harm to the Eastern Emperor World. In general, the battle is now stable. Although the two sides are fighting frequently, each has damages but it is still within the scope of suffering.

Seeing that the old monk and the real person of Cassia are still negotiating, Zhao Yuande finally couldn't help but said to Yi Jie: "Bald, come out and meet me!"

Hearing this familiar voice, and one ring of joy, he began to look around, hoping to see the friend he had not seen for a long time.

"Look at anything, come and meet me in Houshan!" Zhao Yuande now does not want to reveal his identity, his body disappeared in a flash.

Yi Jie said a word to an old monk beside him, and walked excitedly towards Houshan.

Zhao Yuande had arrived at Houshan and directly pulled the black wind out of the Eternal Tower.

"Boy, what are you doing! The real person is fighting a lion king and will soon win!" Heifeng grinned very uncomfortably.

"Look, who is here!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the distance.

Heifeng turned his head suspiciously, and suddenly saw a familiar figure, a light head, and a beating face.

"Bald! Haha, I want to die real!" Heifeng rushed up excitedly.

"Black wind! You bear blind man is not dead yet!" As soon as he saw the black wind, his eyes suddenly showed joy, and he returned to Tianzong so long, every time he was quiet, he would remember the days with Zhao Yuande and them .

Especially the black bear that makes people love and hate, let him leave the deepest memory!

"Your boy is not dead, how could I die!" Heifeng gave him a big bear hug, and then began to look up and down and took a ring hug, "Haha! Bald man, your cultivation is not as good as mine now, I am now But the five gods in the field are in a realm!"

"You... why enter the country so fast!" Suddenly surprised, he entered the Heavenly Zen Sect, but was sent to the Supreme Buddha Kingdom for trial. He was worried that the fast entry into the country would cause unstable foundations.

"What do you say!" Zhao Yuande patted his chest, "That must be my credit!"

"Bald, you don't know, the **** sea of corpses we killed in the sword territory of the South China Sea, this kid was called the supremely glorious name of the big devil and Zhao Dakeng!" Heifeng laughed and turned Nanhai Many things that happened in Jianyu were told to the other party.

Zhao Yuande smiled aside and did not stop you. Although there were many secrets in it, Zhao Yuande believed that Yijie was not a talkative person.

"You said... you killed Long Zhaoyun, who is 23rd in the list, and forced You Jiutian, the seventh in the list!" The mouth of Yi Jie simply couldn't close, at least two Duck eggs.

"That's all trivial!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "I haven't really exerted my strength yet!"

"I... I'm not alive!" Almost all of the crying cried. I originally thought that I had countless encounters in the Buddhist kingdom. By coincidence, I cultivated the Buddha's immortal body and the Buddha's mantra. He can be proud of his peers, although he feels I may not be able to defeat Zhao Yuande, but I have to get closer!

Unexpectedly, Zhao Yuande had grown to such a level that he had to look up!

And this bear also entered the state quickly, even higher than his own small realm, although he felt that he should now have the strength to suppress the pillow bear, but his heart was still a little shocked.

"Let's go! Follow us in the future, make sure you eat spicy and spicy!" Heifeng grabbed Yi Ji's shoulder and blinked at him hard.

"But..." Although Yi Jie was very emotional, how did Master explain.