Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 397

Chapter 397: Don't Kill It Yet

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"Ah! I was so badly damaged by them!" Qin Xingyu opened his mouth wide and said a little unnaturally, "I'm only thirteen years old this year! Their posture..."

"Okay! I'll take you to the Forever Tower." Zhao Yuande looked at them. The two guys were entangled. You bit me. I tore your clothes. It was unsightly. They really took bad children. Qin Xingyu was sent directly to the Eternal Tower for trial.

"Should I go back and have a look, I don't know what is happening now!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of Wu Qianqian. This little girl was very worried about herself. She might be really worried if she didn't go back for so long.

"Hey! Are you two guys having enough trouble? Now you have two options, enter the Eternal Tower for trial, or follow me back to Sheng Danzong!" Zhao Yuande called the two guys to stop and asked for their opinions.

"Eternal Tower Trial... I can only reach the ninth floor, it's terrible!" As soon as the Black Wind mentioned the Eternal Tower trial, his face suddenly turned black, but he was tortured to death on the tenth floor.

He was also very stubborn at first, but after more than ten consecutive times, he found that he had no hope at all. In the future, he only reached the ninth floor!

"Hey! The poor monk has just come out of the Buddhist kingdom and has been abused by countless Arhat King Kong figures. He finally came out to clean it up, but don't let me suffer again!" Yi Jie also shook his head again and again.

"In this case, you change your appearance a little bit, otherwise it's easy for someone who is interested to think of me."

"it is good!"

The two guys turned into lion-snouted red-haired men, and one turned into a bald-headed man with full-faced flesh. The two guys followed Zhao Yuande like an iron tower, and there was really a smell of bodyguards.

"Okay, when you arrive at the Shengdanzong, remember to be low-key and don't talk nonsense!" Zhao Yuande focused on the black wind and asked.

"Okay! Really long-winded, am I the black wind kind of person?"

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande said in unison with Yi Jie.

"you guys"

They quickly returned to the Shengdanzong Refining Medicine Hall, but as soon as they walked into the Refining Medicine Hall, they found that it was a bit chaotic. Here, many people were talking about everything.

"Hey, brother, what happened?" Zhao Yuandela asked a brother from the refining hall.

"You don't know, Elder Jia just took away a female disciple, and still claimed what she wanted. Jingguang went to see him! Speaking of this Jingguang, it was really bullish, so dare to challenge the two elders..." The disciple said He suddenly realized that the atmosphere was a bit wrong. He felt as if he had entered the cold winter twelfth lunar month, and a body of cold air penetrated his bone marrow.

"Elder Jia, you are really looking for death!" Zhao Yuande heard this disciple's words, and he couldn't calm down anymore. "Let's go and kill!"

He was arrogantly murderous, and the disciples around the impact fell to the ground. Everyone present was shocked to see the two fierce guys behind Zhao Yuande. They thought that the terrible breath just came from these two people.

"Boy! Don't you want to be low-key?" Heifeng asked puzzled.

"Low-key damsel!" Zhao Yuande's anger at this time has been able to ignite the entire Sheng Danzong.

This elder Jia is really thief, he dare to use Wu Qianqian to threaten himself, this is obviously wanting his own green lotus fire.

His soul radiated the entire Shengdanzong in an instant, and found Elder Jia's position at this moment.

He was conspiring with an old man, and it seemed that he was arranging some traps for him to break into.

At this time, the Sect Master and Mrs. Lu are not among the Sects. No wonder Elder Jia dares to be so presumptuous!

"Since you are going to die, it's no wonder I!" Zhao Yuande turned into an electric light and rushed towards Elder Jia's place.

Heifeng and Yijie glanced at each other, and hurriedly followed, they knew that Zhao Yuande was angry that Sheng Danzong was going to be unlucky!

In Elder Bieyuan, Elder Jia is planning with two friends at this time.

"Are you sure that Sect Master and Mrs. Lu will not return within a day?" Elder Jia asked the people around him.

"Okay! They went to the front together and took the twelve elders away." The man with triangular eyes and ba Zihu looked like it was poisonous and spicy.

"That's fine, I took this kid to take things from him, and then quietly disposed of him, even if the suzerain they come back, they can't take me!" Elder Jia smiled coldly.

"Let's just say it, as long as I help you with this matter, you have to help me do that too!" This triangular eye reveals its gleam.

"Hey! No problem, isn't it just taking you to the treasure trove to take away some elixir? This little meaning!" Elder Jia smiled innocently.

Just when the two were conspiring, suddenly he felt a feeling of palpitations. Elder Jia was a little unclear. So, how could there be danger in Shengzongzong? This is not because of over-excitement and mistakes!

"Elder Jia, I feel a little shocked! Is there anything going to happen?" Triangular Eyes also feel this way. He is cautious and radiates outward.

But at this time, the door outside shattered and the three of them broke in like a demon.

Zhao Yuande saw the two guys in front of him, his eyes showing fierce light.

"Elder Jia, aren't you looking for me? I'm coming!" Zhao Yuande's voice was horrible, "Is my sister there?"

Elder Jia felt that three terrible breaths enveloped himself instantly, especially the kid who was looked down upon by himself in front of him, as if he was a terrifying demon coming out of hell, scaring him almost to the ground.

The triangular eye beside him, at this time is even a double-strike battle, almost dared not move.

"Hey! It turned out to be these two little cubs!" Heifeng saw the two guys were just a combination of yin and yang, suddenly smiled, and grabbed the triangular eyes, "Come on first! Let's be real Have fun with you!"

"Ah! Don't... don't!" Triangle Eye only felt that as soon as the flower in front of him, he became a captive of others. The other party is too powerful, and in his sense is stronger than the world power of Zongmen!

"Don't kill it first!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the black wind.

"OK! I'm not interested in this kind of old guy, the bones are old! It's not tasty! Ah... you old thing is peeing, I..." Heifeng suddenly smelled a pee of urine and saw him in front of him The old man with triangular eyes was pale, his whole body trembling as if he was going crazy, and his pants were wet.

"Go!" Heifeng kicked the old man with triangular eyes, kicking him into the corner of the room.

"My sister is in the next room, you help me rescue her as soon as possible!" Zhao Yuande didn't dare to let the black wind guy go, he didn't take the weight lightly, so don't hurt Wu Qianqian.

Elder Jia stood at the corner of the wall at this time, posing with a pendulum all over his body, as if an innocent girl had been forced into the corner by a pervert.