Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 398

Chapter 398: Waste Limbs

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"Jing...Jingguang...I..." Elder Jia didn't know what to say at this time,

Please, forgiveness, the other party obviously will not let go of themselves. Be a little bit angry, the other party's means can't stand it!

"Just your mother!" Zhao Yuande slaps half of his face in a slap and yells angrily, "Can you be an elder like you? Or the elder of Sheng Danzong, I don't know who blinded the dog!" Put people like you up!"

", forgive me!" Elder Jia crying, crying very sad, he regretted that his intestines were green.

Why is he so brainless, the other party has been indifferent since he has faced himself, as if he didnt put himself in his eyes at all, he started to think that the other party is relying on his family, and now he knows, they dont even see themselves in the eyes, the other partys The terrible strength has far exceeded his imagination!

"Forgive you, give me a reason to forgive you!" Zhao Yuande sneered, "I don't believe, what reason can you say for this kind of garbage!"

"I... my grandpa is Elder Jia Tai, a strong man in the later stage of the world. If you kill me, he won't spare you!" Elder Jia talked about his grandfather, and there was a trace of vitality in his eyes.

"Humph! Not enough!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again.

A strong man in the later stage of the world, he can kill him without fear.

"I... I can give you treasure, spirit jade, and immortality... I can give you anything as long as there is a holy medicine sect!" Elder Jia's face is all miserable, he has some doubts, grandpa will Will not do this for himself.

"Sheng Danzong's stuff? It's not my eyes yet!" Zhao Yuande still responded coldly.

If he wants something from Sheng Danzong, as long as he reveals his true identity and takes out your relics from the real people of Dan Ding, from time to time, Sheng Danzong still asks for it from him, does he need Elder Jia?

"I..." Elder Jia was desperate.

"Brother!" At this moment Wu Qianqin rushed out of the back room and saw Zhao Yuande plunged into his arms. "Brother, you are finally here!"

"Good boy! It's alright, my brother is here!" Zhao Yuande patted her on the back gently to appease her.

"Well! I knew my brother would come to save me!" Wu Qianqin relied happily in Zhao Yuande's arms, as if a little sister was coquettish with her brother.

"Okay! Qianqian, what do you think we should do with Elder Jia?" Zhao Yuande asked Wu Qianqian's opinion.

"This man is necrotic, framed his brother, and arrested me again to threaten his brother! It's better to scratch him..." Wu Qianqin scratched his head and looked at Zhao Yuande's face, "Why not beat him?"

"I'm damn, I'm damn! Qian Qian Qian girl, you beat me!" Elder Jia fell on his knees and fell to Wu Qian Qian's bow.

"Brother! What do you think?" Wu Qianqin saw Elder Jia's age, and he knelt on the ground to make himself guilty. His heart suddenly softened.

"Okay! Interrupt his limbs and throw it to the square of the patriarch's hall, let everyone admire!" Zhao Yuande winked at the black wind.

"Okay, break your limbs! Hey!" Heifeng Yin smiled, looking at Elder Jia somewhere with good intentions!

"Limbs..." Elder Jia's eyes saw the black wind, and his horrified hair stood up, "No... don't..."

"Hey! You can't help you! Come over to me!" Black Wind, like an eagle catching a chick, captured Elder Jia, slammed his limbs into mud, and...

"Qianqian, let's go!" Zhao Yuande took Wu Qianqian's shoulder and took her away from here.

At this time, the screams here have almost alarmed the entire Shengdanzong, and everyone rushed in this direction in shock. They wanted to see what happened in the elder Bieyuan.

"Hey! What about this guy?" Yi Jie reminded Zhao Yuande, the old man with triangular eyes.

"Break five limbs together!" Zhao Yuande's cold words came out.

"Ah... Help!" The old man with the triangular eyes had already seen Elder Jia's miserableness, so scared that his face was pale, and he shouted frantically to escape.

"You come to me!" Heifengxie smiled and rushed up to grab him back, "Break the limbs, I like it, hehe!"

"What's going on here?" Several strong men came together and looked at Zhao Yuande and Wu Qianqian who walked out of Elder Jia's room.

"Elder Jia reversed his actions and was abandoned by me!" Zhao Yuande looked at the strong men.

Most of their cultivation bases are in the realm of the realm. At this moment, their faces changed as they heard the screams in the house.

"You! Who are you, why are you appearing in my Saint Danzong!" The leading elder's face was very unsightly, he could feel the terrible breath from the boy opposite.

"I am a disciple of Sheng Danzong! This is my sister Wu Qianqin!" Zhao Yuande did not hide his identity.

"You are Jingguang!" The lead elder's face changed suddenly.

"Boy, where are these two wastes hanging?" Heifeng rushed out of the room at this time, wandering in front of Zhao Yuande with one hand in hand.

Shaking his head helplessly, he followed.

Zhao Yuande glanced at the two miserable elders. When he saw the elder with the triangular eyes, he frowned slightly, and he felt a strange breath circulate on the elder, as was a demon gas!

"Mo Hong, Elder Shengzongzong, Elder Brother Mo, a field of long-term habitat, the body of the demon wolf, low-level ingredients..."

Seeing this introduction, he suddenly gave a strange arc to the corner of his mouth!

"Elder Jia, Elder Di!" When the two people saw a hazy body of blood, the leading elder's face suddenly turned ugly. "You... you are too vicious! How dare you rely on the family The power of the two elders is abolished. Where are you when I am Saint Danzong?"

"Hey, what is your kid calling? Is it better than the voice?" Heifeng looked at the elder unwillingly. "Taking someone's younger sister as a threat, is that what your Saint Danzong did?"

"No matter what the two elders committed, I will take care of it by the Holy Danzong, and it's not your turn to get over!" The lead elder looked very unsightly. He used to hate this elder Jia's person, but now it's about the entire Holy Dan Zong's face, he had to do so.

"Okay! Don't shout again, get me this grandpa of garbage, let me see what he will say!" Zhao Yuande pointed to Elder Jia, and said ruthlessly, "If he wants to cover this garbage, I also abolished his five limbs today and hung it on Sundance Square!"

"Bold! Do you dare to be so disobedient, do you know what Jia Taishang is doing?" The leading elder's complexion suddenly became cold. This person even dared to challenge Jia Taishang, is it crazy?

"Yes! Put all your limbs off Jiatai together!" Heifeng feared that the world would not be chaotic and screamed!

"You two protect Qianqian!" Zhao Yuande sent Wu Qianqian to the side of Yijie. He felt that a strong man was approaching here. Probably the elder Jia's grandpa Jia was too!