Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Dan Maniac

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"Hey! Is Brother Zhao here?"

In contemplation, Zhao Yuande suddenly heard a voice sound outside the cave.

He hurriedly got up, walked out of Dongfu, and saw an eleven-two-year-old little road boy, looking around carefully.

"Brother, what are you looking for me for?" Zhao Yuande knew this little boy, who was the alchemy boy in front of Master.

"The old man got angry and said that you wouldn't visit him for three days, asking me to come to you!" the boy said, looking around nervously, his eyes wide with vigilance.

"Brother, what are you looking at?" Zhao Yuande wondered.

Xiao Daotong lowered his voice and whispered: "Brother, haven't you met the evil bear?"


Suddenly, a roar and thunder sounded behind Zhao Yuande. Black Bear didn't know when he woke up, looking at Xiaodaotong with a fierce look on his face.

"Mother!" The little Daotong was so scared that he was so dead that he almost collapsed to the ground.

"Okay Brother Xiong! This is my younger brother, don't scare him." Zhao Yuande hurriedly stopped the black bear and waved his hand to Xiaodaotong. "Brother first, let me go! I'll be there later."

If the Daotong was forgiven, he nodded and ran.

"Little Bunny, dare to say bad things about Grandpa Bear, Grandpa Bear has eaten you!" The black bear waved a huge bear paw, pretending to be a fierce look.

The little boy was scared with a trembling, a little faster.

"Humph! Grandpa Xiong will go back to make up for it again. If you come back, you will have to go to the top of the mountain to find me. There is something to discuss with you. It's very important!"

It seems that what it likes to do the most is to scare children in addition to eating and drinking.

When Zhao Yuande came to Danfeng, he discovered that Master Zun was reprimanding Xiaodaotong.

"Idiot boy, if it wasn't careless when grinding just now, can this furnace "He Xu Dan" be able to fry the furnace?"

"Humph! The fryer will only find me!" Xiao Daotong whispered, whispering, "I just hit my hand, the fryer shuts me down."

"You... your kid still dare to talk back!" The old man pointed at Xiaodaotong, his face getting darker and darker.

"I have seen Master!" Zhao Yuande also knew the whole story when he heard it.

Hexu Dan is a Xuan-level pinnacle elixir that increases the chance of breaking through the yin and yang unity. It is very difficult to refine, and there are still many loopholes in the Dan side that is circulated outside.

But he got the alchemy technique of Dan Ding real person, and he has the real Danfang of Hexu Dan.

"Well! What's your kid doing these days? Why didn't you come and practice alchemy with me, don't think you can slack off with good talent..." The old man frowned and began to bombard him with education.

"Master, I heard that my apprentice Shui Youdao also came to Zongmen. Didn't he know that he came to see the ancestor?" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of Shui Youdao. This guy didn't come to Zengmen to see himself.

"Oh, that's right!" said the old man with a mess of hair. "This kid is very hard-working, but I have something to send him to Shuiyun City, and I haven't had time to notify you!"

"Shui Youdao's boy's pill spells amazed me even a lot. Who the **** is your mysterious master?" The old man said this, and his eyes shone brightly.

"Well, this..." Zhao Yuande didn't know how to explain it. "By Master, I seem to think of the formula of Hexu Dan. It is better for us to study the two!"

"Really?" The old man put Zhao Yuandela into the Dan room.

"Huh!" Xiao Daotong let out a breath, lowering his head to clean up the fry after the fryer.

"Haha! It succeeded! It succeeded!" There was a burst of excitement from the Danfang. The old man rushed out of the Danfang, holding several Huangcancan Elixir in his hand, and his face was full of excitement.

Zhao Yuande came out with a smile, the old man's elixir combined with his instructions, a pot of six top-grade elixir was freshly baked.

"Hey! Boy, come here and pass on all the Danfangs you know to Master, and Master is good for research!" The old man licked his face and leaned to Zhao Yuande, there was still a little master's look.

"This..." Zhao Yuande's face was embarrassed, and he looked a little tentative.

"Little Bunny, old man, I know what idea you hit, well, this is my token, as long as you don't overturn the ancestral hall of the sect, no one will pursue you." Although the old man is a fool, but At the same time, it is also an old fried dough stick. The apprentice's thoughts made him understand at a glance that he really wanted benefits.

"Thank you, Master!" Zhao Yuande grabbed the token and smiled, "Go, let's say inside, be careful with ears next to the wall."

Two days later, Zhao Yuande dragged his tired body out of the Dan room.

The old man discussed Dan Dao as if he had become enchanted, dragging Zhao Yuande to talk.

The straight-talking Zhao Yuande was dizzy and yawning, and the old man began to test alchemy.

After getting a new recipe, the old man seemed to be beaten with stimulants, refining one furnace after another.

In the past two days, I have obtained several precious elixirs, but the spiritual power has been pumped cleanly. In the end, I really can't persevere. The old man just let go.

After returning to Dongfu, he took a few restorative potions and meditated to recover.

To his surprise, after recovery, the spiritual power actually increased by 10%, and the empty sea of blood, which was originally empty, also gradually began to have the mist of aura.

"It's a pity! If spiritual power and physical body are taken into account, the speed of cultivation will be greatly slowed down. I'll still practice physical body and lay the foundation before I say it!" Zhao Yuande sighed a little.

Your own sea of blood is vast and infinite. Only by expanding the sea of blood to the maximum and absorbing the aura of the sea of blood, you can gradually rejuvenate the fetus and enter the next step of cultivation.

And most of the aura he got from cultivation now is used to temper the flesh. If it is not to eat and inherit the Taoism, his cultivation speed will be a little slower.

Zhao Yuande walked out of the cave house and walked towards the top of Yaofeng.

Along the way, he discovered a large number of medicine gardens, all of which were hard-working by disciples of Zongmen, but the faces of these disciples were all frightened.

Many disciples saw Zhao Yuande appear, some were anxious, some were indifferent, and some were gloating.

"This younger brother!" He passed a medicine garden, and a handsome young man stopped him.

"Brother, what's the matter?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other strangely and found that he didn't know.

"I've never seen a younger brother, this younger brother is new! Don't go around here, otherwise..." The Hanhou young man looked around and lowered his voice, "Otherwise you'll be unlucky, there are mountains Great horror!"

"Thank you Senior Brother, younger brother Zhao Yuande, I don't know your brother's surname?" Zhao Yuande actually has some good feelings for this honest young man. So many people only remind him by saying something.

"I am Zhang Ruoyu, a disciple of Qifeng." Hanhou Youth arched his hand. "But Brother Shi has taken the sect mission and came to manage the medicine field?"

"No! I'm looking for someone." Zhao Yuande wrote down the person's name and waved at him, walking straight to the summit.

"Hey, if you don't listen to good people's persuasion, it's the demon bear's nest..." Zhang Ruoyu sighed and shook his head again to wait for the medicine field.