Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 400

Chapter 400: She Just Passed By

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"What the **** happened?" Dong Guo Rulong looked at Elder Di.

"Elder Taishang, elder Jia and I are discussing major issues on the front line. I didn't expect that they rushed in and captured us directly, and also abolished our limbs! Woo!" Elder Di is not stupid, he can't say that he and Elder Jia Conspiracy to plot Zhao Yuande's Qinglian fire.

"Is that true?" Dong Guo Rulong looked at Zhao Yuande. He felt that things were not so simple. Who would be bored to such an extent.

"Mo Hong, you seem to have forgotten her, my sister, what role did she play in this farce!" Zhao Yuande looked at Elder Di with a smile.

"She, she... she just passed by!" Elder Di did not respond at first, but his face soon changed, "What Mo Hong, what are you talking about?"

"Dongguo Taishang, I think you still support the power of the world first, don't let the things here pass out!" Zhao Yuande smiled to the opposite Dongguo Rulong, "otherwise I will not say everything The disciple was so shocked!"

Dong Guo Rulong suspiciously lifted the barriers of the world, shrouded several people present, and looked at Zhao Yuande in a puzzled way: "Speak, kid, I want to see what you can say?"

"Okay, Mo Hong don't pretend anymore. Your Mo family is really painstaking, letting you a descendant of the Mozu mix into the Holy Danzong personally!" Zhao Yuande was really amazing and said in the face of the two elders This is what I said.

"What! Mo! The descendants of Mozu?" The eyes of Dong Guo Rulong stood up instantly!

He captured Mo Hong directly into his hands with a big hand, and a brutal and powerful force directly poured into his body.

"How is it? Are you really descended from Mozu?" Zhu Jianfeng on one side saw Dong Guo Rulong's face getting more and more ugly, and immediately guessed the result of the matter.

"It really is a descendant of the Demon Race. Although the devil qi in his body is deeply hidden, he can still perceive it." Dong Guo Rulong's gloomy face can drip out of the water. He handed Mo Hong to the gradual wind for him to investigate. .

Zhao Yuande was watching, smiling without speaking.

"Little brother, how did you know his identity?" Dong Guo Rulong was very polite to Zhao Yuande at this time.

"Senior, there is another generation gap between us. If you call me this way, I am not afraid that someone will be unhappy." Zhao Yuande hurriedly waved his hand. This brother, who is obviously a real person of Dan Ding, called his brother. This is a mess of his generation.

"Who would be unhappy, I was the **** in Sheng Danzong, who would not be happy with me!" Dong Guo Rulong glanced around, suddenly everyone was chilling.

"What if this person is not happy?" Zhao Yuande handed the wrong ring to the other party.

"This person?" Dong Guo Rulong took the storage ring in doubt, and looked into it, and suddenly his face changed. "This...this is Brother Danding's thing, you...where did you come from?" Of? Brother...he...he is now..."

Because of his excitement, he even stuttered.

"Master, his old man is gone. I saw the remains of his old man next to the holy spring in the center of the Barren Realm and inherited his old mantle!" Zhao Yuande's face also became solemn at this time, and there was a trace of sorrow in his voice.

Wu Qianqian on the side was stupefied, but she never dreamed that this brother was actually the head of the previous generation of Sheng Danzong, and the real disciple of Dan Ding, no wonder...

She suddenly understood why Zhao Yuande was so determined. As soon as this identity was thrown out, whoever dare to say half of the whole Saint Danzong did not say anything.

"It turns out so!" There was a trace of disappointment on Dong Guo Rulong's face, but when he looked at Zhao Yuande in an instant, he was full of excitement. "Okay! I, Sheng Danzong, were joined by the terrible peerless genius of you. Sheng Danzong will take off after coming!"

"Hello! Brother Jia, stop it!" Dong Guo Rulong looked at the battlefield. At this time, Elder Jia had gradually been in a disadvantage, and was forced to retreat again and again by two juniors. He couldn't help but wonder.

"Dark wind, stop!" Zhao Yuande also shouted two excited guys.

"What's wrong! The two of us are on the rise, this old guy will soon be unable to do it!" Heifeng grumbled with dissatisfaction and did not care about Jia Sidao's black charcoal-like face.

"Okay, the misunderstanding is lifted. Let's go back to eat and celebrate!" Zhao Yuande waved and took the three people directly to leave.

"What the **** happened? Brother Dong Guo, why did you let them go! My grandson was killed by them!" Jia Sidao looked at Dong Guo Rulong puzzled.

"You know a fart. Your grandchildren colluded with this devil, wanting to harm others, killing is considered light!" Dong Guo Rulong looked at Jia Sidao with a sad face.

"This... how is it possible! What's the matter with Elder Di? Devil?" Jia Sidao shook his head in disbelief. "Elder Di is hand-drawn by me. He is a member of Di's family, so there will be no problem!"

"That's right! I remembered that the kid just called you Mo Hong. You turned out to be a member of the Mo family. How could the Mo family collude with the Demon Clan? Isn't the Di family don't hurry!" Dong Guo Rulong suddenly thought of this, and began to mercilessly torture and torture Mo Hong.

"Ah! You killed me! I wouldn't say..." Mo Hong was quite stiff at first, but soon his spirit was stripped, and when he began to probe his spirit, he finally began to beg for mercy, "I Say, I say everything..."

"Sure enough, the Mo family has been controlled by the demons. As the internal response of the aliens, they want to disintegrate our Eastern Emperor Great World, and the Di family has been officially eroded by the demons. We will immediately notify the suzerain and quickly pass this news to the majors. Among the forces, otherwise the Mohists are likely to bring disaster to our East Emperor World." Dong Guo Rulong began to contact the suzerain.

The other two also looked serious and started to clean up the scene, drinking back many disciples. Although Jia Sidao still hated Zhao Yuande, he chose Zongmen above Zongmen Dayi, and the other party was finally Brother Danding. Disciples, Yuqingyili can not embarrass him.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's four people had come to Zhao Yuande's small courtyard. He introduced Wu Qianqin to two people and began to prepare a big meal for everyone.

The next day, Zhao Yuande came to his shop with a black wind and a ring.

Since the alien invasion had already begun, the time could no longer be delayed, and they decided to go to the front line through the teleportation as soon as possible.

"Brother Jingguang, you are here!" Liu Dong saw Zhao Yuande coming, and his face suddenly showed a happy look, "I have prepared the store long ago, and I will wait for you to accept it!"

"Really?" Zhao Yuande chuckled and walked into the shop.

"Well! Not bad, not bad!" Zhao Yuande nodded while looking at it. This Liu Dong was really a good trader. It took less than ten days, and the store was completely new, and it had already begun trial operation.

"It's just because your owner hasn't come, and all the stores have no names." Liu Dong continuously helped Zhao Yuande to introduce the basic situation of the store.

"The name of the shop is Tianyi, which indicates that the world is the first! Haha!" Zhao Yuande thought the name was very agreeable.

"Okay! Just called the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce!" Liu Dong was very excited, and he would be the shopkeeper of this shop in the future. "I still have nothing to report to you..."

He took the initiative to mention the fact that he used Zhao Yuande's funds to defeat the Zhu family and said the distribution of the Zhu family industry.